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To the Vanishing Point Alan Dean Foster (Warner 0-446-51338-5, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $15.95, 310pp, hc) Fantasy novel.

The Vow P. T. Foster (Leisure 0-8439-2724-0, Jan ’89 [Dec ’88], $3.95, 359pp, pb) Horror novel about an evil pledge.

The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth: From The Hobbit to The Silmarillion Robert Foster (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-32436-6, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.95, 573pp, pb) Reissue (Ballantine 1978), non-fiction, reader’s guide in dictionary form. The 1978 edition was a revision of A Guide to Middle-Earth (Mirage Press 1971). Seventh printing. [J. R. R. Tolkien]

City Jitters Christopher Fowler (Dell 0-440-20115-2, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.50, 208pp, pb) Collection of 10 horror stories. 1st U.S. edition (Sphere 1986).

More City Jitters Christopher Fowler (Dell 0-440-20146-2, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.50, 212pp, pb) Collection of original horror stories.

Roofworld Christopher Fowler (Ballantine 0-345-35701-9, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $7.95, 333pp, tp) Sf novel of a tribal society living on the rooftops of contemporary London. Simultaneous with the British edition.

Roofworld Christopher Fowler (Legend 0-7126-2451-1, Oct ’88, £5.95, 344pp, tp) Sf novel. Simultaneous with US (Ballantine) edition. Also available in hc (-2421-X) for £11.95.

Ira Levin Douglas Fowler (Starmont 0-930261-25-9, 1988 [Apr ’88], $9.95, 87pp, tp) Non-fiction, critical study/biography/bibliography. [Ira Levin]

The Carpathians Janet Frame (Bloomsbury Books 0-7475-0246-3, Sep ’88 [Oct ’88], £12.95, 196pp, hc) Literary fantasy novel.

Blackpool Vanishes Richard Francis (Flamingo 0-00-654192-5, Aug ’88, £3.95, 191pp, pb) Reissue (Faber 1979) sf novel.

Gothic Fiction: A Master List of Twentieth Century Criticism and Research Frederick S. Frank (Meckler 0-88736-218-4, Jan ’88 [Feb ’88], $34.95, 193pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference. A list of secondary sources on Gothic fiction, 1820-1985.

Co-Orbital Moons/Prayer Wheels of Bluewater Robert Frazier & Loss Pequeño Glazier (Ocean View Press 0-938075-04-7, Jan ’88, $6.95, 26 + 29pp, tp) Two collections of poems, back to back. Frazier’s are sf.

The Blood Thirst L. A. Freed (Pinnacle 1-55817-158-4, Jan ’89 [Dec ’88], $3.95, 384pp, pb) Horror novel. A vampire’s victim seeks out her killer, who had condemned her to everlasting half-life.

The Fortress and the Fire Michael Jan Friedman (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20543-1, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $3.50, 244pp, pb) [Vidar] Fantasy novel set in Norse mythology. Third in the “Vidar” series.

Magic Mirror Mickey Friedman (Viking 0-670-82132-2, 1988 [Sep ’88], $16.95, 247pp, hc) [Georgia Lee Maxwell] Mystery novel with occult elements. Murder, theft, and other mayhem in Paris, centering around the “mirror of Nostradamus”, which grants visions of the future. The emphasis is on character and suspense, but this is an excellent book. (FCM)

Druid’s Blood Esther M. Friesner (NAL Signet 0-451-15408-8, Jul ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.50, 279pp, pb) [Sherlock Holmes] Alternate-history fantasy novel set in pagan Victorian Britain and featuring very offbeat versions of Holmes and Watson. Weird and wonderful. Recommended. (FCM)

Elf Defense Esther M. Friesner (NAL Signet 0-451-15230-1, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.50, 234pp, pb) [New York by Knight] Humorous fantasy novel with a contemporary setting, sequel to New York by Knight.

Here Be Demons Esther M. Friesner (Ace 0-441-32797-4, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $2.95, 231pp, pb) [Demons] Humorous fantasy novel about demons and hell. First in an announced trilogy.

