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Christine Stephen King (NAL/Signet 0-451-12838-9, Jan ’84 [Dec ’83], $3.95, 503pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1983) fantasy horror novel, movie tie-in edition with a photo section.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Stephen King (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-50-X, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $20.00, 224pp, hc) [Roland (Gunslinger)] Reissue (Grant 1982) collection of connected stories, the second edition of this fantasy work which has never appeared in a mass edition (and won’t, according to the author). The new edition has one-color endpapers and a cheaper binding, but the 10,000 copies quickly sold out.

Fire-Starter Stephen King (Signet 0-451-13234-3, May ’84 [Apr ’84], $3.95, 404pp, pb) Reissue (Viking 1980) horror novel; 9th Signet printing. Although this is a “movie tie-in”, there’s no photo insert from the film.

Night Shift Stephen King (Signet 0-451-12656-4, Mar ’84 [Feb ’84], $3.50, 327pp, pb) Reissue (Doubleday 1978) collection, being released as a tie-in to a movie based on the story “Children of the Corn”, with 8 pages of stills. 28th printing.

Pet Sematary Stephen King (SFBC #14803, Jun ’84 [Aug ’84], $5.50, 374pp, hc) Reprint (Doubleday 1983) horror novel.

Pet Sematary Stephen King (G.K. Hall (Large Print) 0-8161-3691-2, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $17.95, 633pp, hc) Reprint (Doubleday 1983) horror/fantasy novel, large print version.

Pet Sematary Stephen King (NAL/Signet 0-451-13237-8, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $4.50, 410pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1983) horror-fantasy novel, first paperback edition.

The Talisman Stephen King & Peter Straub (Viking 0-670-69199-2, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $18.95, 646pp, hc) This edition seems to be simultaneous with the British one.

The Talisman Stephen King & Peter Straub (Viking UK 0-670-69199-2, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], £9.95, 646pp, hc) Fantasy novel. This British edition was apparently published simultaneously with the U.S. one, although it was scheduled to appear a month earlier.

GETA Donald Kingsbury (Panther 0-586-05932-6, Jun ’84 [May ’84], £3.50, 512pp, tp) Reprint (Simon & Schuster Timescape 1982, as Courtship Rite) sf novel.

Shoeless Joe W. P. Kinsella (Ballantine 0-345-30921-9, Jan ’84 [Dec ’83], $2.95, 224pp, pb) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1982) baseball fantasy quest novel.

Watchers at the Strait Gate Russell Kirk (Arkham House 0-87054-098-X, Sep ’84 [Jul ’84], $14.95, 255pp, hc) An excellent collection of supernatural fantasy stories. Recommended. (FCM)

The Ceremonies T. E. D. Klein (Viking 0-670-20982-1, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $15.95, 505pp, hc) Horror novel, a first novel.

The Man in the Tree Damon Knight (Berkley 0-425-06006-3, Jan ’84 [Dec ’83], $2.75, 246pp, pb) Sf novel whose hero is a 8 1/2 foot Christ figure.

The Clarion Awards ed. Damon Knight (Doubleday 0-385-18383-6, Jun ’84 [Jul ’84], $11.95, 177pp, hc) Anthology of the best stories from the last six Clarion workshops for sf writers. The first-prize winner, “The Etheric Transmitter” by Lucius Shepard, is outstanding — one of the best novelettes of this year. (FCM)

Darkfall Dean R. Koontz (Berkley 0-425-07187-1, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $3.95, 371pp, pb) Horror novel. First U.S. edition (W.H. Allen 1984, as Darkness Comes).

Darkness Comes Dean R. Koontz (W.H. Allen 0-491-03152-1, Feb ’84, £11.95, 351pp, hc) Horror novel. [Not seen]

Queen of Swords William Kotzwinkle (Putnam 0-399-12847-6, Feb ’84 [Jan ’84], $13.95, 175pp, hc) Novel of “contemporary enchantment.” It’s a modern novel, not sf or fantasy. Listed for Kotzwinkle fans. (EAL)

A Handbook for Visitors from Outer Space Kathryn Kramer (Knopf 0-394-52374-1, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $15.95, 336pp, hc) Literary novel set in a time of future war; a first novel.

