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Samantha Slade #3: Our Friend, Public Nuisance No. 1 Susan Smith (Pocket Archway 0-671-63715-0, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $2.50, 144pp, pb) [Samantha Slade] Juvenile fantasy novel, third in a series about the sitter for an “Addams Family"-like family. Includes magic, pet dinosaurs, etc.

Samantha Slade, Monster-Sitter Susan Smith (Pocket Archway 0-671-63713-4, Oct ’87, $2.50, 130pp, pb) [Samantha Slade] Juvenile fantasy novel, first in a series.

Yours Truly, from Hell Terrence Lore Smith (St. Martin’s 0-312-89828-2, Jul ’87, $17.95, 336pp, hc) Horror novel of a psychic and his visions of Jack the Ripper.

Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects Thomas G. Smith (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-32263-0, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $55.00, 279pp, hc) Reissue (Del Rey 1986) non-fiction/art book. 2nd printing.

Circuit Breaker Melinda M. Snodgrass (Berkley 0-425-09776-5, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 263pp, pb) [Circuit] Sf novel, sequel to Circuit.

A Very Large Array ed. Melinda M. Snodgrass (University of New Mexico Press 0-8263-1013-3, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $16.95, 264pp, hc) Anthology of 12 sf stories (3 originals) by writers living in New Mexico.

Soulstring Midori Snyder (Ace 0-441-77591-8, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $2.95, 182pp, pb) Fantasy novel. A first novel.

Screening Space: The American Science Fiction Film Vivian Sobchack (Ungar 0-8044-6886-9, Jan ’87, $14.95, 345pp, tp) Non-fiction; film reference/critical study. This is partially a reprint of The Limits of Infinity: The American Science Fiction Film 1950-1975 (1980), with a new chapter added to bring it up to date. It’s an academic/philosophical look at sf films.

The Amazing Power of Ashur Fine Donald J. Sobol (Macmillan 0-02-786270-4, Nov ’86 [Jan ’87], $10.95, 114pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel of a boy endowed with extraordinary powers by an ancient African elephant. Published in 1986, but missed.

The Vampire Takes a Trip Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (Pocket 0-671-64822-5, Oct ’87, $2.50, 155pp, pb) [Little Vampire] Reprint (Dial 1984) juvenile fantasy novel. Originally published in German (Rowoht Taschenbuch Verlag 1982).

Time and Again Beverly Sommers (Worldwide Library 0-373-97042-0, Aug ’87, $3.95, 253pp, pb) Yet another time travel romance. A modern woman finds herself in 1906 San Francisco.

The Aquiliad: Aquila in the New World S. P. Somtow (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-33867-7, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.50, 247pp, pb) [Aquila] Reprint (Timescape 1983) alternate-world novel with the whole world ruled by a more modern Rome.

Forgetting Places S. P. Somtow (Tor 0-312-93030-5, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $14.95, 216pp, hc) Non-sf, associational. A straight novel by a well-known sf writer (Somtow Sucharitkul).

The Shattered Horse S. P. Somtow (Tor 0-812-55515-5, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $3.95, 464pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1986) fantasy novel about the Trojan War.

The Ghost Story Treasury ed. Linda Sonntag (Putnam 0-399-21477-1, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $12.95, 93pp, hc) Anthology of 15 ghost stories. First U.S. edition (Kingfisher 1987).

Mythical and Fabulous Creatures: A Sourcebook and Research Guide ed. Malcolm South (Greenwood 0-313-24338-7, Mar ’87 [Apr ’87], $49.95, 393pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference book. Of particular interest to would-be fantasy trilogists.

Mary Shelley: A Biography Muriel Spark (Dutton/William Abrahms 0-525-24535-9, Jul ’87 [Aug ’87], $18.95, 248pp, hc) Non-fiction, biography; this may be an expansion of an earlier work.

The Stories of Muriel Spark Muriel Spark (The Bodley Head 0-370-31020-9, Apr ’87 [Oct ’87], £12.95, 314pp, hc) Collection of short stories, some with a supernatural element.

