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The Snow Spider Jenny Nimmo (Magnet 0-416-06492-2, Nov ’87, £1.75, 142pp, pb) [Snow Spider] Reprint (Methuen 1986) juvenile fantasy novel.

The Smoke Ring Larry Niven (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-30256-7, May ’87 [Mar ’87], $16.95, 302pp, hc) [Sharls Davis Kendy] Sf novel, sequel to The Integral Trees.

The Smoke Ring Larry Niven (Macdonald 0-356-10439-7, Aug ’87, £11.95, 362pp, hc) [Sharls Davis Kendy] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) sf novel. Sequel to The Integral Trees. [First U.K. edition]

The Smoke Ring Larry Niven (SFBC #11496, Nov ’87, $4.50, 237pp, hc) [Sharls Davis Kendy] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) sf novel, sequel to The Integral Trees.

The Mote in God’s Eye Larry Niven & Jerry E. Pournelle (QPB, 1987 [Sep ’87], $7.95, 537pp, tp) [Mote] Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1974) sf novel. This is an exact reprint of the 1974 hardcover, minus the ISBN and in softcover.

The Legacy of Heorot Larry Niven, Jerry E. Pournelle & Steven Barnes (Gollancz 0-575-04015-7, May ’87, £10.95, 352pp, hc) [Heorot] Sf novel. This British edition is the first edition, with the U.S. to follow next month. Listed as a note for collectors.

The Legacy of Heorot Larry Niven, Jerry E. Pournelle & Steven Barnes (Simon & Schuster 0-671-64094-1, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $17.95, 367pp, hc) [Heorot] Sf novel, published nearly simultaneously in the U.K. by Gollancz. (The British beat it by a month). Fast-paced action sf of colonists facing a hostile planet. The alien menace is very well handled. Recommended. (TM)

The Legacy of Heorot Larry Niven, Jerry E. Pournelle & Steven Barnes (SFBC #111159, Aug ’87, $5.98, 348pp, hc) [Heorot] Reprint (Gollancz 1987) sf novel.

Murder on Usher’s Planet Atanielle Annyn Noël (Avon 0-380-75012-0, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.95, 183pp, pb) Humorous sf mystery novel.

Speaker to Heaven Atanielle Annyn Noël (Arbor House 0-87795-859-9, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $16.95, 279pp, hc) Sf novel of rogue psi powers, an academic murder mystery set in post-holocaust Baja.

In the Dutch Mountains Cees Nooteboom (Louisiana State University Press 0-8071-1425-1, Oct ’87 [Nov ’87], $14.95, 128pp, hc) Supernatural fantasy novel. English-language edition (Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspes [Netherlands] 1984). There is an earlier or simultaneous British edition from Viking UK.

Blood Brothers of Gor John Norman (DAW 0-88677-157-9, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.95, 480pp, pb) [Gor] Reissue (DAW 1982) sf novel, “Gor” #18; 6th printing.

Hunters of Gor John Norman (DAW 0-88677-205-2, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.95, 320pp, pb) [Gor] Reissue (DAW 1974) sf novel, “Gor” #8; 20th printing.

Savages of Gor John Norman (DAW 0-88677-191-9, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.95, 335pp, pb) [Gor] Reissue (DAW 1982) sf novel, “Gor” #17; 4th printing.

Vagabonds of Gor John Norman (DAW 0-88677-188-9, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.95, 495pp, pb) [Gor] Sf novel, “Gor” #24.

Vagabonds of Gor John Norman (Star 0-352-32092-3, Aug ’87, £3.95, 480pp, pb) [Gor] Reprint (DAW 1987) fantasy novel. Volume 24 in the “Gor” series. [First U.K. edition]

Android at Arms Andre Norton (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34282-8, Aug ’87, $2.95, 233pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1971) sf novel.

The Beast Master Andre Norton (Puffin 0-14-031159-9, Jan ’87, £1.95, 185pp, pb) [Hosteen Storm] Reissue (Harcourt Brace and World 1959) juvenile sf novel. Volume 1 in the “Hosteen Storm” series.

The Book of Andre Norton Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-247-8, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 221pp, pb) Reissue (Chilton 1974 as The Many Worlds of Andre Norton) collection; 6th DAW printing.

Catseye Andre Norton (Puffin 0-14-030315-4, Jan ’87, £1.95, 205pp, pb) [Dipple] Reissue (Harcourt, Brace and World 1961) juvenile sf novel.

The Crystal Gryphon Andre Norton (Puffin 0-14-032109-8, Nov ’87, £2.50, 248pp, pb) [Witch World: Gryphon] Reissue (Atheneum 1982) juvenile fantasy novel. In the “Witch World” series. Volume 3 in the Gryphon" trilogy.

The Defiant Agents Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-14249-4, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $2.95, 218pp, pb) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1962) sf novel, #3 in the “Ross Murdock” series; 9th printing.

Flight in Yiktor Andre Norton (Tor 0-812-54721-7, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $2.95, 251pp, pb) [Moonsinger] Reprint (Tor 1986) sf novel, sequel to Moon of Three Rings and Exile of the Stars.

