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2009: Burn James Patrick Kelly
2008: Ammonite Nicola Griffith
2007: "Looking Through Lace" Ruth Nestvold
2006: Hotel Transylvania Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
2005: Altered Carbon Richard Morgan
2004: Inversions Iain M. Banks
2003: Komarr Lois McMaster Bujold
2002: Die Haarteppichknpfer Andreas Eschbach
2001: Infinity's Shore David Brin
2000: A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge
1999: The Urth of the New Sun Gene Wolfe
1998: Excession Iain M. Banks
1997: The Hammer and the Cross Harry Harrison & John Holt
1996: Worldwar: In the Balance Harry Turtledove
1995: Doomsday Book Connie Willis
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