Table T3: Tally: All Editors & Publishers

Tallies of nominees for "Major Awards" include only the ten awards listed on the homepage under that heading. "All Awards" include all awards, prizes, and honors in the Index excluding only the Locus and five other reader polls. Tallies of "All Awards and Polls" include all nominees in the entire Index. The selections of "Nominees by Group" correspond to the Summary Results tables.

On these page both 'wins' and 'nominations' include career prizes , but fiction subtotals do not.

'Nominations' includes poll rankings below first place.

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Summary Results, This Selection
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This table shows cumulative tallies for editors and publishers, including those nominated in magazine categories (professional and amateur), categories for publishers and anthologies, and those cited for nonspecific editing or publishing activities (e.g. in the World Fantasy Award professional and non-professional categories), in all awards and polls compiled in this Index.

Total Wins

60 Gardner Dozois
32 Ellen Datlow
30 Charles N. Brown
25 Stephen Jones
20 Edward L. Ferman, Andrew I. Porter
16 David G. Hartwell
15 Terry Carr
14 David Sutton
12 John W. Campbell, Jr.
11 Mike Glyer, Dave Langford, Jonathan Strahan, Terri Windling
10 Richard & Nicki Lynch

Total Nominations
[Number of wins in brackets]

169 Ellen Datlow [32]
129 David G. Hartwell [16]
123 Gardner Dozois [60]
106 Stephen Jones [25]
105 Terri Windling [11]
91 Martin H. Greenberg [7]
72 Terry Carr [15]
64 Stanley Schmidt [1]
63 Robert Silverberg [5]
61 Jonathan Strahan [11]
58 Edward L. Ferman [20], David Pringle [7]
57 Charles N. Brown [30]

Number of nominations without ever having won

25 James Baen, Arthur W. Saha
20 Damon Knight
15 Scott Edelman, Pamela Sargent
14 Jay Lake
13 Ginjer Buchanan, Kevin J. Maroney
12 Algis Budrys, Deborah Layne, Guy H. Lillian III, Sharyn November
11 John Joseph Adams, Mike Resnick
10 Gregory Benford, Simon Ounsley

Total Losses
Number of times nominated but lost [Number of wins in bracket]

137 Ellen Datlow [32]
113 David G. Hartwell [16]
94 Terri Windling [11]
84 Martin H. Greenberg [7]
81 Stephen Jones [25]
63 Gardner Dozois [60], Stanley Schmidt [1]
58 Robert Silverberg [5]
57 Terry Carr [15]
51 David Pringle [7]
50 Jonathan Strahan [11]
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