Olympiad Nigel Frith (Unwin 0-04-440155-8, Jun ’88, £3.95, 224pp, pb) [Pangaia] Fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Pangaia” series.

Remscela Gregory Frost (Ace 0-441-71350-5, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $3.50, 278pp, pb) [Tain] Celtic fantasy novel, sequel to Tain.

Wish Come True Ann Gabhart (Avon Flare 0-380-75653-6, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], $2.50, 137pp, pb) Teenage fantasy romance novel about a mirror that makes wishes happen.

The Loremasters Leslie Gadallah (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-35576-8, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $3.50, 280pp, pb) Science fiction novel about a scholar leaving his high-tech enclave on a quest to solve the energy crisis in a post-cataclysm world.

Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion Neil Gaiman (Pocket 0-671-66426-3, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $7.95, 182pp, tp) [Hitchhiker] Non-fiction book on the series and novels. First U.S. edition (Titan 1988). [Douglas Adams]

Tales from the Darkside, Volume I ed. Mitchell Galin & Tom Allen (Berkley 0-425-11095-8, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $3.50, 248pp, pb) Horror anthology of 16 stories that appeared on the tv show. Five are original stories written by Michael McDowell based on teleplays.

Oktober Stephen Gallagher (NEL 0-450-42621-1, Apr ’88, £10.95, 256pp, hc) Horror novel about an unlicensed drug with some very unusual side-effects. Classic off-beat thriller of the kind Gallagher excels in. Recommended. (PSP)

Valley of Lights Stephen Gallagher (Tor 0-812-51832-2, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.95, 276pp, pb) Horror novel. First American edition (NEL 1987).

Valley of Lights Stephen Gallagher (NEL 0-450-42268-2, Apr ’88, £1.95, 191pp, pb) Reprint (NEL 1987) horror novel.

Thomasina Paul Gallico (International Polygonics Ltd. 0-930330-93-5, Nov ’88 [Dec ’88], $5.95, 285pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1957 as Thomasina: The Cat Who Thought She Was God) famous feline fantasy novel.

Too Many Ghosts Paul Gallico (International Polygonics Ltd. 0-930330-80-3, May ’88 [Nov ’88], $5.95, 288pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1959) ghost novel. A psychic investigator called to Lord Paradine’s ancestral home outwits the ghosts but runs into problems when it comes to dealing with human emotions.

The Weirdbook Sampler ed. W. Paul Ganley (W. Paul Ganley, 1988, $3.00, 32pp, pb) Original anthology/sample magazine. Half the size and price of a regular issue of Weirdbook.

Mystery of the Midnight Menace Nancy Garden (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 0-374-35203-8, Aug ’88 [Nov ’88], $12.95, 194pp, hc) [Monster Hunters] Young-adult horror novel about a team of kids who hunt monsters. “Monster Hunters #2.”

An Excess of Enchantments Craig Shaw Gardner (Ace 0-441-22363-X, Jul ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.50, 180pp, pb) [Wuntvor] Humorous fantasy novel, second in the “Ballad of Wuntvor” series, the sequels to the “Ebenezum” trilogy.

The Lost Boys Craig Shaw Gardner (Bantam UK 0-553-17583-1, Jan ’88, £1.95, 220pp, pb) Reprint (Warner 1987) horror novelization. Based on the screenplay by Janice Fischer, James Jeremias & Jeffrey Boam. [First U.K. edition]

A Malady of Magicks Craig Shaw Gardner (Headline 0-7472-3136-2, Jun ’88, £2.99, 235pp, pb) [Ebenezum] Reprint (Ace 1986) humorous fantasy novel about a wizard who’s allergic to magic. Volume 1 in the “Ebenezum” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

A Multitude of Monsters Craig Shaw Gardner (Headline 0-7472-3157-5, Oct ’88, £2.50, 201pp, pb) [Ebenezum] Reprint (Ace 1986) humorous fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Ebenezum” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

Wishbringer Craig Shaw Gardner (Avon 0-380-75385-5, Aug ’88, $3.95, 248pp, pb) Humorous fantasy novelization based on a 1985 Infocom interactive game. Packaged by Byron Preiss Visual Publications.

