Strange Detective Mysteries (Canada)

Only about half of this title has been seen; enough to reconstruct its history and determine that there is very little fantasy content. It started just before the demise of its US counterpart, so the bulk of its content was reprinted from other Popular Publications magazines, principally Dime Mystery Magazine after it had ceased its horror orientation. §§The earliest issue known is vol 6 # 4, November 1941. This is the only issue in which the numbering is the same as the US edition from which it reprints, so it is probably the first issue. The latest issue seen is vol 11 # 30, November 1945. It seems to have been monthly for the entire period, which would have produced at least 49 issue. §§In the early issues, the contents of an issue of SDM and an issue of DMM were mixed together and republished over two issues of the Canadian magazine, with a couple of stories squeezed out. §§After the US edition of SDM folded, issues of DMM were reprinted, abridged, in alternating issues of SDM, with the intervening issues filled with random reprints, mostly from Detective Fiction Weekly of the 1930's.

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