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Devils & Demons ed. Marvin Kaye (Doubleday 0-385-18563-4, Oct ’87, $15.95, 587pp, hc) Anthology of 52 stories of devils and demons, divided into various sections. There is a historical introduction plus an afterword, notes, and a bibliography. At least 10 of the stories are new. There is a simultaneous book club edition.

Baby Grand Joe Keene & William W. Johnstone (Zebra 0-8217-2138-0, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.95, 427pp, pb) Horror novel.

Charles Keeping’s Classic Tales of the Macabre ed. Charles Keeping (Blackie 0-216-92147-3, Sep ’87 [Nov ’87], £8.95, 172pp, hc) Horror/occult anthology. Illustrated throughout by Charles Keeping.

Battletech: Decision at Thunder Rift William H. Keith, Jr. (FASA 0-931787-69-6, 1986 [May ’87], $3.95, 364pp, pb) [Battletech] Sf novel based on a game; part of a series. This has a 1986 copyright, but we had not seen it until now.

Battletech: Mercenary’s Star William H. Keith, Jr. (FASA 1-55560-030-1, Aug ’87 [Nov ’87], $3.95, 367pp, pb) [Battletech] Military sf novel in the “Battletech” series, based on the game.

The Breeder Ed Kelleher & Harriette Vidal (Leisure 0-8439-2478-0, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.95, 383pp, pb) Horror novel.

The Beast of Heaven Victor Kelleher (University of Queensland Press 0-7022-2033-7, Feb ’87 [May ’87], $8.95, 205pp, tp) Reprint (Univ. of Queensland Press 1984) sf novel, winner of the Ditmar Award. This paperback edition is the 1986 Australian, now available in the U.S.

Taronga Victor Kelleher (Hamish Hamilton 0-241-12148-5, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], £6.95, 208pp, hc) Juvenile novel set in Australia in the ‘not too distant’ future. [Not seen]

Lear’s Daughters M. Bradley Kellogg & William Rossow (SFBC #107003, Apr ’87, $8.98, 725pp, hc) [Lear’s Daughters] Omnibus edition of The Wave and the Flame and Reign of Fire (both NAL 1986), a two-part sf novel set on a fascinating planet with a bizarre weather pattern (Rossow provided scientific input). Highly recommended. (FCM)

The Wave and the Flame M. Bradley Kellogg & William Rossow (Gollancz 0-575-04109-9, Sep ’87, £10.95, 368pp, hc) [Lear’s Daughters] Reprint (NAL 1986) sf novel. Volume 1 in the “Lear’s Daughters” series. [First U.K. edition, not seen]

Freedom Beach James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel (Unwin 0-04-823385-4, Oct ’87, £2.95, 259pp, pb) Reprint (Bluejay 1985) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Tread Softly Richard Kelly (W.H. Allen 0-491-03327-3, Jun ’87, £11.95, 285pp, hc) Reprint (Tor 1987) horror novel. Kelly is a pseudonym of Richard Laymon. [First U.K. edition]

The Throne of Scone Patricia Kennealy (NAL/Signet 0-451-14821-5, May ’87, $3.50, 380pp, pb) [Keltiad] Reprint (Bluejay 1986) sf novel of Kelts in space; Book One of “The Keltiad”.

The Throne of Scone Patricia Kennealy (Grafton 0-586-06832-5, Oct ’87, £3.50, 479pp, pb) [Keltiad] Reprint (Bluejay 1986) fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Keltiad” series. [First U.K. edition]

Faces Leigh Kennedy (Atlantic Monthly Press 0-87113-140-4, Aug ’87, $15.95, 152pp, hc) Collection of 10 stories, with more literary/associational than sf/fantasy. First U.S. edition (Jonathan Cape 1986).

The Journal of Nicholas the American Leigh Kennedy (Atlantic Monthly Press 0-87113-108-0, 1986 [Feb ’87], $16.95, 204pp, hc) Sf novel, a first novel and Nebula nominee. Sf by courtesy only — the hero is an empath. First U.S. edition (Cape 1986).

The Crib Paul Kent (Bantam 0-553-26650-0, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.50, 218pp, pb) Horror novel.

