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Whispers ed. Stuart David Schiff (Jove 0-515-08881-1, Feb ’87, $3.50, 253pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1977) horror original anthology.

Whispers II ed. Stuart David Schiff (Jove 0-515-09252-5, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $3.95, 256pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1979) horror original anthology.

Whispers III ed. Stuart David Schiff (Jove 0-515-09363-7, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.95, 258pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1981) original anthology of 14 horror stories.

Whispers VI ed. Stuart David Schiff (Doubleday 0-385-19927-9, Jul ’87, $12.95, 181pp, hc) Original anthology of 15 horror stories.

Groa’s Other Eye Dennis Schmidt (Orbit 0-7088-3041-2, Jan ’87, £2.50, 295pp, pb) [Twilight of the Gods] Reprint (Ace 1986) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Twilight of the Gods” series. [First U.K. edition]

Twilight of the Gods, Book III: Three Trumps Sounding Dennis Schmidt (Ace 0-441-83287-3, Jan ’88, $3.95, 342pp, pb) [Twilight of the Gods] Nordic fantasy novel.

6 Decades: The Best of Analog ed. Stanley Schmidt (Davis, 1986, free to subscribers, 128pp, pb) Anthology of 6 science fiction stories sent free to new subscribers of Analog.

Creeps: An Alien in our School Tim Schoch (Hippo 0-590-70625-X, Jul ’87 [Aug ’87], £1.50, 150pp, pb) Reprint (Camelot 1985) juvenile sf novel.

The Great Walls of Samaris François Schuiten & Peeters (NBM Publishing 0-918348-36-6, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], $9.95, 48pp, tp) Graphic novel. First English translation of the text (Casterman, France, 1984).

Alongside Night J. Neil Schulman (Avon 0-380-75281-6, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.50, 240pp, pb) Reprint (Crown 1979) libertarian sf novel. Contains an essay by Samuel Edward Konkin III about economic libertarianism, which is new to this edition.

Discovering H.P. Lovecraft ed. Darrell Schweitzer (Starmont House 0-916732-81-9, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $9.95, 153pp, tp) Non-fiction, essays on and by Lovecraft.

The Centaur in the Garden Moacyr Scliar (Ballantine 0-345-35194-0, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.95, 248pp, pb) Reprint (Available Press 1985) magic realism fantasy novel. Originally published in Portugal by Editora Nova Fronteira in 1984.

The Gods of Raquel Moacyr Scliar (Ballantine 0-345-35357-9, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.50, 119pp, pb) Reprint (Available Press 1986) religious fantasy novel. Originally published in Portugal by L&PM Editoes Ltda., 1978.

Blow-Out! Thomas N. Scortia & Frank M. Robinson (Franklin Watts 0-531-15030-5, Apr ’87, $16.95, 393pp, hc) Near-future disaster novel of threats to a New York-to-Chicago tunnel.

Burial Rites Michael Scot (Berkley 0-425-10109-6, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.50, 248pp, pb) Horror novel — archeologists dig up a Thing. Previously published in England as The Ice King (NEL 1986); first American edition. Scot is a pen name for Michael Scott Rohan and Allan J. Scott.

The Ice King Michael Scot (NEL 0-450-40414-5, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], £2.50, 252pp, pb) Reprint (NEL 1986) fantasy/horror novel. This is a pseudonym for Michael Scott Rohan & Allan Scott.

The Empress of Earth Melissa Scott (Baen 0-671-65364-4, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $3.50, 346pp, pb) [Silence Leigh] Sf novel, third in the “Silence Leigh” trilogy.

The Kindly Ones Melissa Scott (Baen 0-671-65351-2, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $3.50, 373pp, pb) Sf novel. Absorbing story of a society with an extremely rigid code of honor. (TM)

The Kindly Ones Melissa Scott (SFBC #11443, Oct ’87 [Nov ’87], $5.98, 342pp, hc) Reprint (Baen 1987) sf novel, first hardcover edition.

The Last of the Fianna Michael Scott (Pied Piper 0-416-95920-2, Apr ’87 [1987], £5.95, 112pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel. [Not seen]

Magician’s Law Michael Scott (Sphere 0-7221-7775-5, May ’87, £3.50, 305pp, tp) [Tales of the Bard] Fantasy Novel. Volume 1 of “Tales of the Bard”.

The Supernatural Short Stories of Sir Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott (Riverrun/Calder 0-7145-4086-2, Oct ’86 [Jan ’87], $8.95, 217pp, tp) Reprint (Calder 1977) collection of ghost stories edited by Michael Hayes. Published in 1986; missed. This is a universal edition, published in England with names of UK, US, and Canadian publishers; distributed in the US by Kampmann.

Antique Fairy Tales Jean L. Scrocco & Judy Mastrangelo (Unicorn 0-88101-070-7, Oct ’87, $16.95, 216pp, hc) Anthology of 19 fairytales from around the world, abundantly illustrated in color by Mastrangelo. These seem to be retold versions by the editor, Scrocco, with no earlier copyrights given.

