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2011: Harlan Ellison
2010: Samuel R. Delany
2009: Frederik Pohl
2008: Ray Bradbury
2001: How We Became Posthuman N. Katherine Hayles
1999: The Encyclopedia of Fantasy John Clute & John Grant, eds.
1996: Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century Edward James
1995: John Clute & Peter Nicholls
  The Magic That Works: John W. Campbell and the American Response to Technology Albert I. Berger
1994: L'Obscur objet d'un savoir Roger Bozzetto
1991: Isaac Asimov Donald M. Hassler
1990: The Last Frontier: Imagining Other Worlds Karl Guthke
1989: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror: 1988 Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento
1988: Jules Verne Rediscovered Arthur B. Evans
1987: Origins of Futuristic Fiction Paul Alkon
1986: Trillion Year Spree Brian W. Aldiss with David Wingrove
1985: Some Kind of Paradise Thomas D. Clareson
  Scientific Romance in Britain: 1890-1950 Brian Stableford
1984: Fantasy and Mimesis Kathryn Hume
1983: The Entropy Exhibition: Michael Moorcock and the British 'New Wave' in Science Fiction Colin Greenland
  Alien Encounters Mark Rose
1982: The Logic of Fantasy John Huntington
1980: Robert A. Heinlein: America as Science Fiction H. Bruce Franklin
1979: The Known and the Unknown: the Iconography of Science Fiction Gary K. Wolfe
1978: Future Tense: The Cinema of Science Fiction John Brosnan
1977: The Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction Paul A. Carter
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