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Prophets in Hell ed. Janet Morris (Baen 0-671-69822-2, Apr ’89 [Mar ’89], $3.50, 278pp, pb) [Heroes in Hell] Original shared-world anthology of 10 stories in the “Hell” saga.

The Troy Game Jean Morris (Beaver 0-09-962080-4, Dec ’89 [Nov ’89], £2.50, 144pp, pb) Reprint (Bodley Head 1987) young-adult fantasy novel.

Toady Mark Morris (Piatkus 0-86188-855-3, Oct ’89 [Dec ’89], £12.95, 522pp, hc, cover by Ken Leeder) Horror novel. A first novel.

Vanishing Act Dorothy Nafus Morrison (Macmillan Atheneum 0-689-31513-9, Sep ’89 [Nov ’89], $13.95, 202pp, hc, cover by Toby Gowing) Young-adult fantasy novel. A girl studying to be a magician comes upon an invisibility device, but she can’t figure out how to turn it off.

Conjunctions 14 ed. Bradford Morrow (Macmillan Collier 0-02-035290-5, Dec ’89, $9.95, 285pp, tp) Original anthology/literary magazine published bi-annually. This edition features a large fiction section “The New Gothic”, guest edited by Patrick McGrath. There are 17 stories, including work by Peter Straub, Robert Coover, Kathy Acker, Gary Indiana, William T. Vollmann, and Paul West. There are also non-fiction pieces, poems, and a pre-controversy interview with Salman Rushdie.

This Is the Way the World Ends James Morrow (Ace 0-441-80711-9, May ’89 [Apr ’89], $3.95, 270pp, pb) Reprint (Henry Holt 1986) literary post-holocaust sf novel.

This Is the Way the World Ends James Morrow (Legend 0-09-963070-2, Jun ’89 [May ’89], £3.50, 319pp, pb) Reprint (Holt Rinehart 1986) sf novel.

The Warlord’s Domain Peter Morwood (Legend 0-7126-2419-8, Jul ’89, £5.95, 283pp, tp, cover by Linda Garland) [Book of Years] Fantasy novel. Volume 4 in the “Alban” saga. Also available in hardcover (-2271-3, £11.95).

Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Nils Helmer Frome: A Recollection of One of Canada’s Oldest Science Fiction Fans ed. Sam Moskowitz (Moshassuck Press, May ’89, $20.00, 167pp, tp) Non-fiction; biography. A collection of articles, art, letters, etc. on or by a Canadian fan and artist with special emphasis on his involvement with Lovecraft. Printed in a large-size (22 x 28 cm.) edition of 110 spiral bound copies. Available postpaid from Kenneth W. Faig, Jr., 2311 Swainwood Drive, Glenview IL 60025. [H. P. Lovecraft; Nils H. Frome]

Children of Time Deborah Moulton (Dial 0-8037-0607-3, Nov ’89 [Oct ’89], $14.95, 198pp, hc) Young-adult far-future sf novel with fantasy elements. Far-future children are kidnapped by a madwoman who lives in a castle.

Tangled Webs Steve Mudd (Popular Library Questar 0-445-20938-0, Aug ’89 [Jul ’89], $3.95, 248pp, pb) [Tangled Webs] Sf novel of political intrigue in a totalitarian interstellar empire. A first novel.

Ghostbusters Richard Mueller (Tor 0-812-50382-1, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 251pp, pb) Reissue (Tor 1985) movie tie-in novelization; second printing.

Tree House Victor Mullen (Zebra 0-8217-2706-0, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 304pp, pb) Horror novel about a murderous child and tree demons.

101 Ways to Avoid Reincarnation, or, Getting It Right the First Time Hester Mundis (Workman 0-89480-383-2, Nov ’89, $5.95, 144pp, tp, cover by Charles Kreloff) Associational; humor. A merciless parody of New Age spirituality, with illustrations by Peter Spacek. Very funny and on target (SW).

