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Russell Letson reviews Daryl Gregory

From Locus Magazine’s April 2014 issue

This is a real science-fiction crime thriller: the old evils and insanities are all there, given new twists by the double-edged blades of science and technology. And, like the best crime and SF novels, those moral and philosophical questions linger, after the mere whodunnit puzzles have been solved.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Robert Moore Williams

Special to Locus Online

Sometimes reading these humus authors delivers a certain kind of modest, unique pleasure otherwise unobtainable. With them, you don’t confront the pressure of being worthy of their masterpieces. They labored in quiet and without expectations or constraints, rewarded so long as they delivered on time. … By any standard, the forgotten Robert Moore Williams was one such figure.

Tim Pratt reviews Alan DeNiro

From Locus Magazine’s April 2014 issue

DeNiro never over-explains, and we rarely learn more about the strange worlds he shows us than what the viewpoint characters know or bother to speculate about, and since angels with flying guns, telepathic aliens, and immense monsters that eat mountains are all everyday occurrences for those characters, there’s plenty of ambiguity and unexplained strangeness.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Robert Buettner

Special to Locus Online

Buettner carries forward nobly a kind of core SF tale pioneered by writers such as Anderson, Gordon Dickson, Christopher Anvil, James Schmitz, and C. J. Cherryh, offering entertainment aplenty with thoughtful meditations on how humanity can get along with itself — or not!

Paul Di Filippo reviews Karl Schroeder

Special to Locus Online

What Schroeder capitalizes on is the shared emotional underpinnings of the classics. We don’t want our new SF to blindly replicate the dead furniture of the past, but rather to deliver the same classic sense of wonder in new clothing. Mission accomplished here!

Russell Letson reviews Allen Steele

Allen Steele’s V-S Day fiddles with time in a more familiar manner. This is (if I’m counting correctly) Steele’s fifth take on his ‘‘Alternate-Space’’ story-family, in which the space race begins a couple decades early thanks to a German decision to abandon the V-1 in favor of the Silbervögel, a suborbital transcontinental bomber, which sets [...]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Christopher Priest

It takes a bit of triangulation to arrive at the core of Christopher Priest’s endlessly tantalizing and ultimately very satisfying The Adjacent, and some of that triangulation is quite literal: characters, events, and places are doubled and tripled, and the central apocalyptic images are areas of land in which everything has been obliterated, leaving only [...]

Stefan Dziemianowicz reviews Joe R. Lansdale

From Locus Magazine’s March 2014 issue

Lansdale’s latest collection, Bleeding Shadows, features 21 stories and nine poems. It’s the biggest collection of his work produced to date and his most creatively varied. Only about half of its selections are weird or fantastic in nature, but anyone who likes that side of Lansdale’s writing will enjoy the others.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Eileen Gunn

Eileen Gunn’s wry, droll intelligence and cockeyed storytelling magic shine forth like some kind of quasar beacon from every one of these surprising, irreplaceable stories—two of which have never before seen print. She’s the Polaris of fabulism, a goal to steer by. And as if her stellar talents were not sufficient to induce you to [...]

Paul Di Filippo reviews Adam Roberts

Special to Locus Online

Roberts’s latest, Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea, is a return to such an eye-popping and mind-blowing extrapolative technique, and our author outdoes himself, by creating a book that is so allusive and multivalent in its clean-limbed premise that the reader hardly knows how to parse it.

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