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For Rosemary Gene Wolfe (Kerosina 0-948893-30-3, Nov ’88, 46pp, hc) Hardcover edition of the above, distributed with the collector’s edition of Storeys from the Old Hotel. Limited to 300 copies.

Storeys from the Old Hotel Gene Wolfe (Kerosina 0-948893-29-X, Nov ’88, £13.95, 299pp, hc) Collection of 34 short pieces, three original. Limited to 1000 copies.

Storeys from the Old Hotel Gene Wolfe (Kerosina 0-948893-28-1, Nov ’88, £40.00, 299pp, hc) Special collector’s edition of the above, specially bound and slip-cased with a hardcover edition of For Rosemary. Limited to 250 numbered copies, signed by Gene Wolfe. This edition is sold out. A special leather-bound edition of 26 lettered copies is reserved for private distribution. [Not seen]

There Are Doors Gene Wolfe (Tor 0-312-93099-2, Dec ’88 [Oct ’88], $17.95, 313pp, hc) Metaphysical/surreal fantasy novel of a man, a goddess, and a strange alternate world.

The Urth of the New Sun Gene Wolfe (SFBC #11708, Jan ’88 [Feb ’88], $4.98, 311pp, hc) [Book of the New Sun] Reprint (Tor 1987) sf novel, fifth in the “Book of the New Sun”.

The Urth of the New Sun Gene Wolfe (Tor 0-812-55817-0, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.95, 372pp, pb) [Book of the New Sun] Reprint (Tor 1987) fantasy/sf novel. The fifth book in the “Book of the New Sun” quartet.

The Urth of the New Sun Gene Wolfe (Orbit 0-7088-8268-4, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], £4.99, 372pp, tp) [Book of the New Sun] Reprint (Gollancz 1987) fantasy novel. Volume 5 in the “Book of the New Sun” tetralogy.

Caves of Mars Robert S. Wolff (Linnet 0-208-02190-6, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $15.00, hc) Young-adult sf novel.

Up There and Other Strange Directions Donald A. Wollheim (NESFA Press 0-915368-92-7, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $30.00, 148pp, hc) Collection of 16 stories; printed for Wollheim’s Guest of Honor appearance at Nolacon II. This is the boxed edition; the trade edition (-30-0, $15.00) is the same except for the box. There were 1,000 copies, the first 250 boxed.

The 1988 Annual World’s Best SF ed. Donald A. Wollheim (DAW 0-88677-281-8, Jun ’88 [May ’88], $3.50, 303pp, pb) Anthology of 10 sf stories, including two Nebula winners. Recommended. (CNB)

The 1988 Annual World’s Best SF ed. Donald A. Wollheim (SFBC #13627, Aug ’88 [Oct ’88], $4.98, 244pp, hc) Reprint (DAW 1988) anthology of the year’s best. First hardcover edition.

Ambient Jack Womack (Unwin Hyman 0-04-440164-7, Apr ’88, £10.95, 259pp, hc) [Terraplane] Reprint (Weidenfeld & Nicolson US 1987) sf novel. A first novel. [First U.K. edition]

Terraplane Jack Womack (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1-55584-165-1, Oct ’88, $16.95, 227pp, hc) [Terraplane] Science fiction novel, a darkly comic, surreal vision of 21st-century protagonists catapulted back into the New York City of 1939.

Amy Girl Bari Wood (NAL Onyx 0-451-40069-0, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $4.95, 365pp, pb) Reprint (NAL 1987) horror novel.

Amy Girl Bari Wood (Michael Joseph 0-7181-2965-2, May ’88, £11.95, 346pp, hc) Reprint (NAL 1987) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Amy Girl Bari Wood (Sphere 0-7474-0075-X, Nov ’88, £3.50, 346pp, pb) Reprint (NAL 1987) horror novel.

The Killing Gift Bari Wood (NAL Signet 0-451-14003-6, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 313pp, pb) Reissue (Putnam 1975) horror novel; 14th printing.

