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Record winners
Frederik Pohl is the only author to have won this award twice.

Losers Club (Most nominations with no wins)
Greg Bear has been a runner-up or finalist for this award 9 times, and has never won.

(For this award, "nominations" includes winners, announced 2nd and 3rd place runners-up, finalists, and honorable mentions.)

Total Campbell Memorial Wins

2 no award, Frederik Pohl

Total Campbell Memorial Nominations
[Number of wins in brackets]

9 Greg Bear
6 Sheri S. Tepper
5 Jack McDevitt [1], Robert J. Sawyer [1]
4 Nancy Kress [1], Ken MacLeod, Paul J. McAuley [1], James Morrow, Frederik Pohl [2], Kim Stanley Robinson [1], Bruce Sterling [1], Robert Charles Wilson [1]

Campbell Memorial Never-Winners
Number of nominations without ever having won

9 Greg Bear
6 Sheri S. Tepper
4 Ken MacLeod, James Morrow

Total Campbell Memorial Losses
Number of times nominated but lost [Number of wins in bracket]

9 Greg Bear
6 Sheri S. Tepper
4 Ken MacLeod, Jack McDevitt [1], James Morrow, Robert J. Sawyer [1]
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