Table S1: Statistics: Global Totals

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As of Tue 22 Nov 2011:

names or titles
records or nominations
Awards records   34788  
Awards records, winners   6936  
Person names (authors, artists, judges, etc.) 7274    
  Writer/editor/publisher nominees 4998 28573 5.72
  Artist nominees 1451 5603 3.86
  Tv/film nominees 202 287 1.42
  Judges 830 1820 2.19
Novels 4858 7816 1.61
Stories 6506 9547 1.47
Single-author collections 1066 1426 1.34
Anthologies 1107 1400 1.26
Nonfiction books 781 1043 1.34

• Total awards records, and total counts for books and stories, count each nomination once, regardless of number of nominees (e.g. co-authors). Totals for nominees include counts for all co-nominees.
• There is some overlap among the three groups of nominees and the judges, which is why the total of all nominees and judges is greater than the number of unique person names.
• The figures show that the average nominated writer/editor/publisher has been nominated nearly 6 times; artist, more than 4 times.
• The nomination ratio for tv/film nominees is relatively low because for one major dramatic award, the Saturns, this Index has only winners, not other nominees.
• The average nominated novel and story (short fiction) has more nominations than the average anthology, collection, or nonfiction book; there are more awards that honor the former than the latter.

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