Glove of Passion, Voice of Blood Jean Muno (Owl Creek, 1986 [May ’89], $8.00, 126pp, tp) Collection of nine fantasy stories by a Belgian writer, translated by Kim Connell. This has a 1986 copyright date but was not seen until now.

The Deathless Myles Murchison (Ballantine 0-345-35378-1, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 295pp, pb) Horror/occult novel about a 19th-century woman doctor and her search for eternal life.

Buck Rogers: Armageddon Off Vesta M. S. Murdock (TSR 0-88038-761-0, Nov ’89, $3.95, 279pp, tp, cover by Don Landwehrle & The Image Bank) [Martian Wars; Buck Rogers] Buck Rogers novelization, book three in the “Martian Wars” trilogy.

Buck Rogers: Hammer of Mars M. S. Murdock (TSR 0-88038-751-3, Aug ’89 [Sep ’89], $3.95, 279pp, tp) [Martian Wars; Buck Rogers] Buck Rogers novelization, book two in the “Martian Wars” trilogy.

Buck Rogers: Rebellion 2456 M. S. Murdock (TSR 0-88038-728-9, Jun ’89, $3.95, 281pp, tp) [Martian Wars; Buck Rogers] Buck Rogers novelization, book one of the “Martian Wars” series.

Star Trek: Web of the Romulans M. S. Murdock (Titan 1-85286-209-2, Sep ’89, £2.95, 220pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Star Trek] Reprint (Pocket 1983) sf novelization. [First U.K. edition]

Playroom Gloria Murphy (Lynx 1-55802-279-1, Feb ’89, $3.50, 249pp, pb) Reprint (Donald I. Fine 1987) psychological horror novel with no fantasy elements. A woman takes revenge for her unhappy childhood.

The City, Not Long After Pat Murphy (Doubleday Foundation 0-385-24925-X, Mar ’89 [Feb ’89], $17.95, 244pp, hc) Near-future science fiction novel set in San Francisco after a plague. Based on the story “Art in the War Zone”.

The Poetic Fantastic: Studies in an Evolving Genre ed. Patrick D. Murphy & Vernon Hayes (Greenwood 0-313-26160-1, Nov ’89 [Dec ’89], $39.95, 197pp, hc) Anthology of 13 pieces of critical material on fantastic poetry, with an introduction and afterword by the editors.

The Dragonbards Shirley Rousseau Murphy (Harper Starwanderer 0-06-447008-3, Oct ’89 [Sep ’89], $3.50, 249pp, pb) [Dragonbards] Reprint (Harper & Row 1988) young-adult fantasy novel, third book in the “Dragonbards” trilogy.

Medallion of the Black Hound Shirley Rousseau Murphy & Welch Suggs (Harper & Row 0-06-024368-6, Oct ’89 [Sep ’89], $11.95, 182pp, hc) Young-adult fantasy about a boy pulled into a strange world by a magical medallion.

Invitation to a Beheading Vladimir Nabokov (Vintage 0-679-72531-8, Sep ’89 [Nov ’89], $7.95, 223pp, tp) Reprint (Putnam 1959) literary fantasy.

Narcopolis & Other Poems ed. Peggy Nadramia (Hell’s Kitchen Productions 0-962328-61-8, Nov ’89, $4.00, 63pp, tp, cover by Harry O. Morris) Anthology of macabre poetry with illustrations by several artists.

Ghostbusters II Ed Naha (Dell 0-440-20460-7, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 184pp, pb) Movie tie-in novelization.

Ghostbusters II Ed Naha (Corgi 0-552-13575-5, Nov ’89, £2.99, 184pp, pb) Reprint (Dell 1989) humorous ghost/horror film novelization, based on the screenplay by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd. [First U.K. edition]

Orphans Ed Naha (Dell 0-440-20467-4, Nov ’89, $3.50, 184pp, pb) Horror novel of evil children with superhuman powers.

Red Dwarf Grant Naylor (Penguin 0-14-012437-3, Nov ’89 [Oct ’89], £3.99, 298pp, pb, cover by Dewynters plc) [Red Dwarf] Sf novelization.

