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Common Queries

  • What won the — — awards in a given year?
    To see the results of any particular award in any particular year, click on the award name from the Homepage, then click on the award year in the left pane. (Remember that in this Index, the award year is always the year in which awards were actually presented, regardless of the dating practices of any particular award.) For a quick overview of which awards have results in which years, check Table S5 (for before 1980) and Table S6 (for 1980 to present), and click on any cell to see that award's results for that year.
  • Do you have lists of just the winners for the — — awards...?
    For a given award, find the name on the Homepage and click on the 'Y' link in front of the name. This displays a list of all winners arranged by year (and within each year, by category). Or click on the 'C' link from the Homepage to see all winners arranged by category (and within each category, by year).
  • What Awards has author — — won or been nominated for?
    To see results for any particular author (or any nominee), go to one of the Indexes by Nominee (author/editor/publisher, artist, or tv/filmmaker), then find the page containing the nominee's name. A box containing summary totals is displayed, followed by listings, in order of eligibility year, of all nominations and wins by that nominee.
  • I remember a title but not the author...
    Check the Literary Titles or Art Titles indexes, and find the title in the alphabetic listings. From there click on the nominee to see the title's nominations and wins in the Nominee Index.

    For dramatic titles, which may be nominated by title or by nominee, go to the Dramatic Works index, and find the title in the alphabetic listings. Under each title are listed all award nominations and wins.
  • How many awards has writer —— won...?
    Look at Table O2, Summary Results for Selected Writers, and locate the writer's name. In addition to separate totals for certain awards, and far right columns show grand totals for nominations and wins by that writer. (For other writers, look up their entries in the Nominee index.) There are also tables of summary results for artists, editors & publishers, scholars & critics, and fans.
  • Who's won the most awards...?
    There are several tables of cumulative tallies of wins and nominations, overall or sliced by types of awards or types of works. See the Tallies Overview page for links to these pages.
  • What books/stories in year Y won the most awards...?
    Check the Chronologies section for lists by year of novel and story winners arranged either by year of publication, or year of award received. On the lists by award year, for example, winners are arranged in the same award order shown on the Homepage. On the lists by publication year, for example, winners and nominees are arranged in descending order of a calculated score totaling all wins and nominations but giving extra weight to those for major awards.
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