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Total Spectrum Wins

7 Phil Hale
4 Daniel Dociu, Jon Foster, James Jean*, Lawrence Northey
3 Kinuko Y. Craft*, James Gurney, Dave McKean, John Jude Palencar*, Omar Rayyan, Michael Whelan*
2 David Bowers, Eric Bowman, Tim Holter Bruckner, Donato Giancola, Rebecca Guay, Ryohei Hase, Stephen Hickman, Jeffrey/Catherine Jones*, Rafal Olbinski, Greg Spalenka, Sam Weber, Ashley Wood

Total Spectrum Nominations
[Number of wins in brackets]

9 Donato Giancola [2], Phil Hale [7]
7 Jon Foster [4]
6 Daniel Dociu [4], James Gurney [3], Dave McKean [3]
5 Brom [1], Kinuko Y. Craft [3], James Jean [4], Lawrence Northey [4], Shaun Tan [1]
4 Rick Berry [1], Sam Weber [2]

Spectrum Never-Winners
Number of nominations without ever having won

3 Scott Gustafson
2 Patrick Arrasmith, Michael J. Deas, Gary Gianni, David Ho, Yuko Shimizu, Ezra Tucker

Total Spectrum Losses
Number of times nominated but lost [Number of wins in bracket]

7 Donato Giancola [2]
4 Brom [1], Shaun Tan [1]
3 Rick Berry [1], Jon Foster [4], James Gurney [3], Scott Gustafson, Dave McKean [3]
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