Ghosts Who Went to School Judith Spearing (Hippo 0-590-40452-0, Aug ’87, £1.95, 139pp, pb) Reprint (Atheneum 1966) juvenile ghost novel. [First U.K. edition]

Charles Williams Kathleen Spencer (Starmont House 0-916732-79-7, Jan ’87, $7.95, 104pp, tp) Nonfiction, critical study. [Charles Williams]

Little Heroes Norman Spinrad (Bantam Spectra 0-553-05207-1, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $18.95, 486pp, hc) Sf novel of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

Merlin’s Daughters: Contemporary Women Writers of Fantasy Charlotte Spivack (Greenwood 0-313-24194-5, Jan ’87 [Mar ’87], $29.95, 185pp, hc) Nonfiction, critical study of 10 women fantasy writers.

Chains of Gold Nancy Springer (Macdonald 0-356-14801-7, Aug ’87, £10.95, 230pp, hc) Reprint (Arbor House 1986) fantasy novel. [First U.K. edition]

Chance & Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate Nancy Springer (Baen 0-671-65337-7, Sep ’87, $3.50, 240pp, pb) Collection of 8 stories and three poems; the second half of the title work is a new continuation. Grim, effective fantasy and horror (FCM).

A Horse to Love Nancy Springer (Harper & Row 0-06-025824-1, 1987 [Feb ’87], $11.50, 181pp, hc) Non-sf/fantasy, associational; juvenile novel by an sf author.

Madbond Nancy Springer (Tor 0-812-55486-8, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.95, 214pp, pb) [Sea King] Fantasy novel, Book I in the “Sea King” trilogy.

Mindbond Nancy Springer (Tor 0-812-55492-2, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $2.95, 243pp, pb) [Sea King] Fantasy novel, Vol. II of “The Sea King Trilogy”.

Halberd: Dream Warrior Lloyd St. Alcorn (NAL/Signet 0-451-15016-3, Oct ’87 [Sep ’87], $2.95, 253pp, pb) [Dream Quest] Fantasy novel of a Viking warrior/shaman, first in the “Dreamquest” series. The author’s real name, according to the copyright page, is David N. Meyer II. Why a pseudonym?

The Devil Rocked Her Cradle David St. Clair (Corgi 0-552-12705-1, Sep ’87, £2.95, 362pp, pb) Horror novel about a possessed child.

Mine to Kill David St. Clair (Critic’s Choice 1-55547-165-X, Apr ’87, $3.95, 351pp, pb) Reprint (Pinnacle 1985) occult horror novel based on a 19th century case of spiritual possession.

Haunted Judith St. George (Methuen 0-416-02452-1, Apr ’87, £7.95, 160pp, hc) Juvenile supernatural novel. [Not seen]

Haunted Judith St. George (Teens 0-416-06232-6, Oct ’87, £1.95, 158pp, pb) Reprint (Methuen 1987) juvenile ghost novel.

Who’s Scared? Not Me! Judith St. George (Putnam 0-399-21481-X, Oct ’87, $13.95, 174pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy time travel ghost story novel.

Doomsday Warrior # 4: Bloody America Ryder Stacy (Futura 0-7088-3234-2, Mar ’87, £2.50, 271pp, pb) [Doomsday Warrior] Reprint (Zebra 1985) post-holocaust adventure novel. [First U.K. edition]

Doomsday Warrior # 5: America’s Last Declaration Ryder Stacy (Futura 0-7088-3565-1, Oct ’87, £2.50, 256pp, pb) [Doomsday Warrior] Reprint (Zebra 1985) post-holocaust adventure. [First U.K. edition]

Doomsday Warrior #10: American Nightmare Ryder Stacy (Zebra 0-8217-2021-X, Mar ’87, $2.50, 256pp, pb) [Doomsday Warrior] Post-holocaust sf adventure novel.

Doomsday Warrior #11: American Eden Ryder Stacy (Zebra 0-8217-2098-8, May ’87, $2.50, 268pp, pb) [Doomsday Warrior] Post-holocaust sf novel.

Doomsday Warrior #12: Death, American Style Ryder Stacy (Zebra 0-8217-2211-5, Nov ’87 [Oct ’87], $2.50, 272pp, pb) [Doomsday Warrior] Post-holocaust sf adventure novel.

Wild Card Run Sara Stamey (Berkley 0-425-09705-6, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $2.95, 232pp, pb) [Wild Card Run] Science fiction novel, a first novel.

More Tales for the Midnight Hour J. B. Stamper (Scholastic Apple 0-590-41184-5, Oct ’87, $2.50, 117pp, pb) Original collection of 13 juvenile horror stories.

The Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z Lesley Standring (Target 0-426-20299-6, Mar ’87, £3.50, 121pp, tp) [Doctor Who] Reprint (W.H. Allen 1985) associational book about Doctor Who.

Last and First Men Olaf Stapledon (Penguin 0-14-008088-0, Mar ’87, £3.95, 327pp, tp) Reissue (Methuen 1930) philosophical sf novel. In the Penguin sf Classics series.

Star Maker Olaf Stapledon (St. Martin’s/Jeremy P. Tarcher 0-87477-435-7, Apr ’87, $8.95, 272pp, tp) Reprint (Methuen 1937) classic sf novel, with a new foreword by Brian Aldiss. This contains “the original, unpublished Star Maker glossary.” This is the “50th anniversary edition” of a cross between a novel and a philosophical exploration of the future. It retains all its awesome power and has not dated at all. (CNB)

Her Majesty’s Wizard Christopher Stasheff (SFBC #10906, Jun ’87, $5.98, 343pp, hc) [Wizard in Rhyme] Reprint (Del Rey 1986) fantasy novel; first hc edition.

The Warlock Heretical Christopher Stasheff (Ace 0-441-87286-7, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $2.95, 233pp, pb) [Warlock] Quasi-science fiction novel, part of the seemingly endless “Warlock” series. Stasheff’s interest in the role of religion in a medieval society manifests in this tale of an ambitious abbot opposing the rulers of the planet Gramarye. Once again, Rod Gallowglass steps in to promote democracy, but exposition outweighs both puns and action. (CFC)

Down on the Farm John Stchur (St. Martin’s 0-312-01021-4, Dec ’87 [Nov ’87], $15.95, 216pp, hc) Horror novel.

Armor John Steakley (DAW 0-87997-979-8, Jul ’87 [Jun ’87], $3.95, 426pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1984) military sf novel; 5th printing.

The First of the Penguins Mary Q. Steele (NAL/Signet 0-451-14792-8, Sep ’87 [Nov ’87], $2.50, 158pp, pb) Reprint (Greenwillow 1973) young-adult fantasy time travel novel.

Eileen Goudge’s Swept Away #7: Pirate Moon Merrilee Steiner (Avon Flare 0-380-75134-8, Aug ’87 [Jul ’87], $2.50, 168pp, pb) Juvenile time travel romance novel. A computer sends Ramona back to pirate times to meet the perfect boy.

The Man Who Killed His Brother Reed Stephens (Fontana 0-00-616355-6, Jun ’87 [Dec ’87], £2.50, 192pp, pb) [Mick “Brew” Axbrewder] Reissue (Ballantine 1981) detective novel of associational interest. This is a pseudonym for Stephen R. Donaldson.

Man Who Risked His Partner Reed Stephens (Fontana 0-00-617492-2, Jun ’87 [Dec ’87], £2.95, 283pp, pb) [Mick “Brew” Axbrewder] Reissue (Ballantine 1984) detective novel of associational interest - the author is a pseudonym of Stephen R. Donaldson.

The Artificial Kid Bruce Sterling (Ace 0-441-03095-5, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $2.95, 233pp, pb) Reprint (Harper & Row 1980) sf novel.

Too Much Magic Betsy & Samuel Sterman (Lippincott 0-397-32186-4, Apr ’87 [Mar ’87], $11.95, 154pp, hc) Juvenile science fiction novel (with magic).

Forest of the Night Marti Steussy (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-33815-4, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.95, 265pp, pb) [Forest of the Night] Sf novel of alien, possibly sentient, tigers. This may be a first novel.

The Case of the Visiting Vampire Drew Stevenson (Dodd Mead 0-396-08856-2, Nov ’86 [Jan ’87], $10.95, 124pp, hc) Associational; juvenile humorous “horror” novel, latest in the “Raymond Almond” series. The “vampire” turns out to be non-supernatural. Published in 1986; missed.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson (Star 0-352-32054-0, Apr ’87, £1.95, 192pp, pb) Reprint (George Munro 1886) horror collection. Identical to Target (1986) edition.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson (NAL/Signet Classic 0-451-52138-2, Oct ’87, $2.25, 124pp, pb) Reprint (Longmans 1886) classic horror novel, with the 1980 introduction by Vladimir Nabokov.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Weir of Herminston Robert Louis Stevenson (The World’s Classics 0-19-281740-X, Apr ’87, £2.95, 229pp, pb) Reprint omnibus of classic horror novel (Longmans, Green 1886) and historical novel (Cassell 1896).

