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2011 "Phantom Sense", Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross
2010 "Where the Winds Are All Asleep", Michael F. Flynn
2009 "Tenbrook of Mars", Dean McLaughlin
2008 "Murder in Parliament Street", Barry B. Longyear
2007 "The Good Kill", Barry B. Longyear
2006 "Sanctuary", Michael A. Burstein
2005 "Layna's Mirror", Rajnar Vajra
2004 "Walk In Silence", Catherine Asaro
2003 "In Spirit", Pat Forde
2002 "Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's", Adam-Troy Castro
2001 "A Roll of the Dice", Catherine Asaro
2000 "The Astronaut from Wyoming", Adam-Troy Castro & Jerry Oltion
1999 "Aurora in Four Voices", Catherine Asaro
1998 "Starsong", Timothy Zahn
1997 "Primrose and Thorn", Bud Sparhawk
1996 "Fish Tank", Gregory Bennett
1995 "Melodies of the Heart", Michael F. Flynn
1994 "Into the Miranda Rift", G. David Nordley
1993 "Poles Apart", G. David Nordley
1992 "Ode to Joy", Dean McLaughlin
1991 "Weatherman", Lois McMaster Bujold
1990 "Labyrinth", Lois McMaster Bujold
1989 "Sanctuary", James White
1988 "The Gift", Pat Forde
1987 "Eifelheim", Michael F. Flynn
1986 "Loaves and Fishes", George R. R. Martin
1985 "Valentina", Joseph H. Delaney & Marc Stiegler
1984 "Seeking", David R. Palmer
1983 "Pawn's Gambit", Timothy Zahn
1982 "Emergence", David R. Palmer
1981 "Nightflyers", George R. R. Martin
2011 "Outbound", Brad R. Torgersen
2010 "Chain", Stephen L. Burns
2009 "The Man in the Mirror", Geoffrey A. Landis
2008 "Quaestiones Super Caelo et Mundo", Michael F. Flynn
2007 "Lady Be Good", John G. Hemry
2006 "NetPuppets", Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross
2005 "Short Line Loco", Stephen L. Burns
2004 "Tiny Berries", Richard A. Lovett
2003 "Look Away", Stephen L. Burns
2002 "Tower of Wings", Sean McMullen
2001 "Stones of Significance", David Brin
2000 "The Giftie", James Gunn
1999 "Zwarte Piet's tale", Allen Steele
1998 "Trial by Ordeal", Grey Rollins
1997 "The Three Labors of Bubba", Bud Webster
1996 "A Portrait of My Grandfather", Doug Larsen
1980 "Songhouse", Orson Scott Card
1979 "Fireship", Joan D. Vinge
2011 "Red Letter Day", Kristine Kathryn Rusch
2010 "The Universe Beneath Our Feet", Carl Frederick
2009 "Starship Down", Tracy Canfield
2008 "The Astronaut", Brian Plante
2007 "Kyrie Eleison", John G. Hemry
2006 "Alphabet Angels", Ekaterina Sedia & David Bartell
2005 "Shed Skin", Robert J. Sawyer
2004 "Lavender In Love", Brian Plante
2003 "The Hunters of Pangaea", Stephen Baxter
2002 "Jake, Me, and the Zipper", Rajnar Vajra
2001 "Sheena 5", Stephen Baxter
2000 "Democritus' Violin", G. David Nordley
1999 "Moon-Calf", Stephen Baxter
1998 "Already in Heaven", Brian Plante
1997 "Living It Is the Best Revenge", Ian Randal Strock
1996 "TeleAbsence", Michael A. Burstein
1995 "Bubba Pritchert and the Space Aliens", Bud Webster
1994 "White Room", Stephen L. Burns
1993 "Love, Dad", Jeffery D. Kooistra
1992 "The Cold Solution", Don Sakers
1991 "VRM-547", W. R. Thompson
1990 "The Happy Dead", Amy Bechtel
1989 "The Circus Horse", Amy Bechtel
1988 "The Love Song of Laura Morrison", Jerry Oltion
1987 "Phreak Encounter", Roger MacBride Allen
1986 "A Touch Beyond", Stephen L. Burns
1985 "The Crystal Spheres", David Brin
1984 "Deborah's Children", Grant D. Callin
1983 "Melancholy Elephants", Spider Robinson
1982 "Green Winter", F. Paul Wilson
1981 "Grotto of the Dancing Deer", Clifford D. Simak
1980 "Can These Bones Live?", Ted Reynolds
1979 "Lifeloop", Orson Scott Card
2011 "Tips for the Budget Time-Traveler", Shane Tourtellotte
2010 "From Atlantis to Canoe-Eating Trees: Geomythology Comes of Age", Richard A. Lovett
2009 "The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor", Tom Ligon
2008 "The Ice Age that Wasn't", Richard A. Lovett
2007 "The Great Sumatran Earthquakes of 2004-5", Richard A. Lovett
2006 "Mission to Utah: A Science Fiction Writer's Adventures at the Mars Society Desert Research Station", Wil McCarthy
2005 "Open Minds, Open Source", Eric S. Raymond
2004 "If a Tree Falls... Or, The Secret History of Global Environmental Catastrophe", Catherine Shaffer
2003 "Galactic Society", Robert Zubrin
2002 "Up in Smoke: How Mt. St. Helens Blasted Conventional Scientific Wisdom", Richard A. Ph.D. Lovett
2001 "Slowboat to the Stars!", Ben Bova
2000 "Planets X", Stephen L. Ph. D. Gillett
(tie) "Beamriders", G. David Nordley
1999 "The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor", Tom Ligon
1998 "Cosmological Darwinism", Richard D. Meisner
1997 "The Coming of the Money Card: Boon or Bane?", Ian Randal Strock
1996 "A Handful of Heresies", Charles Sheffield
1995 "The Rooster Crows at White Sands", G. Harry Stine
1994 "Single Stage to Infinity!", Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr.