Golden Days Carolyn See (McGraw-Hill 0-07-056120-6, Oct ’86 [Jan ’87], $15.95, 196pp, hc) Literary novel, partly mainstream but eventually moving into sf and the depiction of nuclear horrors. Published in 1986; missed.

Golden Days Carolyn See (Ballantine Fawcett 0-449-21437-0, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $3.95, 215pp, pb) Reprint (McGraw-Hill 1986) literary sf/fantasy novel.

The Art of Segrelles Vincente Segrelles (NBM Publishing 0-918348-39-0, Jan ’88 [Nov ’87], $13.95, 64pp, tp) 8.5" x 11" book of fantasy art, with comments by the artist.

The Mercenary: The Cult of the Sacred Fire and the Formula Vincente Segrelles (NBM 0-918348-27-7, Oct ’87, $10.95, 96pp, tp) Graphic novel, first in a series. First English language edition (Norma Serveis Grafics, Spain, 1983).

Life Goes on Forever... David Selves (Ansty 0-9511740-0-2, Mar ’87 [1987], £9.95, 545pp, hc) Literary sf novel. [Not seen]

The Sand Witch Steven Senn (Avon Camelot 0-380-75298-0, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.50, 88pp, pb) Juvenile sf short novel with witches and aliens.

Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Reader ed. Carol Serling, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh (Dembner 0-934878-93-5, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $15.95, 326pp, hc) Anthology of 18 stories that were made into Night Gallery tv episodes.

Tomorrow’s Magic Pamela F. Service (Atheneum 0-689-31320-9, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], $14.95, 191pp, hc) [Winter of Magic’s Return] Arthurian post-holocaust fantasy novel, sequel to The Winter of Magic’s Return.

When the Night Wind Howls Pamela F. Service (Atheneum 0-689-31306-3, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $12.95, 153pp, hc) Juvenile ghost story.

The Vampire of Verdonia Miranda Seymour (Knight 0-340-41466-9, Sep ’87 [Nov ’87], £1.95, 100pp, tp) Reprint (Deutsch 1986) juvenile horror novel.

Book of Science Fiction Allen W. Sharp (Cambridge University Press 0-521-34020-9, Sep ’87, £4.95, 352pp, tp) Collection of four sf gamebooks.

Hogar Lord of the Asyr John Rufus Sharpe, III (NAL/Signet 0-451-15112-7, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $2.95, 239pp, pb) Fantasy novel, a first novel. “His kingdom stolen by sorcery, can Hogar fight evil in a dark land?”

Medusa’s Children Bob Shaw (Gollancz 0-575-04096-3, Sep ’87, £2.50, 184pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1977) sf novel.

Night Walk Bob Shaw (Gollancz 0-575-03987-6, May ’87, £2.50, 188pp, pb) Reprint (Banner 1967) sf novel.

The Peace Machine Bob Shaw (Grafton 0-586-06991-7, Jan ’87, £2.50, 187pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1985) sf novel. Slightly revised edition of Ground Zero Man (Avon 1971).

The Ragged Astronauts Bob Shaw (Baen 0-671-65644-9, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $15.95, 310pp, hc) [Land & Overland] Sf novel, first in a trilogy. First U.S. edition (Gollancz 1986). A Hugo nominee.

The Ragged Astronauts Bob Shaw (Orbit 0-7088-8227-7, Aug ’87, £2.95, 310pp, pb) [Land & Overland] Reprint (Gollancz 1986) sf novel. Volume 1 in the “Land of Overland” trilogy.

A Wreath of Stars Bob Shaw (Gollancz 0-575-03980-9, Feb ’87, £2.95, 189pp, tp) Reprint (Gollancz 1976) sf novel. Volume 10 of the Gollancz Classic sf series.

A Wreath of Stars Bob Shaw (Baen 0-671-65365-2, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $2.95, 220pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1976) sf novel.

Fat Face Michael Shea (Axolotl Press 0-939879-13-1, May ’87, $30.00, 36pp, hc) A Chthulhu Mythos horror novelette, with an introduction by Karl Edward Wagner. Limited edition of 300, signed by Shea and Wagner. There are also 50 leatherbound copies, for $65.00.

Fat Face Michael Shea (Axolotl Press 0-939879-14-X, May ’87, $6.00, 36pp, ph) Trade paperback edition of the above. Limited to 500 copies, also signed.

In Yana, the Touch of Undying Michael Shea (Grafton 0-586-07145-8, Aug ’87, £3.50, 332pp, pb) Reprint (DAW 1985) fantasy novel. [First U.K. edition]

Polyphemus Michael Shea (Arkham House 0-87054-155-2, Nov ’87, $16.95, 245pp, hc) Collection of 7 stories plus an introduction by Algis Budrys. Recommended. (FCM)

The 10th Victim Robert Sheckley (NAL/Signet 0-451-14969-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 158pp, pb) [Hunt] Reprint (Ballantine 1966) sf novel, first in the “Victim” series and basis of the movie The Seventh Victim.

Hunter/Victim Robert Sheckley (NAL/Signet 0-451-15142-9, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.50, 269pp, pb) [Hunt] Sf novel, sequel to The 10th Victim and Victim Prime.