The Tribe Bari Wood (NAL Signet 0-451-14004-4, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 339pp, pb) Reissue (NAL 1981) horror novel; seventh printing.

Twins Bari Wood (NAL Signet 0-451-13654-3, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 346pp, pb) Reissue (Putnam 1977) horror novel; 14th printing.

Twins/Dead Ringers Bari Wood & Jack Geasland (NAL Signet 0-451-15989-6, Oct ’88, $4.50, 343pp, pb) Reissue (NAL 1978) horror novel, movie tie-in edition for Dead Ringers, which title appears on cover and spine. The title page still calls it Twins. 16th printing.

People of Pern Robin Wood (Donning/Starblaze 0-89865-635-4, Oct ’88, $19.95, 151pp, hc) [Pern] Art book. Portraits of the characters from McCaffrey’s Pern novels. McCaffrey contributed “biographical” sketches of the characters and an introduction. [Anne McCaffrey]

The Dorbott of Vacuo Patrick Woodroffe (Paper Tiger 1-85028-047-9, Feb ’88, £7.95, 89pp, tp) Delightful novella about a world where everything must be tied down to stop it moving around. Woodroffe’s depictions, in words and drawings, of “itinerant semi-detached bungalows and volcanoes of no fixed address” are hilarious. Strongly recommended. (PSP) Also avaliable in hc (-046-0) for £12.95.

Wolffile Jack Woods (Pageant 0-517-00043-1, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.50, 337pp, pb) Horror/occult novel of a creature (neither man nor beast) that revels in killing. The author’s real name seems to be William B. O’Neal. Possibly a first novel.

Under the Lake Stuart Woods (Avon 0-380-70519-2, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $4.50, 281pp, pb) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) supernatural horror novel.

Under the Lake Stuart Woods (Pan 0-330-30257-4, May ’88, £2.99, 301pp, pb) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) detective-cum-ghost story.

Under the Lake Stuart Woods (Ulverscroft 0-7089-8490-8, Nov ’88, £10.95, 448pp, hc) Reprint (Simon & Schuster 1987) horror novel. [Not seen]

Child of the Northern Spring Persia Woolley (Grafton 0-586-07469-4, Apr ’88, £3.50, 541pp, pb) [Guinevere] Reprint (Poseidon 1987) Arthurian romance with the occasional hint of magic.

Child of the Northern Spring Persia Woolley (Pocket 0-671-62199-8, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $4.50, 480pp, pb) [Guinevere] Reprint (Poseidon 1987) Arthurian romance.

Darkness at Dawn: the Early Suspense Classics of Cornell Woolrich Cornell Woolrich (Peter Bedrick 0-87226-204-9, Jun ’88, $8.95, 297pp, tp) Edited by Francis M. Nevins Jr. & Martin H. Greenberg. Collection of early mystery/horror/suspense stories, some with supernatural elements.

Talking to Dragons Patricia C. Wrede (Ace 0-441-79592-7, Jul ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.50, 232pp, pb) [Enchanted Forest] Reissue (Ace Tempo 1985) humorous young-adult fantasy novel.

Sorcery and Cecelia Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer (Ace 0-441-77559-4, May ’88 [Apr ’88], $2.95, 197pp, pb) [Sorcery & Cecelia] Epistolary fantasy novel of murder, magic, manners, and romance, set in Regency London.

A Matter of Oaths Helen S. Wright (Methuen 0-413-18040-9, Oct ’88, £3.50, 283pp, pb) Sf novel. A first novel.

The Island T. M. Wright (Tor 0-312-93055-0, Apr ’88 [Mar ’88], $16.95, 278pp, hc) Horror novel.

The Island T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-52765-8, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], $3.95, 278pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1985) horror novel.

The People of the Dark T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-52768-2, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $3.95, 288pp, pb) Reissue (Tor 1985) horror novel. Second printing.

