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Archive for September, 2017

Paul Di Filippo reviews Jeff Noon

Special to Locus Online

While [Noon’s first novel] Vurt was undeniably the in-your-face work of a brash wunderkind, A Man of Shadows is arguably even better: the product of a more mature, surer writer with less desire to awe the reader for the sheer sake of showing off his chops, and more intent on producing emotional resonances, more vivid storylines, and imparting whatever hard-earned wisdom the writer has garnered.

Russell Letson reviews Charles Stross

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

The harried operatives of the demon-wrangling covert service called the Laundry can’t catch a break in Charles Stross’s The Delirium Brief, which picks up in the aftermath of the disastrous cross-universe invasion of last year’s The Nightmare Stacks.

Paul Di Filippo reviews C. Robert Cargill

Special to Locus Online

And now comes Sea of Rust, which takes off from the death of our species. It’s a rousing adventure tale seasoned deeply with philosophical and speculative nuggets; and while its artificial intelligences exhibit a certain amount of anthropomorphism in their behavior and language (only natural, given their genesis in the template of the human mind), they also display sufficient non-humanness to be truly (and entertainingly) Other.

Paul Di Filippo reviews James Bradley

Special to Locus Online

Clade is an irresistible title for a hardcore SF novel. Bradley offers a quiet, humanist perspective, salted with climate-change themes. Its spiritual and tactical progenitors are such fine books as Kate Wilhelm’s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang and Brian Aldiss’s Greybeard. But it’s also up-to-date in the manner of Matthew De Abaitua’s books.

Liz Bourke reviews The Witch Who Came in from the Cold

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

The Witch Who Came in from the Cold is one of a number of serial narratives that originated with Serial Box in electronic format and are now be­ing published in paper by Saga Press. This volume contains all 12 episodes of the first season, written by Lindsay Smith, Max Gladstone, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Ian Tregillis & Michael Swanwick.

Russell Letson Reviews Linda Nagata

The Last Good Man, Linda Nagata (Mythic Island Press, 978-1-937197-23-0, $18.00, 464 pp, tp) June 2017. Cover by Philippe McNally. Linda Nagata’s The Last Good Man runs a compelling set of variations on motifs and themes introduced in her Red trilogy (2013-15). Once again we have detailed accounts of technologically enhanced near-future warfare, but this […]

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