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Firebrats #1: The Burning Land Barbara & Scott Siegel (Pocket Archway 0-671-55007-1, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $2.50, 152pp, pb) [Firebrats] First in a young-adult post-holocaust sf adventure series(!) A high school jock and an aspiring teenage actress survive WWIII.

Firebrats #2: Survivors Barbara & Scott Siegel (Pocket Archway 0-671-55733-5, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $2.50, 150pp, pb) [Firebrats] Young-adult post-holocaust adventure novel.

Firebrats #3: Thunder Mountain Barbara & Scott Siegel (Pocket Archway 0-671-55794-7, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $2.50, 146pp, pb) [Firebrats] Latest in a juvenile post-holocaust adventure series.

C.A.D.S. # 4: Tech Strike Force [by Ryder Syvertsen] John Sievert (Zebra 0-8217-1993-9, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $2.95, 270pp, pb) [C.A.D.S.] Fourth novel in the sf post-holocaust adventure series.

Beyond the Safe Zone Robert Silverberg (Warner 0-446-30174-4, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $3.95, 565pp, pb) Reprint (Donald I. Fine 1986) collection. These stories, written 1968 to 1974, are most of Silverberg’s best. Highly recommended. (CNB)

The Book of Skulls Robert Silverberg (NEL 0-450-42161-9, Aug ’87, £2.50, 222pp, pb) Reissue (Scribner’s 1971) sf novel.

Capricorn Games Robert Silverberg (Pan 0-330-25631-9, Apr ’87 [May ’87], £2.50, 191pp, pb) Reissue (Random House 1976) sf collection.

The Feast of Saint Dionysus Robert Silverberg (NEL 0-450-42160-0, Aug ’87, £2.95, 255pp, pb) Reprint (Scribner’s 1975) sf collection.

Invaders from Earth Robert Silverberg (Tor 0-812-55464-7, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $2.95, 190pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1958) sf novel.

The Man in the Maze Robert Silverberg (Avon 0-380-00198-5, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 192pp, pb) Reissue (Avon 1969) sf novel; 5th printing.

The Masks of Time Robert Silverberg (Gollancz 0-575-03990-6, May ’87, £2.95, 252pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 1968) sf novel.

Nightwings Robert Silverberg (Avon 0-380-41467-8, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $3.50, 190pp, pb) [Watcher] Reissue (Avon 1969) sf novel. The first section of this book won a Hugo. Contains some of Silverberg’s best writing. Recommended. (CNB)

Nightwings Robert Silverberg (Futura 0-7088-8235-8, Jul ’87, £2.50, 192pp, pb) [Watcher] Reprint (Avon 1969) sf novel.

Project Pendulum Robert Silverberg (Walker 0-8027-6712-5, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], $15.95, 200pp, hc) Young-adult sf novel with illustrations by Moebius.

The Second Trip Robert Silverberg (Avon 0-380-54874-7, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $3.50, 192pp, pb) Reissue (SFBC 1972) sf novel.

Son of Man Robert Silverberg (Warner 0-446-34511-3, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $3.95, 213pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 1971) sf novel.

Star of Gypsies Robert Silverberg (SFBC #10579, Feb ’87, $5.98, 378pp, hc) Reprint (Fine 1986) sf novel.

Star of Gypsies Robert Silverberg (Gollancz 0-575-04014-9, Mar ’87 [Aug ’87], £11.95, 397pp, hc) Reprint (Fine 1986) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

The Stochastic Man Robert Silverberg (Warner 0-446-34507-5, Jul ’87, $3.95, 240pp, pb) Reprint (Harper & Row 1975) sf novel.

Thorns Robert Silverberg (Orbit 0-7088-8238-2, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], £2.50, 158pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 1967) sf novel. This is arguably Silverberg’s best novel. Strongly recommended.

Those Who Watch Robert Silverberg (NAL/Signet 0-451-15019-8, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $2.95, 143pp, pb) Reissue (NAL 1967) sf novel.

To Live Again Robert Silverberg (Gollancz 0-575-03989-2, Jul ’87, £2.95, 231pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1969) sf novel.

Tom O’Bedlam Robert Silverberg (Orbit 0-7088-3372-1, May ’87, £2.95, 320pp, pb) Reprint (Fine 1985) sf novel.

Tower of Glass Robert Silverberg (Warner 0-446-34509-1, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $3.95, 184pp, pb) Reprint (Scribner’s 1970) sf novel.

Tower of Glass Robert Silverberg (Orbit 0-7088-8243-9, Oct ’87, £2.50, 206pp, pb) Reprint (Scribner’s 1970) sf novel.

Up the Line Robert Silverberg (Gollancz 0-575-04038-6, Dec ’87, £2.95, 250pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 1969) sf novel.

Robert Silverberg’s Worlds of Wonder ed. Robert Silverberg (Warner 0-446-51369-5, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $17.95, 352pp, hc) Anthology of 13 stories. Introduction and biographical essay by Silverberg.

