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Archive for January, 2011

It All Started When: Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl Morgan is an editor, reviewer and fan. She has won Hugo awards for Best Fanzine and Best Fan Writer. She currently runs Salon Futura, a critical magazine, SF Awards Watch, and the new SF&F Translation Awards, among other projects. Like most genre readers, I started on books (and comics and TV) at a very […]

2011 Crawford Award

Straight from the Locus Online newsroom: Karen Lord has been named the winner of the 2011 William L. Crawford Award for her first novel Redemption in Indigo (Small Beer Press). The award, presented annually at The International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, is for a new fantasy writer whose first book appeared in […]

Link Lift

The Locus Roundtable podcast is now available on iTunes. Strange Horizons is looking at Mythpunk and how to define it. Cat Valente sits down with JoSelle Vanderhooft to discuss it. Also, new reviews editor Abigail Nussbaum has also been asking for feedback on new directions for the Reviews section of the magazine. Weird Tales has […]

Roundtable: SF vs. The Future

Welcome to our second Locus Roundtable discussion. I started off the panel with the following question: Now that we’re a few weeks into the new decade, I was wondering if anyone would like to take a crack at talking about the decade just past. It was the decade that had Arthur C. Clarke’s iconic science […]

It All Started When: Paul Graham Raven

Paul Graham Raven is a freelance web guy and the editor of Futurismic. I was lucky to have parents who encouraged me as a reader right from the start – I was reading by myself before I went to kindergarten. They never once in my life criticised me for spending hours at a time with […]

Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe In Conversation

This is the first Locus Roundtable podcast! I was able to sit down with Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe online while they discussed topics such as: James Tiptree Jr., Peter’s stories, time travel, and David Foster Wallace. Also, Peter drops some tantalizing hints about where he’s going with his next novel.

It All Started When: Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Jon Courtenay Grimwood is the author of the ‘post-cyberpunk’ Ashraf Bey trilogy and stand-alone novels such as BSFA award winning End of the World Blues. The Fallen Blade is the first book of his new Assassini trilogy. I discovered SF through Asimov’s Foundation, and fell in love with it after finding a battered copy of […]

It All Started When: Gary K. Wolfe

Gary K. Wolfe is a senior reviewer at Locus Magazine. He is the award-winning author of non-fiction work The Known and the Unknown: The Iconography of Science Fiction. He is a professor at Roosevelt University, and his most recent book is Evaporating Genres: Essays on Fantastic Literature. He titled this piece: “Used Shoes” The first […]

It All Started When: Adrienne Martini

Adrienne Martini is a Locus reviewer and author of two non-fiction books, Hillbilly Gothic and Sweater Quest. I’ve spent the last few years rereading all of the Heinlein titles I can get my hands on. I’ve also been shoving the idea around and trying to figure out why that book hit me in that way […]

It All Started When: Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo has written hundreds of short stories and a handful of novels over the years. His most recent novel is Roadside Bodhisattva, and his most recent collection is Harsh Oases, both from PS Publishing. He can be found blogging at The Inferior 4 + 1. What inveterate reader has not, at one time […]

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