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2011 Under Heaven Guy Gavriel Kay
(tie) Bookweirder Paul Glennon
2010 Indigo Springs A. M. Dellamonica
(tie) Half World Hiromi Goto
2009 The Gargoyle Andrew Davidson
(tie) Little Brother Cory Doctorow
2008 The New Moon's Arms Nalo Hopkinson
(tie) Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet Joanne Proulx
2007 Fabrizio's Return Mark Frutkin
2006 In the Palace of Repose Holly Phillips
2005 Air Geoff Ryman
2004 A Place So Foreign and Eight More Cory Doctorow
2003 Skin Folk Nalo Hopkinson
2002 When Alice Lay Down with Peter Margaret Sweatman
2001 Galveston Sean Stewart
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