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SF NOVEL, FOREIGN: To Say Nothing of the Dog (Sans parler du chien...), Connie Willis
FANTASY NOVEL, FOREIGN: Lion of Macedon (Le lion de Mac‚doine), David Gemmell
HORROR NOVEL, FOREIGN: Galilee (Galil‚e / Galil‚e 2), Clive Barker
SF NOVELLA, FOREIGN: "How I Wrote the New Testament, Ushered in the Renaissance, and Birdied the 17th Hole at Pebble Beach" ("Comment j'ai ‚crit le Nouveau Testament, inaugur‚ la renaissance et fait un birdy au 17Šme trou … Pebble Beach"), Mike Resnick
SF NOVEL, FOREIGN: / Slant (Oblique), Greg Bear
FANTASY NOVEL, FOREIGN: Die Haarteppichknpfer (Des millards de tapis de cheveux), Andreas Eschbach
HORROR NOVEL, FOREIGN: The Bloody Red Baron (Le baron rouge sang), Kim Newman
SF NOVELLA, FOREIGN: "To Receive Is Better" ("La joie de recevoir"), Michael Marshall Smith
SF NOVEL, FOREIGN: The Rise of Endymion (L'‚veil d'Endymion), Dan Simmons
FANTASY NOVEL, FOREIGN: Reaper Man (Le faucheur), Terry Pratchett
HORROR NOVEL, FOREIGN: Anno Dracula (Anno Dracula), Kim Newman
SF NOVELLA, FOREIGN: "Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge" ("Sept vues de la gorge d'Olduva‹"), Mike Resnick
SF NOVEL, FOREIGN: Blue Mars (Mars la bleue), Kim Stanley Robinson
FANTASY NOVEL, FOREIGN: Guards! Guards! (Au guet !), Terry Pratchett
HORROR NOVEL, FOREIGN: Spanky (L'illusionniste), Christopher Fowler
SF NOVELLA, FOREIGN: "Dancing on Air" ("Danse a‚rienne"), Nancy Kress
SF NOVEL, FOREIGN: Snow Crash (Le samoura‹ virtuel), Neal Stephenson
FANTASY NOVEL, FOREIGN: The Eye of the World (La roue du temps), Robert Jordan
HORROR NOVEL, FOREIGN: Desperation (D‚solation), Stephen King
SF NOVELLA, FOREIGN: "A Gift from the Culture" ("Un cadeau de la culture"), Iain M. Banks
FANTASY NOVELLA, FOREGIN: "Timeskip" (Comme un disque ray‚), Charles de Lint
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