The Nightmare Candidate Ramona Stewart (Arlington 0-85140-707-2, Sep ’87, £9.95, 224pp, hc) Reprint (Delacorte 1980) thriller with an element of the supernatural. [Not seen]

David’s Sling Marc Stiegler (Baen 0-671-65369-5, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], $3.50, 346pp, pb) Near-future high-tech political sf novel.

Spaceballs: The Book Jovian Bob Stine (Scholastic Point 0-590-41226-4, Jun ’87 [May ’87], $2.50, 122pp, pb) Novelization of Mel Brooks’ parody sf movie, based on a screenplay by Brooks, Thomas Meehan, and Ronny Graham. No stills are included.

Spaceballs: The Book Jovian Bob Stine (Hippo 0-590-70841-4, Oct ’87, £1.50, 122pp, pb) Reprint (Scholastic 1987) juvenile sf novel. Based on the screenplay by Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan and Ronny Graham. [First U.K. edition]

Death Tolls John E. Stith (Ace 0-441-14214-1, Sep ’87, $2.95, 230pp, pb) Sf/murder mystery novel.

Dracula Bram Stoker (Armada 0-00-692673-8, Jan ’87, £1.75, 125pp, pb) [Dracula] Classic (Constable 1897) horror novel, abridged by Doris Dickens. [Dora Dickens]

Dracula Bram Stoker (Longman 0-582-52282-X, Jun ’87, £1.25, 80pp, pb) [Dracula] Reprint (Constable 1897) classic horror novel. Abridged by J. Turvey. [Not seen]

Last Fall Bruce Stolbov (Doubleday 0-385-23028-1, May ’87 [Apr ’87], $12.95, 175pp, hc) Anthropological sf novel.

The Raging Tim Stout (Grafton 0-586-06854-6, Feb ’87, £2.50, 256pp, pb) Horror novel. A first novel.

When the Dolls Woke Marjorie Filley Stover (Scholastic Apple 0-590-40419-9, Dec ’87, $2.50, 250pp, pb) Reprint (Albert Whitman & Co. 1985) juvenile fantasy novel about dolls coming to life.

The Prophetic Soul: A Reading of H.G. Wells’ Things to Come Professor Leon Stover (McFarland 0-89950-289-X, Dec ’87, $39.95, 301pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical study of the film Things to Come, including the film treatment by Wells and the complete production script. [H. G. Wells]

Robert A. Heinlein Professor Leon Stover (G.K. Hall/Twayne 0-8057-7509-9, Dec ’87, $17.95, 147pp, hc) Non-fiction, very sympathetic essay on Heinlein and his work. [Robert A. Heinlein]

Visitants Randolph Stow (Taplinger 0-8008-8017-X, Mar ’87 [Jan ’87], $7.95, 189pp, tp) Reprint (Australia 1979) literary novel set in Australia, with elements of sf.

The Mall from Outer Space Todd Strasser (Scholastic Apple 0-590-40319-2, Oct ’87, $2.50, 116pp, pb) Juvenile sf novel about the takeover of shopping malls on Earth.

Full Circle Peter Straub (Corgi 0-552-10471-X, Jan ’87, £2.50, 254pp, pb) Reissue (US 1975 as Julia) horror novel.

Worldstone Victoria Strauss (NAL/Signet 0-451-14756-1, Mar ’87 [Feb ’87], $3.50, 301pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan/Four Winds 1985) young-adult fantasy novel of parallel worlds.

Black Magic Whitley Strieber (Severn House 0-7278-1460-5, Aug ’87, £9.95, 304pp, hc) Reprint (Morrow 1982) horror novel. [First U.K. edition, not seen]

Cat Magic Whitley Strieber (Tor 0-812-51550-1, Jul ’87, $4.95, 441pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1986) horror novel. This was originally published as by Jonathan Barry and Whitley Strieber.

Cat Magic Whitley Strieber (Grafton 0-246-13211-6, Sep ’87 [Aug ’87], £10.95, 414pp, hc) Reprint (Tor 1986) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Nature’s End Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka (SFBC #06472, Oct ’86, $4.98, 404pp, hc) Reprint (Warner 1986) near-future sf novel. This appeared in 1986 but wasn’t seen until 1987.

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