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What short works have won the most awards overall?

As with the novel list, these counts of most awards overall for short fiction include all awards and polls in this Index. The most recent additions are Ted Chiang's 2008 story "Exhalation" and Margo Lanagan's 2004 story "Singing My Sister Down", each with four awards. Click on the authors name to see awards for each title in the Nominee Index.

7 Mike Resnick, Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge (1994)
6 Terry Bisson, Bears Discover Fire (1990)
   Connie Willis, Even the Queen (1992)
   Harlan Ellison, Jeffty Is Five (1977)
5 Nancy Kress, Beggars in Spain (1991)
   Greg Egan, Oceanic (1998)
   John Varley, PRESS ENTER[] (1984)
   George Alec Effinger, Schrödinger's Kitten (1988)
4 Lucius Shepard, Barnacle Bill the Spacer (1992)
   Octavia E. Butler, Bloodchild (1984)
   Ted Chiang, Exhalation (2008)
   Clifford D. Simak, Grotto of the Dancing Deer (1980)
   Ted Chiang, Hell Is the Absence of God (2001)
   Connie Willis, The Last of the Winnebagos (1988)
   Greg Egan, Learning to Be Me (1990)
   Terry Bisson, macs (1999)
   David Gerrold, The Martian Child (1994)
   Jack Cady, The Night We Buried Road Dog (1993)
   Joe Haldeman, None So Blind (1994)
   Pat Murphy, Rachel in Love (1987)
   Margo Lanagan, Singing My Sister Down (2004)
   Ted Chiang, Story of Your Life (1998)
   Dan Simmons, This Year's Class Picture (1992)
   Allen Steele, …Where Angels Fear to Tread (1997)
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