Daggerspell Katharine Kerr (Grafton 0-246-13161-6, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], £10.95, 414pp, hc) [Deverry] Reprint (Doubleday 1986) fantasy novel. Volume 1 in a new fantasy trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

Daggerspell Katharine Kerr (Grafton 0-246-13168-3, Apr ’87, £6.95, 414pp, tp) [Deverry] Paperback edition of the above. [First U.K. edition]

Daggerspell Katharine Kerr (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34430-8, Dec ’87, $3.50, 395pp, pb) [Deverry] Reprint (Doubleday 1986) fantasy novel, first of a trilogy.

Darkspell Katharine Kerr (Doubleday 0-385-23109-1, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $17.95, 369pp, hc) [Deverry] Fantasy novel, sequel to Daggerspell.

Imprisoned in a Tesseract: The Life and Work of James Blish David Ketterer (Kent State University Press 0-87338-334-6, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], $29.50, hc) Non-fiction, critical and biographical study, an exhaustive study of Blish’s published, unpublished, and fanzine work, both fiction and non-fiction. Highly recommended. (CNB) [James Blish]

Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes (Gollancz 0-575-04061-0, Jun ’87 [Jul ’87], £3.50, 216pp, tp) Reprint (Harcourt 1966) sf novel. Volume 14 in the Gollancz Classic SF series.

The Occult in the Western World: An Annotated Bibliography Cosette Kies (Shoestring Press/Library Professional Publications 0-208-02113-2, Aug ’86 [Jan ’87], $29.50, 233pp, hc) Non-fiction, bibliography — of associational interest. Published in 1986; missed.

The Empire of Time Crawford Kilian (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34759-5, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 183pp, pb) [Chronoplane Wars] Reissue (Del Rey 1978) sf/time travel novel, first in the “Chronoplane Wars” series; 5th printing.

The Fall of the Republic Crawford Kilian (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34273-9, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $3.50, 293pp, pb) [Chronoplane Wars] Sf/time travel novel, second in the “Chronoplane Wars” series.

Blood Hunt Lee Killough (Tor 0-812-50594-8, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.95, 319pp, pb) [Garreth Mikaelian] Horror novel of a homicide detective turned vampire.

The Leopard’s Daughter Lee Killough (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20522-9, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $2.95, 218pp, pb) Fantasy novel set in Africa.

Spiral Winds Garry Kilworth (The Bodley Head 0-370-31112-4, Aug ’87, £10.95, 203pp, hc) Mainstream novel by author better known for his sf. Based on the short story of the same title.

Theatre of Timesmiths Garry Kilworth (Unwin 0-04-440082-9, Oct ’87, £2.95, 185pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1984) sf novel.

Witchwater Country Garry Kilworth (Grafton 0-586-07271-3, Oct ’87, £2.95, 236pp, pb) Reprint (Bodley Head 1986) mainstream novel by author better known for his sf.

The Wizard of Woodworld Garry Kilworth (Dragon 0-583-31137-7, Nov ’87, £1.95, 142pp, pb) [Woodworld] Juvenile sf novel.

The Destroying Angel Bernard King (Sphere 0-7221-4869-0, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], £3.50, 272pp, tp) [Chronicles of the Keeper] Fantasy novel. Volume 1 in the “Chronicles of the Keeper” series.

Starkadder Bernard King (St. Martin’s 0-312-01095-8, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $16.95, 243pp, hc) [Starkadder] Norse mythological fantasy novel. First U.S. edition (NEL 1985).

Time-Fighters Bernard King (Sphere 0-7221-4868-2, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], £3.50, 254pp, tp) [Chronicles of the Keeper] Fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Chronicles of the Keeper” series.

Vargr-Moon Bernard King (NEL 0-450-40848-5, Apr ’87, £2.50, 244pp, pb) [Starkadder] Reprint (NEL 1986) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Starkadder” series.

The Seashore People Clive King (Viking Kestrel 0-670-81723-6, Aug ’87 [Dec ’87], £7.50, 96pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel. [Not seen]

The Bachman Books Stephen King (NEL 0-450-39249-X, Aug ’87, £4.95, 865pp, pb) Reprint (NAL/Plume 1985) associational/sf omnibus.

Christine Stephen King (NEL 0-450-05674-0, Oct ’87, £3.50, 597pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1983) horror novel.

Cujo Stephen King (Futura 0-7088-2171-5, Oct ’87, £3.50, 345pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1981) horror novel.