Galactic Derelict Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-27234-7, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 246pp, pb) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1959) sf novel, #2 in the “Ross Murdock” series. 9th Ace printing since 1972.

Garan the Eternal Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-244-3, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 206pp, pb) [Garan] Reissue (FPCI 1972) fantasy quasi-novel of 5 linked stories; 8th DAW printing.

The Gate of the Cat Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-27376-9, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $16.95, 243pp, hc) [Witch World] Fantasy novel in the “Witch World” series.

Huon of the Horn Andre Norton (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34126-0, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $2.95, 192pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1951) juvenile fantasy novel. A retelling of the legend from the Charlemagne cycle.

Iron Cage Andre Norton (Puffin 0-14-032108-X, Aug ’87, £2.50, 288pp, pb) Reprint (Viking 1974) sf novel.

Judgement on Janus Andre Norton (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34365-4, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 255pp, pb) [Niall Renfro; Dipple] Reprint (Harcourt Brace & World 1963) sf novel.

Key Out of Time Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-43676-5, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $2.95, 188pp, pb) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1963) sf novel, Book 4 in the “Time Traders” series; 8th Ace printing.

Lore of the Witch World Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-243-5, Jul ’87, $3.50, 269pp, pb) [Witch World] Reissue (DAW 1980) collection of 7 stories in the “Witch World” series; 6th printing.

Merlin’s Mirror Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-245-1, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 205pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1975) sf novel about Merlin; 9th printing.

Moon of Three Rings Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-53900-9, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $2.95, 294pp, pb) [Moonsinger] Reissue (Viking 1966) sf novel; 13th printing.

Perilous Dreams Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-248-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 199pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1976) collection of 4 connected stories. 7th printing; has a typo in the title (it says “Perilous Dream”).

Quag Keep Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-250-8, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 192pp, pb) [Quag Keep] Reissue (Atheneum 1978) fantasy novel; 5th printing.

Sea Siege Andre Norton (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34364-6, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $2.95, 214pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1957) sf novel.

Shadow Hawk Andre Norton (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34366-2, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.95, 253pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1960) Egyptian historical novel. Associational.

Spell of the Witch World Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-242-7, Jul ’87, $3.50, 159pp, pb) [Witch World] Reissue (DAW 1972) fantasy novel, 7th in the “Witch World” series; 14th printing. This was the first DAW book, and it is now reissued with the original Jack Gaughan cover.

Star Man’s Son Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-04124-2, Dec ’87, £2.50, 220pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt, Brace & Co. 1952, as Star Man’s Son, 2250 A.D.) sf novel.

Stargate Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-04007-6, Jul ’87, £2.50, 192pp, pb) Reprint (Harcourt 1958) sf novel.

Three Against the Witch World Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-03998-1, Oct ’87, £2.50, 191pp, pb) [Witch World] Reprint (Ace 1965) fantasy novel. Volume 4 in the “Witch World” series.

The Time Traders Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-81255-4, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $2.95, 220pp, pb) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1958) sf novel, first of a tetralogy. It’s labelled “Seventh Ace printing”, which is probably off by a factor of five.

Web of the Witch World Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-03996-5, Jun ’87, £2.50, 192pp, pb) [Witch World] Reprint (Ace 1964) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Witch World” series.

Witch World Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-03995-7, May ’87, £2.50, 222pp, pb) [Witch World] Reprint (Ace 1963) fantasy novel. Volume 1 in the “Witch World” series.

Year of the Unicorn Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-03999-X, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], £2.50, 221pp, pb) [Witch World] Reprint (Ace 1965) fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Witch World” series.

Yurth Burden Andre Norton (DAW 0-88677-249-4, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 206pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1978) sf novel; 6th printing.

Tales of the Witch World ed. Andre Norton (Tor 0-312-94475-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $15.95, 343pp, hc) [Witch World] Original shared-world anthology set in Norton’s Witch World.

Magic in Ithkar 4 ed. Andre Norton & Robert Adams (Tor 0-812-54719-5, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $3.50, 278pp, pb) [Ithkar] Original anthology of 15 stories, latest in the “Ithkar” shared world fantasy series.

Are All the Giants Dead? Mary Norton (Magnet 0-416-00742-2, May ’87, £1.75, 119pp, pb) Reprint (Dent 1975) juvenile fantasy novel.

Shudderchild Warren C. Norwood (Bantam Spectra 0-553-26455-9, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $3.95, 350pp, pb) Near-future sf novel of a devastated Earth.

The Universe Between Alan E. Nourse (Ace 0-441-85456-7, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 169pp, pb) Reprint (McKay 1965) sf novel.

The Brass Halo James Nugent (Critic’s Choice 1-55547-183-8, Aug ’87, $3.95, 346pp, pb) [Talisman] Novel of occult horror, “The Talisman” #1.

Z for Zachariah Robert C. O’Brien (Collier 0-02-044650-0, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $3.95, 249pp, pb) Reissue (Atheneum 1974) sf novel, winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award.

The Nuclear Age Tim O’Brien (Flamingo 0-00-654188-7, Apr ’87, £3.95, 312pp, tp) Reprint (Collins 1986) futuristic literary novel.