The Angriff Technique Tonita S. Gardner (Lynx 1-55802-190-6, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.50, 345pp, pb) Horror novel. Strange things happen in a small town, and it’s up to the beautiful young doctor to solve them.

Time Gum ed. Terry A. Garey & Eleanor Arnason (Rune Press, Apr ’88, $3.00, 48pp, ph) Anthology of sf poetry from the Minicon Poetry Readings.

Empty Sleeve Leon Garfield (Viking Kestrel 0-670-80118-6, Jun ’88, £7.95, 185pp, hc) Young-adult ghost novel.

Alan Garner’s Book of British Fairy Tales Alan Garner (Collins 0-00-184048-7, Jul ’88, £4.95, 159pp, tp) Reprint (Collins 1984) collection of fairy tales, illustrated throughout by Derek Collard.

A Bag of Moonshine Alan Garner (Collins 0-00-184449-0, Jul ’88, £4.95, 144pp, tp) Reprint (Collins 1986) collection of fairy tales, illustrated throughout by James Patrick Lynch.

The Owl Service Alan Garner (Lions 0-00-671675-X, Oct ’88 [Dec ’88], £2.25, 155pp, pb) Reissue (Collins 1967) young-adult fantasy novel. This is the 23rd printing.

The Stone Quartet Alan Garner (Dell Yearling 0-440-40049-X, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $4.95, 224pp, pb) Reprint (Collins 1983) omnibus of 4 short young-adult fantasy novels, The Stone Book, Granny Rearden, The Aimer Gate, and Tom Fobble’s Bay.

Helltrain Bill Garnett (St. Martin’s 0-312-91077-0, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $2.95, 186pp, pb) Horror novel. Rewritten from an earlier version, Down-Bound Train (1973).

The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook ed. David S. Garnett (Orbit 0-7088-8292-7, Nov ’88, £4.99, 336pp, tp) Another ‘Best of 1987’ anthology, with surprisingly little overlap with the versions, and articles by Brian Aldiss and John Clute. Recommended. (PSP)

Crucifax Ray Garton (Pocket 0-671-62629-9, Jun ’88, $3.95, 387pp, pb) Horror novel of evil in the San Fernando Valley: “A cult of blood and lust. A small town gone mad. A horrible obsession....” There is a more gruesome limited edition hardcover, Crucifax Autumn, from Dark Harvest.

Crucifax Autumn Ray Garton (Dark Harvest 0-913165-29-8, Jun ’88 [Sep ’88], $18.95, 326pp, hc) Horror novel set in California’s San Fernando Valley. An edited version appeared from Pocket Books as Crucifax.

Crucifax Autumn Ray Garton (Dark Harvest 0-913165-30-0, Jun ’88 [Sep ’88], $38.00, 326pp, hc) Limited edition of the above.

Fear R. Patrick Gates (NAL Onyx 0-451-40101-8, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $3.95, 316pp, pb) Horror novel. Fiendish force engulfs entire community.

The Warriors of Spider W. Michael Gear (DAW 0-88677-287-7, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 367pp, pb) [Warriors of Spider] Sf novel about an interstellar empire vs. a lost colony that developed precognition; first of a trilogy. Probably a first novel.

The Way of the Spider W. Michael Gear (DAW 0-88677-318-0, Jan ’89 [Dec ’88], $3.95, 408pp, pb) [Warriors of Spider] Science fiction novel. A high-tech interstellar empire uses low-tech barbarians with special powers as its soldiers. Book Two of a proposed trilogy.

Specters Jeff Gelb (Bart 1-55785-015-1, May ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.75, 241pp, pb) Horror novel of a psychic, a witch, and the devil.

Rogue Trooper: Book Six Simon Geller, Steve McManus & Steve Dillon (Titan 1-85286-038-3, Apr ’88 [May ’88], £4.95, 1988pp, tp) Collection of comic strips from 2000 A.D..

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