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Who's won Nebulas in all fiction categories?

Only two writers have won Nebulas in all four fiction categories, and only Connie Willis has done this with both Hugos and Nebulas.

Greg Bear
     Darwin's Radio (novel, 2001)
     Moving Mars (novel, 1995)
     Hardfought (novella, 1984)
     Blood Music (novelette, 1984)
     Tangents (short story, 1987)
Connie Willis
     Blackout/All Clear (novel, 2011)
     Doomsday Book (novel, 1993)
     The Last of the Winnebagos (novella, 1989)
     At the Rialto (novelette, 1990)
     Fire Watch (novelette, 1983)
     Even the Queen (short story, 1993)
     A Letter from the Clearys (short story, 1983)
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