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Archive for 'Links'

James Aquilone Guest Post–“Kickstarter: How to Fund Your First Novel in 3 Days”

The odds are against you. Most Kickstarter projects fail, and the publishing category is near the top of that list, with nearly 70 percent of campaigns not reaching their funding goals. Unsurprisingly first-time novelists have it the toughest. There are a ton of articles detailing why it’s a terrible idea for newbies to launch a […]

Bryan Thomas Schmidt Guest Post–“Top 10 Reasons Why Kansas City Is Important To Fandom”

I recently launched a Kickstarter for a one-of-a-kind history-making anthology, Speculations KC for the 2016 Worldcon, a return to Kansas City after 40 years. One of the joys of moving here has been discovering the rich connections to genre history and fandom that the area has. The Midwest may sometimes not be the first place […]

SF Poetry Summary, with Links

I’d like to thank all the poets who contributed to our series of speculative fiction (or science fiction) poetry. For convenience, this post will have links to all the individual entries in the series and to all the venues recommended for further reading. Locus Roundtable Posts Podcast: Mike Allen and F. J. Bergmann in Conversation […]

Support Strange Horizons!

Strange Horizons is in the middle of their 2011 fund drive–but they’ve only raised a quarter of their goal of $8000. We all should support them, since they are consistently one of the best venues for genre fiction and non-fiction on the internet. Often we’re happy to support a Kickstarter campaign for something that could […]

Link Trip

Jonathan McCalmont uses the Dunning-Kruger effect and the Dreyfus Model to discuss How to Write a Good Review. Niall Harrison has a four part in-depth review of Karen Traviss’ City of Pearl, the first novel in her Wess’har series. The World SF Travel Fund has reached its $6000 goal, so Charles Tan will definitely be […]

Link Drip

N. K. Jemisin discusses the anthology So Long Been Dreaming, and how its take on post-colonialism changed her worldbuilding for the Inheritence Trilogy. The World SF Travel Fund is a Peerbacker project to help international genre pros and fans get to otherwise too-expensive conventions. The first recipient will be Charles Tan, World Fantasy Award nominee […]

Link Grip

A collection of academic essays on Science Fiction in India, edited by Dr. Arvind Mishra (among others), is available on Kindle for just $6.99. [Via Cheryl Morgan] Judith Tarr on Being the Other and empathy, particularly in historical fiction. “History is not a theme park.” [Via] Adam Roberts reviews Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from […]

Link Grit

In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series, by Sady Doyle Jonathan McCalmont discusses the link between art house films and video games in his review of the game Last Tuesday. The most recent SFSignal Mind Meld asks for Favorite International Authors. Charles Tan reviews Karen Lord’s Redemption in Indigo, with interesting comments on World […]

Link Grift

Two views on reviewing. n+1 “Against Reviews” and Los Angeles Review of Books “Odious and Unpleasant.” [via Niall Harrison on Twitter] Michael Dirda proposes a simple reform to the NYTimes-style Bestseller list. Cat Velente has some interesting thoughts on childhood classing A Wrinkle in Time. A nice reminder that though the shuttle program is retiring, […]

Link Graft

Ian Sales’ has a photo tour of his critical bookshelf. Some excellent volumes there. Nicola Griffith points out that when a request for favorite SF books was put out to the general Internets, the responses came back with 96% male authors. Ouch. She suggests some possible remedies. On a related note, Joanna Russ’ How to […]

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