The Golden Grove Nancy Kress (Bluejay 0-312-94180-3, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $13.95, 250pp, hc) Fantasy novel about obsession set in pseudo-historical Greece. I enjoyed it. (EAL)

Nineteen Eighty-Four to 1984 ed. C. J. Kuppig (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-085-8, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $3.95, 288pp, pb) Non-fiction, collection of critical essays on the novel, plus Orwell’s memoir of his childhood. [George Orwell]

The Bishop’s Heir Katherine Kurtz (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31824-2, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $14.95, 340pp, hc) [Deryni: King Kelson] Fantasy novel, first in the new Deryni trilogy “The Histories of King Kelson”. Seventh in the overall series.

Basilisk ed. Ellen Kushner (Ace 0-441-05080-8, May ’84 [Apr ’84], $2.50, 244pp, pb) Reissue (Ace 1980) fantasy anthology.

Half a Sky R. A. Lafferty (Corroboree 0-911169-03-2, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $25.00, 235pp, hc) [Coscuin Chronicles] Historical fantasy novel, Book Two of “The Coscuin Chronicles”. There are full-color illustrations by David Brian Erickson tipped in, plus some black and white illustrations. A fine piece of bookmaking. (CNB)

Half a Sky R. A. Lafferty (Corroboree 0-911169-03-2, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $35.00, 235pp, hc) [Coscuin Chronicles] 250 copy, signed, numbered, limited edition of the above.

The Man Who Made Models and Other Stories R. A. Lafferty (Chris Drumm, Sep ’84, $2.50, 51pp, ph) Original collection of five stories. Drumm Booklet #18.

Ringing Changes R. A. Lafferty (Ace 0-441-72607-0, Jan ’84 [Dec ’83], $2.95, 275pp, pb) This is the first English-language edition of a collection of 20 stories which first appeared in Holland as Days of Grass, Days of Straw. Recommended. (FCM)

The Ring of Truth David J. Lake (DAW 0-87997-935-6, Jun ’84 [May ’84], $2.95, 192pp, pb) Sf novel. First U.S. edition (Cory & Collins Void 1982).

Yellow Men Sleep Jeremy Lane (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-58-5, Feb ’84 [Jan ’84], $15, 243pp, hc) Reprint (Century 1919) Asian fantasy-adventure which first appeared as a pulp magazine serial in 1919, under the title “The Fragrant Web”. Illustrations by Allan McLucky.

Hiero Desteen Sterling E. Lanier (SFBC #3292, Mar ’84, $8.98, 532pp, hc) [Hiero Desteen] Omnibus edition of Hiero’s Journey (Chilton 1973) and The Unforsaken Hiero (Del Rey 1983). Sf.

The Unforsaken Hiero Sterling E. Lanier (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-30228-1, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $2.95, 247pp, pb) [Hiero Desteen] Reprint (Del Rey 1983) sf novel, sequel to Hiero’s Journey.

Battlestar Galactica # 9: Experiment in Terra Glen A. Larson & Ron Goulart (Berkley 0-425-06418-2, Feb ’84 [Jan ’84], $2.50, 151pp, pb) [Battlestar Galactica] Novelization of two episodes from the tv series.

Battlestar Galactica #10: The Long Patrol Glen A. Larson & Ron Goulart (Berkley 0-425-07105-7, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $2.75, 171pp, pb) [Battlestar Galactica] Sf novel based on two episodes of the tv series.

The Victorian Chaise Longue Marghanita Laski (Academy Chicago 0-89733-097-8, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $3.95, 119pp, pb) Reprint (Cresset 1953) novel of time travel and horror.

Bolo Keith Laumer (Berkley 0-425-07559-1, Dec ’84 [Nov ’84], $2.75, 216pp, pb) [Bolo] Reissue (Putnam 1976) collection of 6 stories about war machines. Fifth Berkley printing.