Great Science Fiction of the 20th Century ed. Robert Silverberg & Martin H. Greenberg (Crown/Avenel 0-517-64124-0, 1987 [Nov ’87], $8.98, 726pp, hc) Anthology. This is an “instant remainder” of The Arbor House Treasury of Modern Science Fiction, omitting one story, “The Marching Morons” by C.M. Kornbluth.

Brother and Other Stories Clifford D. Simak (Severn House 0-7278-1417-6, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], £8.95, 165pp, hc) A new collection of Simak’s short stories, edited by Francis Lyall. This has a 1986 copyright date, but has only just appeared.

Cemetery World Clifford D. Simak (Methuen 0-413-41990-8, Mar ’87, £2.50, 191pp, pb) Reissue (Putnam 1973) sf novel.

The Fellowship of the Talisman Clifford D. Simak (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-33957-6, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $3.50, 314pp, pb) Reissue (Del Rey 1978) fantasy novel; 5th printing.

The Goblin Reservation Clifford D. Simak (Methuen 0-413-14530-1, Mar ’87, £2.50, 190pp, pb) Reprint (Putnam 1968) sf novel.

Highway to Eternity Clifford D. Simak (Severn House 0-7278-1498-2, Aug ’87 [Dec ’87], £9.95, 289pp, hc) Reprint (Del Rey 1986, as Highway of Eternity) sf novel. Listed as Highway of Eternity on title page only. [First U.K. edition]

The Marathon Photograph Clifford D. Simak (Methuen 0-413-59060-7, Jun ’87, £2.50, 171pp, pb) Reprint (Severn House 1986) sf collection.

Out of Their Minds Clifford D. Simak (Methuen 0-413-15320-7, Sep ’87, £2.50, 175pp, pb) Reprint (Putnam 1970) sf novel.

Song of Kali Dan Simmons (Headline 0-7472-3044-7, Aug ’87, £2.95, 311pp, pb) Reprint (Bluejay 1985) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Song of Kali Dan Simmons (Headline 0-7472-0033-5, Sep ’87, £9.95, 320pp, hc) Reprint (Bluejay 1985) horror novel. [Not seen]

Beloved Captain Jo Simon (Avon 0-380-89771-7, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.95, 320pp, pb) Time travel fantasy romance novel set in Nantucket.

Ghost Host Marilyn Singer (Harper & Row 0-06-025623-0, Aug ’87, $11.95, 182pp, hc) Juvenile ghost story, with a teenage football player and a poltergeist.

The Clean-up John M. Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam UK 0-553-17381-2, Aug ’87, £2.95, 379pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam 1987) humorous horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

The Cleanup John M. Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam 0-553-26056-1, Mar ’87, $3.95, 379pp, pb) Horror novel.

Roderick John Sladek (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-325-3, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $3.95, 347pp, pb) [Roderick] Satiric sf novel. First complete American edition (Granada 1980). The first half has appeared in the U.S. as Roderick (Pocket Timescape 1982), but the second half appears here for the first time. This hilarious novel of a robot growing up is highly recom-mended. (CNB)

Fingers William Sleator (Bantam Starfire 0-553-25004-3, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $2.50, 197pp, pb) Reissue (Atheneum 1983) young-adult humorous supernatural novel; 2nd Bantam printing.

Interstellar Pig William Sleator (Hodder & Stoughton 0-340-39787-X, Jan ’87 [Jun ’87], £6.95, 197pp, hc) [Barney] Reprint (Dutton 1984) juvenile sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

A Door Into Ocean Joan Slonczewski (Avon 0-380-70150-2, Feb ’87, $3.95, 406pp, pb) [Door Into Ocean] Reprint (Arbor House 1986) anthropological sf novel set on a watery world of women who share everything.

A Door Into Ocean Joan Slonczewski (The Women’s Press 0-7043-4069-0, May ’87, £4.95, 403pp, tp) [Door Into Ocean] Reprint (Arbor House 1986) sf novel.

My Robot Buddy Alfred Slote (Harper & Row/Trophy 0-06-440165-0, May ’86 [Jan ’87], $2.50, 70pp, tp) [Robot Buddy] Reissue (Lippincott 1975) juvenile sf novella. Published in 1986; missed.

My Trip to Alpha 1 Alfred Slote (Harper & Row/Trophy 0-06-440166-9, May ’86 [Jan ’87], $2.50, 96pp, tp) Reprint (Lippincott 1978) juvenile sf novella. Published in 1986; missed.

Aliens: The Anthropology of Science Fiction ed. George E. Slusser & Eric S. Rabkin (Southern Illinois University Press 0-8093-1375-8, Nov ’87 [Dec ’87], $27.50, 243pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical studies; essays on aliens in sf. These essays are from the 1986 J. Lloyd Eaton conference.

