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1990: Argentine Jo‰l Houssin
1989: The Land of Laughs Jonathan Carroll
1988: La Compagnie des Glaces (The Ice Corporation) G. J. Arnaud
1987: The Anubis Gates Tim Powers
1986: Blood Music Greg Bear
1985: The Citadel of the Autarch Gene Wolfe
1984: Les Semeurs d'AbŚme Serge Brussolo
1983: L'Orbe et la Roue Michel Jeury
1982: The Idiot King Scott Baker
1981: Juniper Time Kate Wilhelm
1980: The Persistence of Vision John Varley
1979: Gateway Frederik Pohl
1978: Hellstrom's Hive Frank Herbert
1977: Cette ChŠre Humanit‚ Philippe Curval
1976: Nightwings Robert Silverberg
1975: The Embedding Ian Watson
1974: The Iron Dream Norman Spinrad
1973: Stand on Zanzibar John Brunner
1972: Isle of the Dead Roger Zelazny
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