At the Field’s End: Interviews with 20 Pacific Northwest Writers Nicholas O’Connell (Madrona 0-88089-026-6, Oct ’87, $12.95, 322pp, tp) Associational: non-fiction, book of interviews of authors including Jean M. Auel, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Tom Robbins. Also announced in hardcover.

Timeswept Lovers Constance O’Day-Flannery (Zebra 0-8217-2057-0, Apr ’87, $3.95, 492pp, pb) Time travel/romance/fantasy novel of a lady railroad owner swept into the past, “and into the arms of the original Marlboro man!”

Land Under England Joseph O’Neill (Penguin 0-14-008956-X, Jan ’87, £3.95, 296pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1935) sf novel. In the “Penguin Science Fiction Classics” series.

Cadre Lucifer Robert O’Riordan (Ace 0-441-09019-2, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 202pp, pb) [Cadre] Sf novel, sequel to Cadre One.

Finn MacCool and the Small Men of Deeds Pat O’Shea (Oxford 0-19-274134-9, Oct ’87, £5.95, 96pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel. [Not seen]

The Hounds of the Morrigan Pat O’Shea (Puffin 0-14-032207-8, Jul ’87, £2.95, 469pp, pb) Reprint (Oxford University Press 1985) juvenile fantasy in the world of Irish mythology.

Conan #15: The Sword of Skelos Andrew J. Offutt (Ace 0-441-11480-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 192pp, pb) [Conan] Reprint (Bantam 1979) heroic fantasy novel based on the Robert E. Howard character.

Shadowspawn Andrew J. Offutt (Ace 0-441-76039-2, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $3.50, 278pp, pb) [Thieves’ World] Shared-world fantasy novel; the fourth “Thieves’ World” novel.

The Ghosts of Bellering Oast Pamela Oldfield (Blackie 0-216-92093-0, Jun ’87, £6.95, 80pp, hc) Juvenile ghost story. [Not seen]

Pamela Oldfield’s Spine Chillers Pamela Oldfield (Blackie 0-216-92240-2, Oct ’87, £6.95, 96pp, hc) Juvenile ghost/horror collection. [Not seen]

Eclipse of Uncertainty: An Introduction to Postmodern Fantasy Lance Olsen (Greenwood 0-313-25511-3, Mar ’87 [May ’87], $27.95, xi + 134pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical study examining works by Kafka, Borges, and other literary fantasists. UK price £26.50.

Frame of Reference Jerry Oltion (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20330-7, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.50, 262pp, pb) Sf novel about man’s reclaiming Earth from alien invaders. A first novel.

Becoming Alien Rebecca Ore (Tor 0-812-54794-2, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.50, 313pp, pb) [Becoming Alien] Sf novel, a first novel. Recommended. (FCM)

Danilov the Violist Vladimir Orlov (Morrow 0-688-04655-X, Jul ’87 [Aug ’87], $18.95, 307pp, hc) Literary fantasy/social satire about a half-demon musician who’s not as dedicated to evil as his masters would wish. First English language edition (Novy Mir 1980), translated from the Russian by Antonin W. Bouis.

Head to Toe Joe Orton (St. Martin’s 0-312-00718-3, Jul ’87 [Aug ’87], $13.95, 187pp, hc) Reprint (Anthony Blond 1971) literary fantasy novel. A man unwittingly wanders onto the head of a giant.

Animal Farm George Orwell (Secker & Warburg 0-436-35030-0, Sep ’87 [Dec ’87], £12.95, 203pp, hc) [Animal Farm] Reissue (Secker & Warburg 1945) literary fantasy / political satire novel.

Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell (Secker & Warburg 0-436-35031-9, Sep ’87 [Dec ’87], £12.95, 341pp, hc) [1984] Reissue (Secker & Warburg 1949) literary sf novel.

Rankin: Enemy of the State John Osier (Penguin 0-14-009818-6, Jul ’87, $3.50, 160pp, pb) Reprint (St. Lukes 1986) post-holocaust adventure novel.

Road Lines Chris Ould (Grafton 0-586-07030-3, Feb ’87, £2.95, 303pp, pb) Reprint (Andre Deutsch 1985) futuristic thriller “in the great Mad Max tradition”.

The 28th Pan Book of Horror Stories ed. Clarence Paget (Pan 0-330-30133-0, Nov ’87, £1.95, 156pp, pb) Original horror anthology.

Emergence David R. Palmer (NEL 0-450-41106-0, Jun ’87 [May ’87], £2.95, 291pp, pb) [Candy] Reprint (Bantam 1984) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Threshold David R. Palmer (NEL 0-450-41204-0, Aug ’87, £2.95, 274pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam 1985) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Rite of Passage Alexei Panshin (Methuen 0-413-15720-2, Sep ’87, £2.50, 254pp, pb) Reissue (Ace 1978) sf novel.

Ghosts and Scholars ed. Rosemary Pardoe & Richard Dalby (Crucible 1-85274-022-1, Oct ’87 [Nov ’87], £12.95, 272pp, hc) Collection of ghost stories, with at least one story original to this collection.

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