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Archive for January, 2011

Appreciations for Neil Barron (1934-2010)

As reported in Locus Online, Neil Barron passed away last year. While he wrote and edited many critical articles and reviews, he will perhaps be best remembered for Anatomy of Wonder, most recently in its fifth edition. Along with the remembrances that will appear in Locus Magazine, Gary K. Wolfe and Stefan Dziemianowicz sent in […]

Interstate travel

So I had an idea about a particular kind of story that gets told in space opera, and discovered Neil Gaiman had independently had the same idea, only three years earlier and talking about Doctor Who. It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? My version first: I was re-reading Dan Simmons’s Hyperion sequence, […]

It All Started When: Charles Tan

Charles Tan maintains the blog Bibliophile Stalker. He has contributed to and edited projects that bring Philippine SF to the wider world, such as the Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler. He is also a frequent contributor to SF/F sites such as SFSignal. While I was always a fan of mythology and the fantastic, it wasn’t until […]

It’s Language–and SCIENCE!

Is there anything about Google’s new Ngram Viewer that isn’t addictively cool? You can debate the merits of the Google Books project vis a vis their “Don’t Be Evil” slogan, but this byproduct of the project appeals to the lit/sci wonk in all of us (or at least, in all of me). Presented for your […]

It All Started When: Joe Haldeman

Joe Haldeman is the multiple-award winning author of such classics as The Forever War and Forever Peace. His most recent books are Marsbound and Starbound. He and his wife Gay have been involved in fandom since the 1970’s. I got into the genre by way of Lester del Rey.  My father brought me home del […]

Roundtable: SF Aesthetics

This is the first discussion of the resurrected Locus Roundtable group. I tossed out the following prompt to the participants. Click here to see the entire discussion. Damien G. Walter posted the following on In science fiction [the] argument sometimes arises as a belief that SF does not need to function as art. It […]

It All Started When: Charles Stross

Charles Stross is the award-winning author of acclaimed SF series such as Accelerando, the Merchant Princes, the Laundry novels, as well as stand-alone works such as Glasshouse. My first typewriter died of metal fatigue when I was 16. I’m not making this up: it was an ultra-compact manual journalist’s typewriter from the 1950s, an Imperial […]

Happy New Year!

Already it looks like 2011 is going to be a big year for Locus. The magazine is publishing Issue #600 this month, and it now has digital editions — e-mails will be going out to our early subscribers later today. In addition, this is the first Official Post of the ‘New and Improved’ Roundtable blog. […]

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