The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three Stephen King (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-91-7, May ’87, $35.00, 400pp, hc) [Roland (Gunslinger)] Fantasy novel made up of three linked novellas, volume 2 of the “Dark Tower” series. It takes up just where The Gunslinger left off. Illustrated in full color by Phil Hale. There is also a limited, signed deluxe edition (ISBN 0-937986-90-9, $100); not seen.

The Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King (Viking 0-670-81458-X, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $18.95, 326pp, hc) Reprint (Philtrum 1985) juvenile fantasy novel about a young prince who has to defeat a wizard to gain control of his kingdom. The earlier special limited edition is not mentioned in the copyright page. There are some excellent illustrations by David Palladini. (CNB)

The Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King (Macdonald 0-356-14224-8, Apr ’87, £10.95, 326pp, hc) Reprint (Viking 1987 revised from an earlier edition, Philtrum 1985) fantasy novel. Interior illustrations by David Palladini. [First U.K. edition]

The Eyes of the Dragon Stephen King (NAL 0-451-15125-9, Jan ’88, $4.50, 380pp, pb) Reprint (Philtrum 1985) young-adult fantasy novel. This follows the revised text of the Viking 1987 edition.

It Stephen King (NAL/Signet 0-451-14951-3, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $4.95, 1093pp, pb) Reprint (Viking Penguin 1986) horror novel. It weighs a lot.

It Stephen King (NEL 0-450-41143-5, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], £4.50, 1116pp, pb) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton/Viking 1986) horror novel.

It Stephen King (NEL 0-450-42305-0, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], £4.50, 1116pp, pb) This is identical to the above edition except for the ISBN, the colour of the title (yellow instead of white) and a brief note on the cover and inside front page proclaiming it the “Special Collector’s Edition”.

Misery Stephen King (QPB, 1987 [Sep ’87], $9.50, 310pp, tp) Reprint (Viking 1987) non-occult horror novel; associational. This is an exact reproduction of the Viking hardcover, minus the ISBN and softbound.

Misery Stephen King (Viking 0-670-81364-8, Jun ’87 [Apr ’87], $18.95, 310pp, hc) Non-sf/fantasy, associational. A psychological thriller about a writer held captive by a maniacal fan.

Misery Stephen King (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-39070-0, Sep ’87, £11.95, 320pp, hc) Reprint (Viking 1987) psychological thriller. [First U.K. edition]

Night Shift Stephen King (NEL 0-450-04268-5, Oct ’87, £3.50, 409pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1978) horror collection.

Pet Sematary Stephen King (NEL 0-450-05769-0, Oct ’87, £3.50, 424pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1983) horror novel.

’Salem’s Lot Stephen King (NEL 0-450-03106-3, Oct ’87, £3.50, 439pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1975) horror novel.

The Shining Stephen King (NEL 0-450-04018-6, Oct ’87, £2.95, 416pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1977) horror novel.

The Stand Stephen King (NEL 0-450-04552-8, Oct ’87, £3.95, 734pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1978) sf novel.

Thinner Stephen King (NEL 0-450-05883-2, Aug ’87, £2.50, 282pp, pb) Reissue (NAL 1984 as by Richard Bachman) horror novel.

The Tommyknockers Stephen King (Putnam 0-399-13314-3, Nov ’87, $19.95, 558pp, hc) Sf/horror novel.

Down Town Tappan King & Viido Polikarpus (Orbit 0-7088-8213-7, Mar ’87, £2.95, 293pp, pb) Reprint (Arbor House 1985) fantasy novel.

Tumbleweed Dick King-Smith (Gollancz 0-575-03975-2, Apr ’87 [Dec ’87], £5.95, 119pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel.

The Moon Goddess and the Son Donald M. Kingsbury (Baen 0-671-65381-4, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $3.95, 471pp, pb) Reprint (Baen 1986), an excellent near-future hard sf novel. (TM)

The Iowa Baseball Confederacy W. P. Kinsella (Ballantine 0-345-34230-5, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.95, 293pp, pb) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1986) literary baseball fantasy novel.

Shoeless Joe W. P. Kinsella (Ballantine 0-345-34256-9, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.95, 224pp, pb) Reissue (Houghton Mifflin 1982) literary baseball fantasy novel.

