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The Secret Life of Houses Scott Bradfield (Unwin Hyman 0-04-440241-4, Nov ’88 [Dec ’88], £11.95, 166pp, hc) Collection.

The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-268-0, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $3.95, 397pp, pb) Reprint (Academy Chicago 1985) collection of 15 stories, edited by Martin H. Greenberg. Omits story “The Jewel of Arwen”.

The Catch Trap Marion Zimmer Bradley (Sphere 0-7221-1959-3, May ’88, £3.99, 691pp, pb) Reissue (Ballantine 1979) associational novel.

City of Sorcery Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-332-6, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], $4.50, 423pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1984) science fiction novel set on Darkover. Fifth printing.

The Colors of Space Marion Zimmer Bradley (Donning/Starblaze 0-89865-191-3, Oct ’88, $8.95, 171pp, tp) Reissue (Donning/Starblaze 1983) sf novel, illustrated by Lee Moyer. This is the unabridged version first published in 1983, revised from the 1963 Monarch edition.

Dark Satanic Marion Zimmer Bradley (Tor 0-812-51602-8, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.95, 218pp, pb) [Claire Moffat] Reprint (Berkley 1972) occult/gothic novel, prequel to The Inheritor.

Falcons of Narabedla Marion Zimmer Bradley (Legend 0-09-935650-3, Mar ’88, £2.50, 155pp, pb) Reissue (Ace 1964) fantasy novel.

The Firebrand Marion Zimmer Bradley (Michael Joseph 0-7181-2913-X, Jan ’88, £11.95, 559pp, hc) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) above-average historical novel about the Trojan War. [First U.K. edition]

The Firebrand Marion Zimmer Bradley (SFBC #11534, May ’88, $6.98, 530pp, hc) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) historical fantasy novel of Cassandra and the Trojan War.

The Firebrand Marion Zimmer Bradley (Pocket 0-671-66703-3, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $8.95, 608pp, tp) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) historical fantasy novel.

Hawkmistress Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-239-7, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.95, 336pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1982) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; seventh printing.

Hawkmistress Marion Zimmer Bradley (Severn House 0-7278-1607-1, Jun ’88, £10.95, 336pp, hc) [Darkover] Reprint (DAW 1982) fantasy novel. In the “Darkover” series. [First U.K. edition]

Hawkmistress Marion Zimmer Bradley (Legend 0-09-934990-6, Nov ’88, £2.99, 336pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1982) fantasy novel. In the “Darkover” series.

Lythande Marion Zimmer Bradley (Sphere 0-7221-1956-9, May ’88 [Apr ’88], £2.99, 238pp, pb) [Lythande; Thieves’ World] Reprint (DAW 1986) collection of fantasy stories featuring the Pilgrim Adept Lythande, a Thieves’ World character. There is also a story by Vonda N. McIntyre, with the same heroine. [First U.K. edition]

Lythande Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-291-5, Aug ’88, $3.95, 238pp, pb) [Lythande; Thieves’ World] Reissue (DAW 1986) collection of 6 stories about the wizard Lythande, one of which was written by Vonda McIntyre. fourth printing.

The Planet Savers/The Sword of Aldones Marion Zimmer Bradley (Ace 0-441-67027-X, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 359pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (Ace 1980) omnibus with two sf novels in the “Darkover” series, The Planet Savers (1962) and The Sword of Aldones (1962), plus a short story and an article.

The Ruins of Isis Marion Zimmer Bradley (Legend 0-09-923000-3, Mar ’88, £2.99, 298pp, pb) Reissue (Donning/Starblaze 1978) fantasy novel.

Sharra’s Exile Marion Zimmer Bradley (Legend 0-09-931520-3, Sep ’88 [Oct ’88], £3.50, 365pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1981) fantasy novel. In the “Darkover” series.

Sharra’s Exile Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-309-1, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $3.95, 365pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1981) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; ninth printing.

The Shattered Chain Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-308-3, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], $3.95, 287pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1976) sf novel in the “Darkover” series. 13th printing.

Star of Danger Marion Zimmer Bradley (Ace 0-441-77958-1, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $2.95, 213pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (Ace 1965) sf novel in the “Darkover” series. 10th Ace printing.

Thendara House Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-240-0, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.95, 414pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1983) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; sixth printing.

Warrior Woman Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-253-2, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.50, 205pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1985) sf novel of a female alien trapped in gladiatorial Rome. fifth printing.