The Playground T. M. Wright (Tor 0-812-52748-8, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 315pp, pb) Reissue (Tor 1982) horror novel; second printing.

Moon-Dark Patricia Wrightson (Macmillan McElderry 0-689-50451-9, Apr ’88, $11.95, 163pp, hc) Young-adult talking-animal fantasy novel. First U.S. edition (Century-Hutchinson 1987).

The Nargun and the Stars Patricia Wrightson (Viking Puffin 0-14-030780-X, May ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 184pp, pb) [Book of Wirrun] Reprint (Penguin UK 1970) young-adult fantasy novel with elements of Aborigine mythology.

Dr. Bones, Book 2: The Cosmic Bomber William F. Wu (Ace 0-441-15673-8, Jan ’89, $3.50, 151pp, pb) [Dr. Bones] Sf novel about an interstellar adventurer. For this installment, Dr. Bones investigates a planet soon to be struck by a comet. There are 13 unaginated pages at the end with computer-generated illustrations for the story. This is a Byron Preiss Visual Publications package, conceived and developed by Byron Preiss and Paul Preuss, edited by David M. Harris, characters by Steranko, etc. The author’s name is one of the few not on the copyright page.

Isaac Asimov’s Robot City, Book 6: Perihelion William F. Wu (Ace 0-441-37388-7, Jun ’88 [May ’88], $3.50, 162pp, pb) [Robot City] Sf novelization, based on a concept by Asimov. Illustrations by Paul Rivoche. Packaging by Byron Preiss.

Keeper of the Keys Janny Wurts (Ace 0-441-43275-1, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.50, 269pp, pb) [Cycle of Fire] Fantasy novel, sequel to Stormwarden. Contains the 1st chapter of the third book, Shadowfane. Cover & interior art by the author.

Shadowfane Janny Wurts (Ace 0-441-76082-1, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $3.50, 260pp, pb) [Cycle of Fire] Fantasy novel, Book Three of “The Cycle of Fire” series.

Stormwarden Janny Wurts (Ace 0-441-78757-6, Jun ’88 [May ’88], $3.50, 325pp, pb) [Cycle of Fire] Reissue (Ace 1984) fantasy novel, Book One of the “Cycle of Fire” trilogy. Second printing.

Doctor Who: Paradise Towers Stephen Wyatt (W.H. Allen Target 0-426-20330-5, Dec ’88 [Nov ’88], £1.99, 143pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Young-adult sf novelization. Volume 134 in the series.

Roger Zelazny’s Alien Speedway: Pitfall Thomas Wylde (Bantam Spectra 0-553-26946-1, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.50, 198pp, pb) [Alien Speedway] Sf novelization. Second book in a young-adult series based on an outline by Zelazny.

Roger Zelazny’s Alien Speedway: The Web Thomas Wylde (Bantam Spectra 0-553-27166-0, Jun ’88 [May ’88], $3.50, 245pp, pb) [Alien Speedway] Sf novelization, third in a series. Illustrations by Hayashi, packaging by Byron Preiss.

The Center of the Circle Jonathan Wylie (Bantam Spectra 0-553-27056-7, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 281pp, pb) [Servants of Ark] Fantasy novel, second in the “Servants of Ark” trilogy. First American edition (Corgi 1987).

The Mage-Born Child Jonathan Wylie (Corgi 0-552-13161-X, Jan ’88 [Dec ’87], £2.95, 350pp, pb) [Servants of Ark] Fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Servants of Ark” trilogy.

The Mage-Born Child Jonathan Wylie (Bantam Spectra 0-553-27270-5, Jul ’88 [Jun ’88], $3.95, 277pp, pb) [Servants of Ark] Fantasy novel, 3rd in the “Servants of Ark” trilogy. First U.S. edition (Corgi 1988).

Chocky John Wyndham (Puffin Plus 0-14-032644-8, Sep ’88 [Oct ’88], £1.99, 153pp, pb) [Chocky] Reissue (Ballantine 1968) sf novel.

