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Paul Di Filippo reviews Nat Segaloff

Special to Locus Online

Nat Segaloff’s long-awaited biography of Harlan Ellison is a momentous occasion for me. This is a book that should serve to cement Ellison’s achievements and reputation. But, moreover, it is an affirmation of the power of an individual’s will and talent to remake the world, even in the face of doubt, disdain and derision.

Liz Bourke reviews Jack Campbell

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

Vanguard is set at a point in time long before the events of The Lost Fleet. It is clear from the novel’s beginning that Campbell has set out to tell the story of the foundation of the Alliance, the polity to which most of the characters in The Lost Fleet belonged. These are the early days of human expansion across different star systems…

Russell Letson reviews Kit Reed

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

Mormama isn’t coy at all: it’s a straight-up ghost story, and everybody inside the story knows it, and in any case the ghost for whom the novel is named is right there to certify everything, including (eventually) the reason for the haunting.

Paul Di Filippo reviews James Patrick Kelly

Special to Locus Online

This tactic of unveiling the realities of the future through the eyes of an adolescent who progresses from immaturity to wisdom is a winner every time, when done deftly. And Kelly shows us that in the gap between novels, he has only gotten more adept, crafty, empathetic and clever at constructing and inhabiting such a cosmic bildungsroman.

John Langan reviews Benjamin Percy

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

The essays collected in Benjamin Percy’s Thrill Me address different aspects of the same topic, the writing of fiction. It’s a subject about which no shortage of titles exists. What distinguishes Percy’s contribution is the clarity of his prose and his suggestions for the aspiring and apprentice writer.

Stefan Dziemianowicz reviews Best New Horror #27

From Locus Magazine’s July 2017 issue

Steve Jones’s Best New Horror #27 features a grisly cover image reproduced from Chamber of Chills, a short-lived comic from the early 1950s … Although Jones has chosen the image for nostalgic reasons, his selections for his anthology contrast notably with it. Some have their moments of physical horror, but all 17 stories show the artistry that horror’s best writers achieve in their work.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Daryl Gregory

From Locus Magazine’s June 2017 issue

Family has been a recurring concern in Gregory’s fiction since the beginning of his career, but with Spoonbenders, he explores the dynam­ics of a messed-up family with greater complexity, affection, and humor than ever before. It may be the least bizarre of his novels in terms of fantasy invention, but it’s also the most deeply humane, and easily the funniest.

Paul Di Filippo reviews William Browning Spencer

Special to Locus Online

Spencer’s deadpan, droll, caustic introduction sets the tone for the rest of the book. Despite the variegated bizarro (yet utterly empathizable) characters and exotic settings of these stories, they share similar themes: betrayal of friends, family, self; the death of dreams and ambitions; heartbreak; the futility of artistic striving with its inherent material limits.

Liz Bourke reviews Seanan McGuire

From Locus Magazine’s June 2017 issue

Down Among the Sticks and Bones has the voice and rhythm of a fairy tale, appropriately enough. It is vividly characterised, as so much of Seanan McGuire’s work is, and has the kind of prose that carries you along to find out what happens next.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Susan Casper

Special to Locus Online

In February of this year, after several long illnesses, we lost Susan Casper. Wife to Gardner Dozois, she was on her own merits so much more, including a talented fiction writer. It is a testament to the high regard in which she was held that this commemorative volume was so quickly assembled and issued.

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