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Archive for June, 2015

Paul Di Filippo reviews Nicole Kornher-Stace

Special to Locus Online

Archivist Wasp arrives from Big Mouth House, the imprint of Kelly Link’s and Gavin Grant’s Small Beer Press that specializes in books for Young Adults, and this novel is so labeled. But its vast virtues and wise lessons hold full appeal for any age group, despite its brushes with a narrowness of scope.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late June 2015

Reviews of stories in new issues of Beneath Ceaseless Skies,, GigaNotoSaurus, Perihelion, Aphelion, and Fireside

Paul Di Filippo reviews Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Special to Locus Online

This series has shown a rare desire not to replicate familiar thrills from one volume to another, but rather to always be moving into new frontiers of plot and future history, a strategy congruent with the very nature of their SF novum. This volume, more than the previous three, really drives home the weight of the changes, the resonance for the characters of all their shared weird history, and so perhaps ultimately does justify its Grail-assonant title.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-June 2015

Reviews of new issues of Lightspeed and Strange Horizons, with recommendations of stories by Chaz Brenchley and Paul Evanby

Paul Di Filippo reviews Kevin J. Anderson

Special to Locus Online

Anderson’s Saga is resolutely old school. Frank Herbert or Isaac Asimov are the most advanced of Anderson’s guiding lights, and in fact one might almost add Doc Smith to his pantheon. (A clan named “Duquesne” might well constitute an homage.)

Our Dinosaurs, Ourselves: A Review of Jurassic World

Special to Locus Online

If you are wondering whether or not you should see Jurassic World, here is this reviewer’s advice: either pay the exorbitant price of admission to watch the film in a theatre, or never bother to watch it at all. When everything in the film is larger than life, none of its weaknesses matter, as you will consistently be enthralled and entertained by the amazing spectacle of realistic dinosaurs thundering across the screen and interacting with human characters.

Paul Di Filippo reviews A. Bertram Chandler

Special to Locus Online

We get vivid characters — Grimes is a salty, irascible softie, old-fashioned but empathetic, with a code of honor, but not inflexible — a solid plot and a negligible but not nonexistent quota of speculative bits.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early June

Reviews of stories in new issues of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Clarkesworld, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and Apex

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Silvia Moreno-Garcia

From Locus Magazine’s April 2015 issue

I think Signal to Noise is one of the most important fantasy debuts of the year so far, despite that almost-generic title, that familiar trope, and the fact that on the surface it looks like a coming-of-age novel about teenage witches.

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