The Winds of Darkover Marion Zimmer Bradley (Ace 0-441-89261-2, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.50, 185pp, pb) [Darkover] Reissue (Ace 1970) sf novel in the “Darkover” series. This says “3rd Ace printing” inside, which is confusing since the last one we listed in 1985 said “fifth printing.”

Four Moons of Darkover Marion Zimmer Bradley & The Friends of Darkover (DAW 0-88677-305-9, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $3.95, 284pp, pb) [Darkover] Original anthology of 17 stories set on Darkover, including several by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Sword and Sorceress 1 ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (Headline 0-7472-3105-2, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], £2.95, 255pp, pb) Reprint (DAW 1984) original fantasy anthology with exclusively female protagonists. Although a couple of the stories are quite readable, the majority read like fanzine pieces. (PSP) [First U.K. edition]

Sword and Sorceress 2 ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (Headline 0-7472-3106-0, Jul ’88, £2.99, 287pp, pb) Reprint (DAW 1985) original fantasy anthology. [First U.K. edition]

Sword and Sorceress 3 ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (Headline 0-7472-3107-9, Nov ’88, £2.99, 285pp, pb) Reprint (DAW 1986) original anthology of 20 very short heroic fantasy stories about strong women characters. The introduction by Bradley is a market report for future books in the series. [First U.K. edition]

Sword and Sorceress V ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-288-5, Aug ’88, $3.95, 284pp, pb) Original anthology of 22 fantasy stories featuring women.

Down the Long Wind Gillian Bradshaw (Methuen 0-413-17610-X, Feb ’88, £4.50, 842pp, pb) [Down the Long Wind] Omnibus of her Arthurian trilogy.

Passion Moon Rising Rebecca Brandewyne (Pocket 0-671-61774-5, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.95, 434pp, pb) [Chronicles of Tintagel] Fantasy/romance novel (with a few sf elements) by a well-known romance writer. Book I of the “Chronicles of Tintagel”.

Cameron’s Terror Gary Brandner (Severn House 0-7278-1685-3, Nov ’88, £10.95, 314pp, hc) Reprint (Fawcett 1987, as Cameron’s Closet) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Hellborn Gary Brandner (Severn House 0-7278-1602-0, Apr ’88, £9.95, 224pp, hc) Reprint (Fawcett 1986) horror novel.

Out of Body, Out of Mind Ruth Brandon (St. Martin’s 0-312-01076-1, Nov ’87 [Jan ’88], $15.95, 234pp, hc) Sf/thriller about psychics and a dangerous conspiracy. First U.S. edition (Macmillan UK 1987).

Crossbearers Marc Brellen (Leisure 0-8439-2572-8, 1988 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 362pp, pb) Horror novel.

The Future at War Vol. I: Thor’s Hammer ed. Reginald Bretnor (Baen 0-671-65394-6, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.50, 276pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1979) anthology of sf stories, articles, and poems.

The Future at War, Vol. II: The Spear of Mars ed. Reginald Bretnor (Baen 0-671-65423-3, Jul ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.50, 312pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1980) anthology of 10 sf stories, plus non-fiction and a poem.

The Fungus Garden Brian Brett (Thistledown Press 0-920633-47-1, Oct ’88, C$14.95, 128pp, tp) Allegorical fantasy novel: conflict between the individual and society told from the point of view of intelligent termites.

A Woman of Passion: The Life of E. Nesbit Julia Briggs (Meredith Press/New Amsterdam 0-941533-03-4, 1987 [Jan ’88], $27.95, 473pp, hc) Non-fiction, biography. A fairly racy biography of the famous children’s book author, who led a bohemian existence which included affairs with George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, and others. Dated 1987 — not seen until 1988. First American edition (Century Hutchinson 1987). [Edith Nesbit]

The Last Ship William Brinkley (Viking 0-670-80981-0, Mar ’88, $19.95, 616pp, hc) Post-holocaust novel with American and Russian ships surviving the destruction.

The Last Ship William Brinkley (SFBC #13575, Oct ’88, $7.50, 616pp, hc) Reprint (Viking 1988) near-future post-holocaust novel.

Striped Holes Damien Broderick (Avon 0-380-75377-4, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $2.95, 179pp, pb) Science fiction novel — time machines, lovers separated by eons, struggles against evil.

