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The Philip K. Dick Award is given to the best original paperback published each year in the US. The awards were created and named for the writer who, though increasingly renowned after his death in 1982, was published mostly in undistinguished paperback editions during his career.

Full Name Philip K. Dick Awards
First year given 1983, for books published in 1982
History Founded by Thomas M. Disch, in honor of Philip K. Dick, who published most of his books as paperback originals
Who Sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society; currently administered by David G. Hartwell and Gordon Van Gelder
Where & When Annually in March at the Norwescon
Scope Original SF paperback published in the US. Can include trade paperbacks, but not simultaneous hardcover/trade paperback editions.
Eligibility period Year prior to award
Dating convention Year of eligibility
Issues and controversies In recent years so few original novels of note are published as paperback originals that worthy nominations for this award are increasingly difficult to find.
Type shortlist
Process Five judges read submissions from publishers and determine the shortlist, then the winner. Judges choose their own successors, and only writers or academics are eligible to be judges.
Website http://www.philipkdickaward.org/

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