Sorcerers Jacob Needleman (Penguin Arkana 0-14-019173-9, Jun ’89, £4.99/$8.95, 235pp, tp, cover by John Caple) Reprint (Mercury House 1986) literary occult fantasy novel. This was supposed to have been published last year (with a different ISBN) but appears to have been delayed. [First U.K. edition]

Brainchild Andrew Neiderman (Legend 0-09-930600-X, Oct ’89, £3.50, 261pp, pb) Reissue (Pocket 1981) horror novel.

Perfect Little Angels Andrew Neiderman (Berkley 0-425-11775-8, Sep ’89 [Aug ’89], $3.95, 262pp, pb) Psychological horror novel with sf elements about a town where teenagers are perfect.

Pin Andrew Neiderman (Legend 0-09-927460-4, Oct ’89, £3.50, 264pp, pb) Reissue (Pocket 1981) horror novel.

Surrogate Child Andrew Neiderman (Legend 0-09-962100-2, Oct ’89, £3.50, 294pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley 1988) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Doctor Departure and Others Alan Nelson (Gryphon Books 0-936071-10-9, Mar ’89, $5.00, 53pp, ph) Collection of short whimsical fantasy originally published in Weird Tales and F&SF between 1944 and 1955. This is published in a 500-copy edition.

Five Children and It E. Nesbit (Magnet 0-416-14042-4, Jun ’89, £1.99, 221pp, pb, cover by Sean Eckett) [Psammead] Reissue (T. Fisher Unwin 1902) young-adult fantasy novel.

The Magic World E. Nesbit (Viking Puffin 0-14-035094-2, Apr ’89 [Oct ’89], $2.25, 207pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan UK 1912) collection of 12 children’s fantasy stories.

Melisande E. Nesbit (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0-15-253164-5, Oct ’89, $13.95, unpaginated, hc) Children’s humorous fairy tale, with full-color illustrations by P.J. Lynch and an introduction by Naomi Lewis. First American edition (Walker UK 1989).

The Eight Katherine Neville (Headline 0-7472-7993-4, May ’89, £6.95, 504pp, tp) [The Eight] Reprint (Ballantine 1989) thriller with fantasy touches. Also available in hardcover (-0113-7, £12.95). [First U.K. edition]

Deathday Robert Neville (Leisure 0-8439-2805-0, Jul ’89, $3.95, 400pp, pb) Horror novel about a cursed amulet wreaking havoc in a small village. First American edition (Star 1987). Neville is a pseudonym of Shaun Hutson. The British edition was published under his own name.

The Night Mayor Kim Newman (Simon & Schuster UK 0-671-69706-4, Aug ’89 [Jun ’89], £11.95, 192pp, hc) Sf novel.

Nightmare Movies Kim Newman (Crown/Harmony 0-517-57366-0, Oct ’89 [Sep ’89], $12.95, 255pp, tp) Non-fiction; a critical guide to contemporary horror films, with a foreword by Dennis Etchison. First American edition (Bloomsbury 1988).

The Burning of the Rose Ruth Nichols (St. Martin’s 0-312-03299-4, Dec ’89 [Nov ’89], $18.95, 341pp, hc, cover by Andrea Futter) Epic historical novel with ghosts and psychic powers set in Renaissance Italy and Normandy.

Walking Water/After All This Thom Nickels (Banned Books 0-934411-22-0, Sep ’89 [Oct ’89], $8.95, 168pp, tp) Collection of two novellas, one sf and one fantasy, both with gay protagonists. Order from Eward-William Publishing Co., Number 292, Box 33280, Austin TX 78764.

Timelapse David Nighbert (Headline 0-7472-3254-7, Mar ’89 [Feb ’89], £3.50, 294pp, pb) [Timelapse] Reprint (St. Martin’s 1988) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Forgotten Realms: Darkwell Douglas Niles (TSR 0-88038-717-3, Apr ’89, $3.95, 341pp, tp) [Forgotten Realms: Moonshae] Fantasy series based on the “Forgotten Realms” game setting, third book in the “Moonshae” trilogy.

