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Db Version
20 Feb 2008
• Index updated with most available 2007 awards results and several early 2008 nomination lists

7 Feb 2007
• Index updated with all available 2006 awards results and several early 2007 nomination lists
• Data added for 2 additional awards: Sir Julius Vogel (New Zealand fan awards), and Carl Brandon (for works by or about people of color)
• The three Nominee Indexes -- for Literary nominees, Art nominees, and Film/TV nominees, now have fixed paginations with permalinks.
• Numerous additions have been made to tables of summary results for 'selected' Writers, Artists, Editors & Publishers, and Scholars & Critics. Egregious omissions may well remain; contact Locus Online with suggestions.

21 Jan 2006
• Index updated with all available 2005 awards results through December 2005
• Data added for 2 new awards: Quill, and Peter McNamara
• Added Alphabetical Directory of awards names and category names
• Added new chronology section Major Awards Winners by year
• Revised layout of index page somewhat, and added text headers to tables (Table T9 and following) that lacked them
• 23 Jan 06: Added new summary page Major Novel Winners, 1951-2005

22 Jan 2005
• Index updated with all available 2004 awards results through December 2004
• Data added for 3 new awards: Heinlein, Fountain, and Wooden Rocket

13 Feb 2004
• Added 2004 nominations to date--Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, Sapphire, British SF, Nebula
• Corrected results of Locus Online's all-time short fiction polls, and added categories for anthology and collection

12 Jan 2004
• Added 2003 results
• Added data for Prix Utopia, FAAn, and SESFA awards, plus several all-time best polls
• Added pseudonym cross-referencing in Nominee Indexes

4 Dec 2002
• Updated 2002 results where available--most awards except HOMer and several occasional awards
• Added data for 15 additional awards: World Horror Grandmasters; European awards Prix Eiffel, Geffen, Ignotus, Imaginaire, Italia, Lasswitz, Phantastik, UPC; theme award Lord Ruthven; new writer awards George Turner and Warner Aspect; reader poll Hayakawa; I-Con fan awards; discontinued Deathrealm reader poll

17 Mar 2002
• Added additional awards: Chesleys, Saturns (winners only), ASFA Web, etc.
• Expanded AnLab, Asimov's Reader, Writers/Illustrators of the Future, and several others to include complete results
• For each award, expanded novel-winners page to all-categories-winners page; added list by nominee of complete nominations and wins; added direct links to these pages from the Homepage
• Split Nominee Index into separate indexes for literary/art/drama nominations
• Expanded Publisher and Magazines category indexes to include source records of books and stories from publishers and magazines; added similar indexes for Book Sources (anthologies and collections) and E-publications (websites, e-newsletters, etc.)
• Added Awards Overview table
• Added four additional Summary Results tables for artists, editors & publishers, scholars & critics, and fans, in addition to writers
• Added tables of lists answering FAQs (what novels have won the Hugo?, etc.)
• Added additional tallies
• Added tables of statistics
• Added Users Guide text pages with definitions, format notes, how to use the site, etc.
• Added essays on history of awards, meaning of awards, and influences of awards
• Added FAQtoid discussions of several issues

22 Nov 2001
• Results of awards through November 2001
• Over 50 additional awards — all those beyond the 10 'major' ones
• Descriptions of each award;
• An index to judges and jurors;
• A Chart of Majors, awards tallies of 200 selected SFFH writers;
Chronologies of awards winners by year, and of novels and stories published each year that won awards;
• Enhanced navigation — links threads through each award and each year.

24 Jun 2000
Incorporated misc bibliographical corrections to World Fantasy and Nebula records. Nominee Index: fixed repeated titles, Tiptree links, wrapping of certain long titles, errors in abbreviated co-nominee links. Title Index: matching titles now sort chronologically. Listings: added indications of withdrawn nominations and refused awards (also in Nom Index); nominations with no titles now sort by nominee.
19 Jun 2000
Initial post. Includes data for Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Stoker, Locus, Campbell Memorial, Clarke, Philip K. Dick, Tiptree, and Sturgeon awards; Nominee and Title Indexes; three supplemental indexes. Known problems: miscellaneous mostly minor bibliographic errors; repeated title entries in Nominee Index; links from Nominee Index to Award Listings are wrong when all results listed on one page (e.g. Tiptree).
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