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Archive for June, 2010

knitting the future?

In one of my other lives, I write about knitting. Which means that I spend a lot of time thinking about said craft. Which may or may not be a good thing. But that is another post. Knitting fiction — I’d define it as when the knitting itself takes on more of a role (like […]

polling the hive mind

It appears that I’ll be going to Readercon, barring rising Creeks, etc. As I’ve not been before (and am generally rubbish at Cons in general but really want to go to this one because it is about books rather than media (not that there’s anything wrong with media)), anyone have any advice about this Con […]

Party Line Voting for SF/F Awards? Hmm

Here in California there is a statewide ballot proposition (tomorrow) to conduct primary elections for state offices without regard to party affiliation. Instead of Democrats electing a Democratic candidate for governor, and Republicans a Republican candidate, everyone would vote from a ballot listing all candidates, and the top two vote-getters would run off in the […]

The Best Year in Science Fiction – Books

I see over at io9 there is a poll for the the best year in science fiction, with several candidate years listed with their qualifications… the qualifications being, in almost all cases, movies. Suppose we decided based on books? Say… 1950 Ray Bradbury, THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES Isaac Asimov, I, ROBOT A.E. van Vogt, THE VOYAGE […]

This isn’t a review, really

My hope is that you, the reader, won’t interpret this as a slight in any way toward Paolo Bacigalupi, The Windup Girl, Night Shade Books, Nebula voters, Thailand, and/or typesetters. Really. It’s a great book. This series of musings on it should in no way take away from its greatness. Bacigalupi’s writing is evocative and […]

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