Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Memorial Award Winners By Year
Compton Crook/Stephen Tall Memorial Award


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2011 State of Decay James Knapp
2010 The Windup Girl Paolo Bacigalupi
2009 Singularity's Ring Paul Melko
2008 One Jump Ahead Mark L. Van Name
2007 His Majesty's Dragon Naomi Novik
2006 Poison Study Maria V. Snyder
2005 Ghosts in the Snow Tamara Siler Jones
2004 Way of the Wolf E. E. Knight
2003 Devlin's Luck Patricia Bray
2002 Alien Taste Wen Spencer
2001 Murphy's Gambit Syne Mitchell
2000 Flesh and Silver Stephen L. Burns
1999 The High House James Stoddard
1998 The Merro Tree Katie Waitman
1997 Celestial Matters Richard Garfinkle
1996 The Gatekeepers Daniel Graham, Jr.
1995 Dun Lady's Jess Doranna Durgin
1994 The Drylands Mary Rosenblum
1993 Fire in the Mist Holly Lisle
1992 Reefsong Carol Severance
1991 In the Country of the Blind Michael F. Flynn
1990 The Shining Falcon Josepha Sherman
1989 Sheepfarmer's Daughter Elizabeth Moon
1988 Liege-Killer Christopher Hinz
1987 The Doomsday Effect Thomas Wren
1986 Infinity's Web Sheila Finch
1985 Emergence David R. Palmer
1984 The War for Eternity Christopher B. Rowley
1983 Courtship Rite Donald Kingsbury
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