The Complete Supernatural Stories of Rudyard Kipling Rudyard Kipling (W.H. Allen 0-491-03285-4, Jan ’87, £12.95, 427pp, hc) Collection of supernatural stories, edited by Peter Haining.

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Puffin 0-14-031794-5, Jan ’87, £2.25, 175pp, pb) [Jungle Book] Reissue (Macmillan 1894) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by Michael Foreman.

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Puffin 0-14-035074-8, Jan ’87, £1.75, 186pp, pb) [Jungle Book] Reissue (Macmillan 1894) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by the author.

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Viking Kestrel 0-670-80241-7, Jan ’87 [Feb ’87], £8.95, 175pp, hc) [Jungle Book] Reissue (Macmillan 1894) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by Michael Foreman.

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Windrush 1-85089-904-5, Feb ’87 [Dec ’87], £7.65, 232pp, hc) [Jungle Book] Reprint (Macmillan 1894) juvenile fantasy collection. Large print edition.

The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling (Purnell 0-361-07468-9, Mar ’87 [Dec ’87], £2.99, 186pp, hc) [Jungle Book] Reprint (Macmillan 1894) classic fantasy collection.

Jungle Books Rudyard Kipling (Hamlyn 0-600-55309-4, Nov ’87 [Dec ’87], £4.95, 416pp, hc) [Jungle Book] Reprint omnibus of The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book. [Not seen]

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Pavilion 1-85145-105-6, Jan ’87, £7.95, 96pp, hc) Reissue (Macmillan 1902) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by Safaya Salter.

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Puffin 0-14-031795-3, Jan ’87, £1.95, 128pp, pb) Reissue (Macmillan 1902) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by Michael Foreman.

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Puffin 0-14-035075-6, Jan ’87, £1.75, 172pp, pb) Reissue (Macmillan 1902) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by the author.

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Viking Kestrel 0-670-80242-5, Jan ’87 [Feb ’87], £7.95, 128pp, hc) Reissue (Macmillan 1902) juvenile fantasy collection, illustrated by Michael Foreman.

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Purnell 0-361-07469-7, Mar ’87, £2.99, 224pp, hc) Reprint (Macmillan 1902) classic fantasy collection. [Not seen]

Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (Collins 0-00-184425-3, Apr ’87 [1987], £4.95, 128pp, hc) Reprint (Macmillan 1902) juvenile fantasy collection. [Not seen]

The Bus Paul Kirchner (Orbit 0-7088-8244-7, Aug ’87, £2.95, 160pp, pb) Hilarious collection of cartoons from Heavy Metal about a bus on which strange things happen! Recommended.

Raven 2: A Time of Ghosts Richard Kirk (Ace 0-441-70561-8, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 199pp, pb) [Raven] Fantasy novel, second in a series about a woman warrior. First U.S. edition (Corgi 1978).

Raven 3: The Frozen God Richard Kirk (Ace 0-441-70567-7, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $2.95, 174pp, pb) [Raven] Third novel in a sword & sorcery series written by Rob Holdstock and Angus Wells. First American edition (Corgi 1978).

Raven 4: Lords of the Shadows Richard Kirk (Ace 0-441-70573-1, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $2.95, 204pp, pb) [Raven] Heroic fantasy novel in a series featuring a female warrior. First American edition (Corgi 1979). The authors are Angus Wells and Robert Holdstock.

Raven 5: A Time of Dying Richard Kirk (Ace 0-441-70575-8, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $2.95, 168pp, pb) [Raven] Fantasy novel in a series with a female barbarian swordswoman. First American edition (Corgi 1979). The author is Robert Holdstock or Angus Wells or both.

Raven: Swordsmistress of Chaos Richard Kirk (Ace 0-441-70555-3, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $2.95, 174pp, pb) [Raven] Sword & Sorcery fantasy novel, first in a pentology. First American edition (Corgi 1978).

The Shelter Mary Kittredge & Kevin O’Donnell, Jr. (Tor 0-812-52066-1, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.95, 376pp, pb) Horror novel.

Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left Robin Klein (Viking Kestrel 0-670-80636-6, Sep ’86 [Jan ’87], $3.50, 144pp, hc) Reprint (Viking 1985) very juvenile sf humor novella. Published in 1986; missed. It’s Australian, and this is an imported worldwide edition from Australia.

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