Forgotten Realms: Darkwell Douglas Niles (Penguin 0-14-012635-X, Jul ’89, £3.99, 341pp, pb, cover by Jeff Easley) [Forgotten Realms: Moonshae] Reprint (TSR 1989) fantasy novelization. Volume 3 in the “Moonshae” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

The Chestnut Soldier Jenny Nimmo (Methuen 0-416-11402-4, Oct ’89, £7.95, 168pp, hc) [Snow Spider] Young-adult fantasy novel. Volume three in the “Snow Spider” trilogy.

Orchard of the Crescent Moon Jenny Nimmo (Dutton 0-525-44438-6, Aug ’89 [Sep ’89], $13.95, 170pp, hc) [Snow Spider] Welsh young-adult fantasy, sequel to The Snow Spider. First American edition (Methuen 1987 as Emlyn’s Moon).

The Patchwork Girl Larry Niven (Ace 0-441-65317-0, Mar ’89 [Feb ’89], $3.50, 208pp, pb) [Gil Hamilton] Reissue (Ace 1980) sf mystery novel, illustrated by Fernando. Fourth printing.

Ringworld Larry Niven (Easton Press, 1988 [Jan ’89], no price, 288pp, hc) [Ringworld] Reprint (Ballantine 1970) sf novel. This edition contains a new introduction by Stephen H. Goldman plus terrible color illustrations by Steven Vincent Johnson. This leatherbound gilt-edge limited edition is part of the “Masterpieces of Science Fiction” series and is only available by subscription.

The Barsoom Project Larry Niven & Steven Barnes (Ace 0-441-16712-8, Sep ’89 [Aug ’89], $4.50, 340pp, pb) [Dream Park] Sf novel about an amusement park of the future, sequel to Dream Park.

The Man-Kzin Wars ed. Larry Niven (Baen 0-671-65411-X, Aug ’89 [Jul ’89], $3.95, 289pp, pb) [Man-Kzin Wars] Reissue (Baen 1988) anthology of three stories set in Niven’s “Known Space”. Fourth printing.

The Man-Kzin Wars ed. Larry Niven (Orbit 0-7088-4361-1, Nov ’89, £3.50, 289pp, pb) [Man-Kzin Wars] Reprint (Baen 1988) anthology of 3 sf stories set in Niven’s Known Universe, with stories by Niven, Poul Anderson and Dean Ing, plus an introduction by Niven. [First U.K. edition]

Man-Kzin Wars II ed. Larry Niven (Baen 0-671-69833-8, Aug ’89, $3.95, 306pp, pb) [Man-Kzin Wars] Original shared-world anthology of two long novellas by Dean Ing and Pournelle & Stirling, set in Niven’s “Known Space”.

Whispers from the Dead Joan Lowery Nixon (Delacorte 0-385-29809-9, Oct ’89, $14.95, 180pp, hc) Young-adult horror/mystery. A young girl receives messages from the dead about a murder that occurred in her house.

Hazard and the Five Delights Christopher Noel (Knopf 0-394-55498-1, Aug ’88 [Jan ’89], $16.95, 218pp, hc) Literary fantasy/romance with surreal elements. A first novel.

The Fortune Teller Marsha Norman (Fontana 0-00-617493-0, Feb ’89, £3.95, 430pp, pb) Reprint (Random House 1987) thriller about a psychic clairvoyant.

Dare to Go A-Hunting Andre Norton (Tor 0-312-85012-3, Jan ’90 [Dec ’89], $17.95, 248pp, hc, cover by Victoria Poyser) [Moonsinger] Sf novel, sequel to Flight in Yiktor.

Trey of Swords Andre Norton (Gollancz 0-575-04444-6, Jan ’89, £2.99, 180pp, pb, cover by Mick Posen) [Witch World] Reprint (Grosset & Dunlap 1977) fantasy novel. Volume 8 in the “Witch World” series. [First U.K. edition]

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