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The Nebula Awards are the Oscars of the SF/F field, awards presented by professionals to professionals. They were created in the mid-1960s, by the newly formed Science Fiction Writers of America, as the basis for annual anthologies that would contribute to the income of the organization.

Full Name Nebula Awards
First year given 1966, for works published in 1965
Who The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
What Lucite trophy, originally designed by Kate Wilhelm and Judy Blish
Where & When Annual Nebula Awards banquet, site varying each year, held usually in April or May
Scope Works published or released in the US
Categories Novel, novella, novelette, short story; in some years, screenplay. The Andre Norton Award for young adult novels was added in 2006. The script category was named the Ray Bradbury Award in 2010.
Eligibility period Currently, the two calendar years prior to year of award. A work may accumulate member recommendations for 12 calendar months following publication. For example, a work published in July 1998 may gather recommendations until June 1999; if it gathers 10, it is placed on the preliminary ballot for awards given in 2000.
Dating convention Year prior to award (in 2001, SFWA awards the 2000 Nebulas, covering works published in 1999 and 2000)
Issues and controversies The Nebulas' 12-month eligibility period has the effect of delaying recognition of many works until nearly 2 years after publication, and throws Nebula results out of synch with other awards (Hugo, Locus) voted in a given calendar year. (NOTE - this issue will pass with new voting rules announced in early 2009; see above.)

Though the Nebula Awards ostensibly honor works published in the US, they rarely honor non-US writers (Ballard, Priest, Egan, et al), even those frequently published in the US.
Type Two-stage ballot
Process All works receiving a minimum number of member recommendations (10) are placed on a preliminary ballot; members vote on this to determine a final ballot, to which a jury may add one work per category; members vote on the final ballot to determine winners. NOTE - in early 2009, substantial changes to Nebula voting procedures were announced; see SFWA news for details.
Comments SFWA releases preliminary ballots, but only final ballot nominations are included in this database.
Website http://www.nebulaawards.com/

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