The Outer Limits: An Illustrated Review

The Outer Limits was a television program that ran from September 16, 1963 to January 16, 1965. It offered 48 first run episodes (one episode ran for two weeks). The stories were both science fiction and horror. Each show featured a monster and some surprisingly good writing. This "magazine" was an affectionate backward glance at the show. The two issues contain a synopsis of the stories as well as commentaries on each, photos and interviews. There were supposed to be two more issues. §§The first two issues contained the first 24 episodes in order. The last two were to contain the remainder. The best information available indicates that the last two issues were never published. The Outer Limits: An Illustrated Review was published by Scorpio13 Publishing; Cleveland, Ohio and edited by Ted C. Rypel. Volume two was published in 1978. It was the same format as volume one but sold for $3.00.

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