Xorandor Christine Brooke-Rose (Avon 0-380-70407-2, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $2.95, 211pp, pb) Reprint (Carcanet 1986) sf novel of 2 kids and a rock-like Martian computer/creature. Not a juvenile, despite the theme.

The Black Unicorn Terry Brooks (SFBC #11215, Mar ’88, $5.98, 239pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) fantasy novel, second in the “Magic Kingdom” series.

The Black Unicorn Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-33528-7, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $4.95, 307pp, pb) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) fantasy novel, second in the “Magic Kingdom” series. There are over 85,000 hardcovers in print.

The Black Unicorn Terry Brooks (Orbit 0-7088-8269-2, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], £2.99, 286pp, pb) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Magic Kingdom” series.

The Elfstones of Shannara Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-28554-9, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 564pp, pb) [Shannara] Reissue (Del Rey 1982) fantasy novel, second in a trilogy. 13th printing; 800,000 mass market paperbacks in print.

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31758-0, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $4.50, 343pp, pb) [Magic Kingdom] Reissue (Del Rey 1986) fantasy novel, first in a series. seventh printing.

The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31425-5, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 726pp, pb) [Shannara] Reissue (Random House 1977) fantasy novel, 1st in a trilogy. 22nd printing; 1.2 million mass market paperbacks in print.

The Wishsong of Shannara Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-35636-5, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $4.95, 504pp, pb) [Shannara] Reprint (Del Rey 1985) fantasy novel, third in a trilogy. 1st mass market edition; 460,000 trade paperbacks in print.

Wizard at Large Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-34773-0, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $17.95, 291pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Humorous fantasy novel, third in the “Landover” series.

Wizard at Large Terry Brooks (Orbit 0-7088-4001-9, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], £4.99, 291pp, tp) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1988) fantasy novel. Ben Holiday returns to Earth to rescue Abernathy. Good harmless fun. Volume 3 in the “Magic Kingdom” series. [First U.K. edition]

Wizard at Large Terry Brooks (Macdonald 0-356-17197-3, Dec ’88, £11.95, 291pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Hardback edition of the above. [First U.K. edition]

The Sky Lords John Brosnan (Gollancz 0-575-03986-8, Aug ’88, £11.95, 318pp, hc) [Sky Lords] SF novel about a post-nuclear world ruled by giant airships. Great fun despite a rather flat ending. Recommended. (PSP)

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror: 1987: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Books and Short Fiction Published in the English Language Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento (Locus Press 0-9616629-4-8, Dec ’88, $45.00, 417pp, hc) Non-fiction, bibliography. Besides the lists of books from Locus, this has indexes to all the magazines and anthologies, plus reprinted commentaries on the year, etc.

Silver Tower Dale Brown (Donald I. Fine 1-55611-060-X, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $18.95, 349pp, hc) Near-future sf intrigue novel about space stations.

Silver Tower Dale Brown (Grafton 0-246-13308-2, Aug ’88, £11.95, 367pp, hc) Reprint (Fine 1988) novel about limited nuclear war in space. [First U.K. edition]

Nightmare in Darkness Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan, Nov ’87, $30.00, 179pp, hc, cover by Joe Servello) Associational; collection of mysteries and one fantasy story, plus the unpublished fantasy ending to The Screaming Mimi. Dated 1987, but not seen until 1988. Volume 11 in the “Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps” series.

What Mad Universe Fredric Brown (Easton Press, 1986 [Dec ’88], no price, 190pp, hc) Reprint (Dutton 1949) humorous sf novel. A science fiction editor is propelled into a universe where sf stories are real. This is part of the “Masterpieces of SF” series and is only available to members. Leatherbound, gilt-edge edition with illustrations by Frank Mayo in the style of 1940s pulp covers. Introduction by James Gunn. This has a 1986 copyright date but was not seen until 1988.

Who Was That Blonde I Saw You Kill Last Night? Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan, Mar ’88 [Apr ’88], $30.00, 216pp, hc) Associational. Collection of mystery and western stories, plus at least one sf tale. Introduction by Alan E. Nourse. Limited to 300 copies. Part of the excellent series reprinting the uncollected pulp fiction of an early master. Recommended. (CNB)

The Best of John Brunner John Brunner (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-35307-2, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $3.95, 288pp, pb) Collection of 17 short stories, with introductions by Joe Haldeman.

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