Table T4: Tally: All Scholars & Critics

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Summary Results, This Selection
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This table shows cumulative tallies for authors of nonfiction works and those honored for scholarship in all awards and polls compiled in this Index.

Total Wins

15 John Clute
8 Peter Nicholls
7 S. T. Joshi
6 Brian W. Aldiss, James Gunn, George Turner

Total Nominations
[Number of wins in brackets]

29 John Clute [15]
27 S. T. Joshi [7]
22 Richard A. Lovett [4]
19 Farah Mendlesohn [4]
17 Charles N. Brown [1]
16 Brian W. Aldiss [6]
15 William G. Contento [2]
14 Neil Barron [3]
13 Stephen L. Gillett [1], James Gunn [6], Stephen Jones [4], George Turner [6]
12 Mike Ashley [2], Damien Broderick [1], L. Sprague de Camp [4], Bruce Gillespie [4]
11 David J. Skal [2], Gary K. Wolfe [5]

Number of nominations without ever having won

6 Baird Searles
5 Lester del Rey, Daniel J. H. Levack, Richard A. Lupoff, Mike Resnick, Tim Underwood
4 Michael Andre-Driussi, Richard Delap, Howard DeVore, John Gribbin, Anthony R. Lewis, Chuck Miller, David E. Schultz, Darrell Schweitzer, Norman Spinrad, Edo van Belkom, Janeen Webb
3 Lionel Adey, Richard Bleiler, Marjorie Burns, George Makana Clark, Scott Connors, Robert Coulson, Thomas Donaldson, John Foyster, Michael Franklin, Jerry Griswold, Diana Wynne Jones, Don W. King, Joseph McCabe, Beth Meacham, Ron Miller, Michael Moorcock, John J. Pierce, Christine Poulson, Christopher Priest, Adam Roberts, Dr. J. Kevin Steele, Theodore Sturgeon, Maria Tatar, Daniel Timmons, Bev Vincent, Paul Walker, Paul Williams

Total Losses
Number of times nominated but lost [Number of wins in bracket]

20 S. T. Joshi [7]
18 Richard A. Lovett [4]
16 Charles N. Brown [1]
15 Farah Mendlesohn [4]
14 John Clute [15]
13 William G. Contento [2]
12 Stephen L. Gillett [1]
11 Neil Barron [3], Damien Broderick [1]
10 Brian W. Aldiss [6], Mike Ashley [2]
9 Stephen Jones [4], David J. Skal [2]
8 L. Sprague de Camp [4], Harlan Ellison [2], Bruce Gillespie [4], Jack Zipes [1]
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