1993 "The Demon Under Hawaii", Geoffrey A. Landis
1992 "The Mote in NASA's Eye", Charles Sheffield
1991 "Sixty Astounding Years", Michael F. Flynn
1990 "The Ape-Man Within Us", L. Sprague de Camp
1989 "An Introduction to Psychohistory", Michael F. Flynn
1988 "Nanotechnology", Chris Peterson & K. Eric Drexler
1987 "The Long Stern Case: A Speculative Exercise", Rick Cook
1986 "Just How Dangerous Is the Galaxy?", David Brin
1985 "The Deadly Thing at 2.4 Kilo-parsecs", David Brin
1984 "The Blivet in the B-Ring", Richard C. Hoagland
1983 "New Communications Technologies and the Developing World", Arthur C. Clarke
1982 "Extraterrestrial Zoology", Robert A. Freitas, Jr.
1981 "Demythologizing the Black Hole", Richard Matzner, Tsvi Piran & Tony Rothman
1980 "Build Your Own A-Bomb and Wake Up the Neighborhood", George W. Harper
1979 "This Space for Rent", Joe Haldeman
2011 Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Dec 2010
2010 John Allemand, Cover of Analog Jan/Feb 2009
(tie) Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Oct 2009
2009 Scott Grimando, Cover of Analog Apr 2008
2008 David A. Hardy, Cover of Analog Apr 2007
2007 Jean-Pierre Normand, Cover of Analog Sep 2006
2006 George Krauter, Cover of Analog Nov 2005
2005 David A. Hardy, Cover of Analog Nov 2004
2004 David A. Hardy, Cover of Analog Dec 2003
2003 David A. Hardy, Cover of
2002 Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Jul/Aug 2001
2001 Kelly Freas, Cover of Analog Oct 2000
2000 Ron Miller, Cover of Analog Dec 1999
1999 Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Jul/Aug 1998
1998 J. Hester & P. Scowen, with Arizona State University and NASA, Cover of Analog Jan 1997
1997 George H. Krauter, Cover of Analog May 1996
1996 Bruce Jensen, Cover of Analog mid-Dec 1995
1995 Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Mar 1994
1994 John Maggard, Cover of Analog Oct 1993
1993 Bob Eggleton, Cover of Analog Jul 1992
1992 Kelly Freas, Cover of Analog mid-Dec 1991
(tie) Nicholas Jainschigg, Cover of Analog Dec 1991
1991 Vincent Di Fate, Cover of Analog Dec 1990
1990 Todd Cameron Hamilton, Cover of Analog Apr 1989
1989 Vincent Di Fate, Cover of Analog Feb 1988
1988 Vincent Di Fate, Cover of Analog Jan 1987
1987 Tom Kidd, Cover of Analog May 1986
1986 David Hardy, Cover of Analog Nov 1985
1985 Vincent Di Fate, Cover of Analog May 1984
1984 David Hardy, Cover of Analog Jun 1983
1983 Rick Sternbach, Cover of Analog Jul 1982
1982 Vincent Di Fate, Cover of Analog 2 Feb 1981
1981 Paul Lehr, Cover of Analog Jan 1980
1980 Paul Lehr, Cover of Analog Jan 1979
1986 "Spinneret", Timothy Zahn
1984 "Rocheworld", Dr. Robert L. Forward
1982 "Dawn", Dean McLaughlin
1981 "One-Wing", Lisa Tuttle & George R. R. Martin
1980 "Titan", John Varley
1979 "Stardance II", Spider Robinson & Jeanne Robinson
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