Chrestomathy Keith Laumer (Baen 0-671-55920-6, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $2.95, 254pp, pb) Collection of novel excerpts and a few stories with new forewords by the author.

The Galaxy Builder Keith Laumer (Ace 0-441-27280-0, Feb ’84 [Jan ’84], $2.75, 236pp, pb) [Lafayette O’Leary] Sf novel, a Lafayette O’Leary alternate-reality adventure.

The Great Time Machine Hoax Keith Laumer (Ace 0-441-30268-8, Aug ’84 [Jul ’84], $2.75, 210pp, pb) Reissue (Simon & Schuster 1964) sf novel, 2nd Ace printing.

The Monitors Keith Laumer (Tor 0-812-54369-6, May ’84 [Apr ’84], $2.95, 251pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1966) sf novel.

Once There Was a Giant Keith Laumer (Tor 0-812-54371-8, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $2.50, 223pp, pb) Collection of two novellas (including the title one) plus a Laumer appreciation by Sandra Miesel. Tor continues to be a bibliographer’s nightmare. This book is not related to the 8-story 1971 Doubleday collection with the same name. The second story seems to be an original.

Retief to the Rescue Keith Laumer (Timescape 0-671-81866-X, Feb ’84 [Jan ’84], $2.95, 237pp, pb) [Jame Retief] Reprint (S&S Timescape 1983) sf novel.

The Return of Retief Keith Laumer (Baen 0-671-55903-6, Sep ’84 [Aug ’84], $2.95, 221pp, pb) [Jame Retief] Sf novel in the “Retief” series.

The Shape Changer Keith Laumer (Ace 0-441-76088-0, May ’84 [Apr ’84], $2.50, 230pp, pb) [Lafayette O’Leary] Reissue (Putnam 1972) sf novel, third in the “Lafayette O’Leary” alternate-worlds series.

The Time Bender Keith Laumer (Ace 0-441-81014-4, Mar ’84 [Feb ’84], $2.75, 248pp, pb) [Lafayette O’Leary] Reissue (Berkley 1966) sf novel. The first “Lafayette O’Leary” alternate-world adventure. 5th Ace printing.

A Trace of Memory Keith Laumer (Tor 0-812-54373-4, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $2.95, 256pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1963) sf novel.

The World Shuffler Keith Laumer (Ace 0-441-91702-X, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $2.75, 236pp, pb) [Lafayette O’Leary] Reissue (Putnam 1970) “Lafayette O’Leary” sf adventure novel; 4th Ace printing.

The Northwest Passage Norman Lavers (Fiction Collective 0-914590-86-3, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $12.95, 137pp, hc) A “novel” composed of a far-future edition of a late-20th-century edition of an 18th-century manuscript, each with its own spelling, punctuation, etc., giving glimpses of three very different ages. Also available in tp (-87-1, $6.95).

Night Show Richard Laymon (NEL 0-450-05706-2, Dec ’84, £1.95, 192pp, pb) Horror novel. [Not seen]

The Eye of the Heron Ursula K. Le Guin (Bantam 0-553-24258-X, Aug ’84 [Jul ’84], $2.95, 179pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1982) sf novel. It first appeared as a novella in the anthology Millennial Women (1978).

The Farthest Shore Ursula K. Le Guin (Bantam 0-553-23828-0, Jul ’84 [Jun ’84], $2.95, 197pp, pb) [Earthsea] Reissue (Atheneum 1972) fantasy novel, 17th Bantam printing. Third and best in the “Earthsea Trilogy”. Highly recommended. (CNB)

The Lathe of Heaven Ursula K. Le Guin (Avon 0-380-01320-7, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $2.95, 175pp, pb) Reissue (Scribner’s 1971) sf novel; 15th Avon printing.

Orsinian Tales Ursula K. Le Guin (Bantam 0-553-24791-3, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $2.95, 209pp, pb) Reissue (Harper & Row 1976) collection. 6th printing.