Blood Games Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor 0-812-52801-8, Jan ’89 [Dec ’88], $4.95, 472pp, pb) [Saint-Germain] Reprint (St. Martin’s 1979) fantasy/horror/historical vampire novel set mostly in ancient Rome.

Crusader’s Torch Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor 0-312-93088-7, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $18.95, 459pp, hc) [Atta Olivia Clemens] Historical horror novel, second in the “Olivia” series of vampire novels.

A Flame in Byzantium Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (SFBC #11835, Feb ’88, $7.98, 400pp, hc) [Atta Olivia Clemens] Reprint (Tor 1987) dark fantasy novel, first in a new series set in her “St. Germain” universe.

A Flame in Byzantium Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor 0-812-52804-2, Oct ’88 [Sep ’88], $4.50, 417pp, pb) [Atta Olivia Clemens] Reprint (Tor 1987) historical horror novel, first of the “Olivia” spinoff to the “Saint Germain” vampire series.

Hôtel Transylvania Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor 0-812-55850-2, Feb ’88 [Jan ’88], $3.95, 344pp, pb) [Saint-Germain] Reprint (St. Martin’s 1978) fantasy novel, first in the “St. Germain” vampire series.

The Palace Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Tor 0-812-52802-6, Aug ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 471pp, pb) [Saint-Germain] Reprint (St. Martin’s 1978) historical fantasy/vampire novel.

Taji’s Syndrome Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Popular Library 0-445-20474-5, Mar ’88 [Feb ’88], $3.95, 439pp, pb) Medical thriller sf novel of a future plague.

Dragon of the Lost Sea Laurence Yep (Harper Starwanderer 0-06-440227-4, Jun ’88 [Jul ’88], $3.95, 213pp, pb) [Dragon] Reprint (Harper & Row 1982) young-adult fantasy novel. A dragon princess tries to capture a witch with the help of a boy.

More Than 100 Women Science Fiction Writers: An Annotated Bibliography Sharon Yntema (The Crossing Press 0-89594-301-8, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $39.95, 193pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference. Contains short biographies as well as bibliography and lists of agents, etc. A very fine bibliography — mostly useful, but the radical feminist viewpoint is sometimes intrusive. (CNB)

Phoenix from the Ashes: The Literature of the Remade World ed. Carl B. Yoke (Greenwood 0-24328-X, Dec ’87 [Feb ’88], $39.95, 247pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical studies of post-holocaust sf books and films.

The Devil’s Arithmetic Jane Yolen (Viking Kestrel 0-670-81027-4, Nov ’88 [Oct ’88], $11.95, 170pp, hc) Young-adult fantasy novel. A young Jewish girl who lacks compassion for what her grandfather endured in the Holocaust is transported back in time to a concentration camp.

Dragonfield and Other Stories Jane Yolen (Orbit 0-7088-8252-8, Jan ’88, £2.95, 241pp, pb) Reprint (Ace 1985) fantasy collection. [First U.K. edition]

Sister Light, Sister Dark Jane Yolen (Tor 0-312-93091-7, Oct ’88, $16.95, 244pp, hc) [Great Alta] Fantasy novel.

Favorite Folktales from Around the World ed. Jane Yolen (Pantheon 0-394-75188-4, Sep ’88 [Aug ’88], $11.95, 498pp, tp) Reprint (Pantheon 1986) anthology of retold tales. This book won a World Fantasy Award.

Werewolves ed. Jane Yolen & Martin H. Greenberg (Harper & Row 0-06-026798-4, Aug ’88, $13.95, 271pp, hc) Original young-adult anthology of 15 stories.

Miss Know It All and the Magic House Carol Beach York (Bantam Skylark 0-553-15649-7, Jan ’89 [Dec ’88], $2.75, 90pp, tp) [Miss Know It All] Children’s fantasy short novel about a house under a magic spell. Part of the “Miss Know It All” series, which sometimes has fantasy elements.

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