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Archive for September, 2011

Jim Minz–Both Old and New YA SF

Jim Minz is an editor at Baen Books. I’ve had a fair amount of experience at polluting young minds with genre fiction, since I have more than a dozen nephews and nieces, not to mention children of my own–though my kids are still a bit young for some of my favorites. And the best part […]

Blaine Hoak–SF and Fantasy for Kids 10 and Under

Blaine Hoak is the daughter of Deanna Hoak, World Fantasy Award-nominated copy editor. When my mom told me that Locus might like to have an article from me about science fiction and fantasy for kids ten and under, I was incredibly excited. After all, I’ve grown up in a household filled with SF/F books, and […]

Support Strange Horizons!

Strange Horizons is in the middle of their 2011 fund drive–but they’ve only raised a quarter of their goal of $8000. We all should support them, since they are consistently one of the best venues for genre fiction and non-fiction on the internet. Often we’re happy to support a Kickstarter campaign for something that could […]

Tricia Sullivan–Kid Approved SF

Tricia Sullivan is the author of sf novels such as multiple award nominated Maul and Lightborn. She lives in England with her partner and three children. Finding SF for younger readers can be challenging. Fantasy dominates the market, but classic SF for children is often out of print, and new science fiction titles are rare. […]

Sarah Prineas–Fantasy and SF for Young Readers (And Older Ones, Too)

Sarah Prineas is a fantasy author living in Iowa. Her current series is The Magic Thief for children. Thanks to He Who Shall Not Be Named, there has been plenty of room lately on library and bookstore shelves for fantasy novels aimed at young readers, and for SF as well. Often in the SF/F community […]

Sam Jordison–Child-like Wonder

Sam Jordison is a writer for the Guardian newspaper in the UK. He often writes and blogs about matters of interest to the sf/f community. Dragons are no more absurd or strange to most of the toddlers I know than aeroplanes. They’re just a little bit rarer. Animals talk far more comprehensibly than politicians. And […]

Stacie Hanes–Space! Books About Space!

Stacie Hanes is a graduate student focusing on British Literature, including authors such as Terry Pratchett and Bram Stoker. She has long been involved with the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts. I have a son named after Robert A. Heinlein, so as you might imagine, I always hoped he’d love reading at […]

Adam Roberts–Science Fiction Picture Books: or, SF for the very young

Adam Roberts is a scholar, critic, and author of science fiction. His most recent books include New Model Army, with By Light Alone just out now. He blogs at Punkadiddle, among others. There has been a good deal of work on the crossover between SF and children’s literature—the YA market, after all, is an important […]

Tansy Rayner Roberts–Saving Space, One Planet At a Time

Tansy Rayner Roberts is a writer, a mum, a doll merchant, and in her spare time (ha!) likes to cut up fabric and sew it back together in an amusing fashion. She lives with her partner and our two constantly alarming little girls in Hobart, Tasmania, and she is one of the three voices of […]

Series Introduction–Children’s Fantastic Literature

For obvious reason of impending motherhood, I’ve been thinking a lot about children and children’s things. Between that and this being the back-to-school (in the US) time of year, it seemed like the right time to ask around about children’s literature. There’s been a lot of talk about YA science fiction and fantasy in recent […]

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