Intersections: Fantasy and Science Fiction ed. George E. Slusser & Eric S. Rabkin (Southern Illinois University Press 0-8093-1374-X, Oct ’87, $29.95, 252pp, hc) Non-fiction, 17 essays on fantasy and science fiction from the seventh annual J. Lloyd Eaton Conference. These tend to grapple with the differences and similarities between sf and fantasy. Nobody agrees, but there’s lots of food for thought. Recommended. (CNB)

Storm Warnings: Science Fiction Confronts the Future ed. George E. Slusser, Eric S. Rabkin & Colin Greenland (Southern Illinois University Press 0-8093-1376-6, Apr ’87, $26.95, xi + 278pp, hc) Non-fiction, 17 essays written for the sixth Eaton Conference on Fantasy and Science Fiction, held in 1984. The most interesting section is about 1984 the novel. (CNB)

Labyrinth A. C. H. Smith (P. Maitland 0-03-062436-3, Oct ’87 [1987], £3.25, 186pp, hc) Reprint (Holt 1986) juvenile fantasy novel. [Not seen]

Quest of the Three Worlds Cordwainer Smith (Gollancz 0-575-04125-0, Dec ’87, £2.50, 184pp, pb) [Instrumentality of Mankind; Casher O’Neill] Reprint (Ace 1966) sf collection. [First U.K. edition]

H.G. Wells, Desperately Mortal David C. Smith (Yale 0-300-03672-8, Sep ’86, $29.95, 634pp, hc) Non-fiction, biography by “a believer in the possibility of a Wellsian future.” Published in 1986 but missed. This is a fascinating story of Wells’ life and loves. Wells the fiction writer gets little notice. (CNB) [H. G. Wells]

Children of the Lens E. E. “Doc” Smith (Berkley 0-425-10034-0, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.95, 255pp, pb) [Lensmen] Reissue (Fantasy Press 1954) sf novel, “Lensman” #6. The finale of the most famous space opera series of all time. 3rd Berkley printing.

Gray Lensman E. E. “Doc” Smith (Berkley 0-425-09664-5, Feb ’87 [Jan ’87], $2.95, 253pp, pb) [Lensmen] Reissue (Fantasy Press 1951) sf novel, #4 in the “Lensman” series; 3rd Berkley printing.

The Imperial Stars E. E. “Doc” Smith (Grafton 0-586-04334-9, Feb ’87 [Jul ’87], £1.95, 155pp, pb) [Family d’Alembert] Reissue (Pyramid 1976) sf novel. Volume 1 in the “Family D’Alembert” series.

Second Stage Lensman E. E. “Doc” Smith (Berkley 0-425-09787-0, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $2.95, 271pp, pb) [Lensmen] Reissue (Fantasy Press 1953) sf novel, Book 5 of the most famous space opera series.

The Devil in the Dooryard Gregory Blake Smith (Ballantine 0-345-34706-4, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], $4.95, 308pp, pb) Reprint (Morrow 1980) fantasy novel, a comic ghost story.

Starquest, Vol.2: Operation Master Planet Gregory J. Smith (Bethany House 0-87123-673-7, Oct ’86 [Jan ’87], $4.95, 189pp, tp) [Starquest] Sf novel, second in a Christian-oriented series. Issued in 1986 but not seen until now.

Alligators Guy N. Smith (Arrow 0-09-950150-3, Mar ’87, £2.25, 176pp, pb) Horror novel.

Bats Out of Hell Guy N. Smith (NEL 0-450-03873-4, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], £1.95, 157pp, pb) Reissue (NEL 1978) horror novel.

Bloodshow Guy N. Smith (Arrow 0-09-952270-5, Jul ’87, £2.50, 207pp, pb) Horror novel.

Death Bell Guy N. Smith (Arrow 0-09-938230-X, Jul ’87, £2.25, 200pp, pb) [Death Bell] Reissue (Hamlyn 1980) horror novel.

Demons Guy N. Smith (Arrow 0-09-948470-6, Nov ’87, £2.50, 184pp, pb) [Death Bell] Horror novel. Sequel to Death Bell.

Entombed Guy N. Smith (Dell 0-440-12280-5, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $3.50, 189pp, pb) Horror novel. First U.S. edition (Arrow 1982).

Locusts Guy N. Smith (Arrow 0-09-950300-X, Sep ’87, £2.50, 230pp, pb) Reprint (Hamlyn 1979) horror novel.

The Plague Guy N. Smith (NEL 0-450-41686-0, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], £1.95, 160pp, pb) Horror novel. Sequel to Thirst.

The Wood Guy N. Smith (Dell 0-440-19753-8, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $3.50, 191pp, pb) Horror novel. First U.S. edition (NEL 1985).

The Night of the Solstice L. J. Smith (Macmillan 0-02-785840-5, Oct ’87, $14.95, 231pp, hc) [Night of the Solstice] Young-adult fantasy novel of magic and an evil sorcerer trying to gain entrance to our world. A first novel.

Nightwing Martin Cruz Smith (Hill & Co. 0-940595-05-2, May ’87, $9.95, 224pp, tp) Reprint (Norton 1977) thriller/horror novel with an American Indian mythology background.

The Boy Who Was Thrown Away Stephanie Smith (Atheneum 0-689-31343-8, Sep ’87 [Oct ’87], $14.95, 250pp, hc) [Snow-Eyes] Young-adult fantasy novel, a sequel to Snow Eyes.

Samantha Slade #2: Confessions of a Teenage Frog Susan Smith (Pocket Archway 0-671-63714-2, Oct ’87, $2.50, 133pp, pb) [Samantha Slade] Juvenile fantasy novel.

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