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Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award


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2011 "The Sultan of the Clouds" Geoffrey A. Landis
2010 Shambling Towards Hiroshima James Morrow
2009 "The Ray Gun: A Love Story" James Alan Gardner
2008 "Finisterra" David Moles
(tie) "Tideline" Elizabeth Bear
2007 "The Cartesian Theater" Robert Charles Wilson
2006 "The Calorie Man" Paolo Bacigalupi
2005 "Sergeant Chip" Bradley Denton
2004 "The Empress of Mars" Kage Baker
2003 "Over Yonder" Lucius Shepard
2002 "The Chief Designer" Andy Duncan
2001 Tendel‚o's Story Ian McDonald
2000 "The Wedding Album" David Marusek
1999 "Story of Your Life" Ted Chiang
1998 "House of Dreams" Michael F. Flynn
1997 "The Flowers of Aulit Prison" Nancy Kress
1996 "Jigoku no Mokushiroku (The Symbolic Revelation of the Apocalypse)" John G. McDaid
1995 "Forgiveness Day" Ursula K. Le Guin
1994 "Fox Magic" Kij Johnson
1993 "This Year's Class Picture" Dan Simmons
1992 "Buffalo" John Kessel
1991 "Bears Discover Fire" Terry Bisson
1990 "The Edge of the World" Michael Swanwick
1989 "Schr”dinger's Kitten" George Alec Effinger
1988 "Rachel in Love" Pat Murphy
1987 "Surviving" Judith Moffett
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