Journey Beyond Tomorrow Robert Sheckley (Gollancz 0-575-04122-6, Aug ’87, £3.50, 189pp, tp) Reprint (Signet 1962) sf novel. Volume 15 in the Gollancz Classic SF series.

The Tenth Victim Robert Sheckley (Methuen 0-413-16560-4, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], £2.50, 118pp, pb) [Hunt] Reprint (Ballantine 1966) sf novel. Volume 1 in the “Hunt” series.

Victim Prime Robert Sheckley (Methuen 0-413-41790-5, Jan ’87, £9.95, 203pp, hc) [Hunt] Sf novel, an indirect (and very minor) sequel to The Seventh Victim (FCM).

Victim Prime Robert Sheckley (NAL/Signet 0-451-14864-9, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $3.50, 221pp, pb) [Hunt] Sf novel, sequel to The 10th Victim. First U.S. edition (Methuen 1987).

Victim Prime Robert Sheckley (Methuen 0-413-41800-6, Jul ’87, £2.50, 203pp, pb) [Hunt] Reprint (Methuen 1987) sf novel. Volume 2 in the “Hunt” series.

Between the Strokes of Night Charles Sheffield (Headline 0-7472-3077-3, Dec ’87, £2.95, 346pp, pb) Reprint (Baen 1985) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

The McAndrew Chronicles Charles Sheffield (Tor 0-812-55429-9, Jan ’88, $3.50, 243pp, pb) [McAndrew] Reissue (Tor 1983) sf novel; 2nd printing.

Common Body, Royal Bones Evelyn Shefner (Coffee House Press 0-918273-33-1, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $9.95, 119pp, tp) Collection of 3 literary stories, one about a woman who transmits her thoughts and another about a 7-foot-tall princess from a mythical European country.

Frankenstein Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Running Press 0-89471-520-8, Dec ’87, £3.95, 170pp, tp) [Frankenstein] Reprint (Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones 1818) horror novel. [Not seen]

Dracula Book of Great Vampire Stories ed. Leslie A. Shepard (Citadel Press 0-8065-0704-7, May ’87 [Jun ’87], £6.95, 270pp, tp) Reissue (Citadel 1977) horror anthology. [First U.K. edition, not seen]

Green Eyes Lucius Shepard (Grafton 0-586-07104-0, Jun ’87, £3.50, 332pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1984) sf/occult novel.

The Jaguar Hunter Lucius Shepard (Arkham House 0-87054-154-4, May ’87 [Mar ’87], $21.95, 404pp, hc) Collection of 11 stories by the best of the new writers. Most of these were awards nominees. Highly recommended. (CNB)

Life During Wartime Lucius Shepard (Bantam 0-553-34381-5, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $7.95, 438pp, tp) Sf novel based on Shepard’s stories of near-future war in Guatamala, including the Nebula-winning “R&R”.

Skraelings Carl Sherrell (Ace/New Infinities 0-441-76891-1, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $2.95, pb) [Raver] Viking fantasy novel. Probably a sequel to Raver (1977).

Liavek: Wizard’s Row ed. Will Shetterly & Emma Bull (Ace 0-441-48190-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.95, 212pp, pb) [Liavek] Shared-world original anthology, third in the series. 8 stories, plus appendices of songs and background material.

Worlds with Women: Myth and Mythmaking in Fantastic Literature by Women Thelma J. Shinn (Greenwood 0-313-25101-0, Jan ’87, £27.00, 240pp, hc) Reprint (Greenwood 1986) critical study of sf written by women. [First U.K. edition]

Eclipse John Shirley (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20506-7, Nov ’87, $3.50, 310pp, pb) [Song Called Youth] Reprint (Bluejay 1985) sf novel, first in trilogy “A Song Called Youth.” A post-holocaust “apolyptic, pop-inflected, rock-driven vision!” (or so it says on the cover, which also dubs this “The Ultimate Cyberpunk Saga”).

Byzantium’s Crown Susan M. Shwartz (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20356-0, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.50, 272pp, pb) [Heirs to Byzantium] Fantasy novel set in an alternate Byzantium where magic works.

Byzantium’s Crown Susan M. Shwartz (Pan 0-330-29789-9, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], £2.95, 254pp, pb) [Heirs to Byzantium] Reprint (Questar 1987) alternate history novel. Volume 1 in the “Heirs to Byzantium” series. [First U.K. edition]

The Woman of Flowers Susan M. Shwartz (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20358-7, Nov ’87, $3.50, 308pp, pb) [Heirs to Byzantium] Alternate world historical fantasy novel, where Antony and Cleopatra conquered Rome; “Heirs to Byzantium”, Book 2.

The Woman of Flowers Susan M. Shwartz (Pan 0-330-30065-2, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], £2.95, 294pp, pb) [Heirs to Byzantium] Sf novel. Simultaneous with US (Questar) edition. Volume 2 in the “Heirs to Byzantium” series.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & the Making of the Classic Film Brian Sibley (Simon & Schuster 0-671-64439-4, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $14.95, 88pp, hc) Non-fiction, film history with photos and illustrations.

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