The Tombs of Atuan Ursula K. Le Guin (Bantam 0-553-23903-1, Jun ’84 [May ’84], $2.95, 146pp, pb) [Earthsea] Reissue (Atheneum 1971) fantasy novel, second in the “Earthsea” trilogy.

A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin (Bantam 0-553-23461-7, Jun ’84 [May ’84], $2.95, 183pp, pb) [Earthsea] Reissue (Parnassus 1968) fantasy novel, “Earthsea” #1; 19th Bantam printing.

The Visionary: The Life Story of Flicker of the Serpentine/Wonders Hidden: Audubon’s Early Years Ursula K. Le Guin & Scott Russell Sanders (Capra Press 0-88496-219-9, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $7.50, 122pp, tp) Two novellas in Capra’s Back-to-Back series. The Le Guin is an excerpt from her upcoming sf novel Always Coming Home; the Sanders is non-sf/fantasy.

The Visionary: The Life Story of Flicker of the Serpentine/Wonders Hidden: Audubon’s Early Years Ursula K. Le Guin & Scott Russell Sanders (Capra Press 0-88496-219-9, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $25.00, 122pp, hc) 200 copy, signed, limited edition of the above.

Castles Alan Lee & David Day (Bantam 0-553-05066-4, Sep ’84 [Aug ’84], $24.95, 192pp, hc) Book of art work with a text by David Day. It includes castles of both history and fantasy.

The Castle of Dark Tanith Lee (Unicorn 0-04-823249-1, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], £2.95, 180pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan U.K. 1978) young-adult fantasy novel.

Delusion’s Master Tanith Lee (DAW 0-87997-932-1, May ’84 [Apr ’84], $2.50, 206pp, pb) [Flat Earth] Reissue (DAW 1981) fantasy novel in the “Lords of Darkness” series.

The Dragon Hoard Tanith Lee (Tempo 0-441-16621-0, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $2.25, 162pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan U.K. 1971) young-adult fantasy novel. This was Lee’s first professionally published story.

Night’s Master Tanith Lee (Highland Press 0-916261-00-X, Oct ’84 [Sep ’84], $35.00, 166pp, hc) [Flat Earth] Reprint (DAW 1978) fantasy novel in the “Flat Earth” series. First hardcover edition; signed, boxed, numbered, limited to 500 copies. Illustrations by Randy Broecker.

Quest for the White Witch Tanith Lee (DAW 0-87997-996-8, Dec ’84 [Nov ’84], $2.95, 317pp, pb) [Birthgrave] Reissue (DAW 1978) fantasy novel, part of the “Birthgrave” series.

Tamastara, or the Indian Nights Tanith Lee (DAW 0-87997-915-1, Mar ’84 [Feb ’84], $2.50, 174pp, pb) Collection of 7 sf and fantasy tales set in India of the past, present, and future. This is some of Lee’s best work. Recommended. (FCM)

The Wars of Vis Tanith Lee (SFBC #2717, Jul ’84 [Aug ’84], $7.98, 697pp, hc) [Wars of Vis] Omnibus edition of The Storm Lord (DAW 1976) and Anackire (DAW 1983), two fantasy novels set in the same world a generation apart.

Conjure Wife Fritz Leiber (Ace 0-441-11749-X, Nov ’84 [Oct ’84], $2.75, 210pp, pb) Reissue (Twayne 1953 as part of Witches Three) fantasy novel. Third Ace printing of a classic fantasy/horror novel set in modern times.

The Ghost Light Fritz Leiber (Berkley 0-425-06812-9, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $7.95, 367pp, tp) Collection of 9 stories plus an autobiographical essay, illustrated by a number of different artists.

The Ghost Light Fritz Leiber (Berkley 0-425-07057-3, Aug ’84 [Jul ’84], $50.00, 367pp, hc) Reprint (Berkley 1984) collection, first hardcover edition; limited to 750 signed, numbered copies.

Our Lady of Darkness Fritz Leiber (Ace 0-441-64417-1, Apr ’84 [Mar ’84], $2.50, 183pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley Putnam 1977) fantasy novel. This received the World Fantasy Award. Highly recommended. (CNB)

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