William L. Crawford - IAFA Fantasy Award Winners By Year
William L. Crawford - IAFA Fantasy Award


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2011 Redemption in Indigo Karen Lord
2010 The Manual of Detection Jedediah Berry
2009 Pandemonium Daryl Gregory
2008 One for Sorrow Christopher Barzak
2007 Map of Dreams M. Rickert
2006 20th Century Ghosts Joe Hill
2005 The Year of Our War Steph Swainston
2004 The Etched City K. J. Bishop
2003 A Scattering of Jades Alexander C. Irvine
2002 The Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde
2001 The Fox Woman Kij Johnson
2000 "Black Jewels Trilogy": Daughter of the Blood; Heir to the Shadows; Queen of Darkness Anne Bishop
1999 Children of Amarid and The Outlanders David B. Coe
1998 Mistress of Spices Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
1997 Black Wine Candas Jane Dorsey
1996 The Shape-Changer's Wife Sharon Shinn
1995 Gun, With Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem
1994 Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound Judith Katz
1993 Flying in Place Susan Palwick
1992 Moonwise Greer Ilene Gilman
1991 "Winter of the World" trilogy: The Anvil of Ice; The Forge in the Forest; The Hammer of the Sun Michael Scott Rohan
1990 Silk Road Jeanne Larsen
1989 Walkabout Woman Michaela Roessner
1988 Reindeer Moon Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
1987 The Hound and the Falcon Judith Tarr
1986 Things Invisible to See Nancy Willard
1985 Moonheart Charles de Lint
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