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Paul Di Filippo reviews K.J. Parker and James Morrow

Special to Locus Online

Both these novellas offer as much pleasure as books three times their size. Snap them up!

Bruce Sterling reviews Cory Doctorow

From Locus Magazine’s June 2017 issue

Walkaway is a real-deal, generically traditional science-fiction novel; it’s set in an undated future and it features weird set design, odd costumes, fights, romances, narrow escapes, cool weapons, even zeppelins. This is the best Cory Doctorow book ever.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Ellen Klages

From Locus Magazine’s May 2017 issue

Like Bradbury, Klages is notable for the clarity and unstrained elegance of her prose, though she never reaches for the self-conscious rhapsodizing that often characterized Bradbury’s later work. To the extent that Klages’s world is like Bradbury’s, it’s for the most part Bradbury without the boys and without the exclamation points.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Neal Stephenson & Nicole Galland

Special to Locus Online

Just after I had lamented, a few reviews ago, that authors were not inclined nowadays to indulge in old-school, one-on-one collaborations, along comes this giddy, engrossing romp of a novel authored by a team. It’s a seamless performance reminiscent of such ancestors as de Camp & Pratt, while still hewing to ultra-modern standards and practices for SF novels with a magical slant.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Gregory Benford

Special to Locus Online

From his wonted haunts in the intergalactic realms of space, Gregory Benford has come down to Earth — a venue he has not totally neglected in the past, given such seminal and well-received quasi-naturalistic works as Timescape — to produce a counterfactual novel in the manner of Harry Turtledove.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Claire North

From Locus Magazine’s April 2017 issue

With its fragmented structure and occasionally self-consciously meditative prose, The End of the Day might puzzle some who enjoyed the thriller plotting of The Sudden Appearance of Hope, but at its best it reaffirms the passion and ambition that have made North such a consistently intriguing writer.

Adrienne Martini reviews Robert Charles Wilson

From Locus Magazine’s April 2017 issue

The past, it has been said, is another country. If you’re August Kemp in Robert Charles Wilson’s Last Year, that other country is one you can monetize.

Stefan Dziemianowicz reviews Powers of Darkness

From Locus Magazine’s April 2017 issue

Question: When is Bram Stoker’s Dracula not Bram Stoker’s Dracula?

Answer: When it’s Makt Myrkranna, a book whose title translates from the Icelan­dic as Powers of Darkness and which, in the early twentieth century, was published as the Icelandic-language edition of Stoker’s vampire classic.

Faren Miller reviews Brian Staveley

From Locus Magazine’s April 2017 issue

Over the course of killings and adventures, Skullsworn explores deeper issues — love and death, humanity and Other — without becoming ponderously profound… Stavely pulls it all off with style.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews John Kessel

From Locus Magazine’s April 2017 issue

The Moon and the Other brilliantly balances character, social commentary, and hard SF in a novel of surprising density and depth of feeling.

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