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Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine Issue 4: Summer 1989, Science Fiction ed. Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Pulphouse, Jul ’89, $17.95, 247pp, hc) Original anthology/quarterly magazine of 18 stories plus three non-fiction pieces. Contributors include Damon Knight, Robert Sheckley, and Algis Budrys. Also available in a boxed, signed, and numbered leatherbound limited edition ($50.00).

Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine Issue 5: Fall 1989, Horror ed. Kristine Kathryn Rusch (Pulphouse, Oct ’89 [Nov ’89], $17.95, 280pp, hc, cover by C. A. Beal) Original anthology/quarterly magazine of 21 stories plus two non-fiction pieces. Also available in a boxed, signed, and numbered leatherbound limited edition ($50.00).

Grimus Salman Rushdie (Paladin 0-586-08614-5, Aug ’89, £3.99, 253pp, tp, cover by John Clementson) Reprint (Grafton 1977) literary fantasy novel.

The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie (Viking 0-670-82537-9, Feb ’89 [Jan ’89], $19.95, 547pp, hc) Magical realism literary novel with elements of fantasy, involving Islamic India, expatriates, mystics, demagogues, and dreams. First U.S. edition (Viking UK 1988).

The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie (QPBC, Oct ’89, $8.95, 547pp, tp) Reprint (Viking 1989) controversial literary novel of magi realism. This edition is the same as the Viking except it lacks an ISBN and has the jacket printed as the soft cover.

The Hidden Side of the Moon Joanna Russ (The Women’s Press 0-7043-4185-9, Mar ’89, £4.95, 229pp, tp, cover by Judith Clute) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1988) sf/fantasy collection. [First U.K. edition]

Deep Space Eric Frank Russell (Mandarin 0-7493-0103-1, Oct ’89, £3.50, 249pp, pb, cover by Peter Elson) Reprint (Fantasy Press 1954) classic sf collection. This is the first unabridged paperback edition. Recommended. (PSP)

Dreadful Sanctuary Eric Frank Russell (Mandarin 0-7493-0073-6, Jul ’89, £3.50, 255pp, pb) Reprint (Fantasy Press 1951) sf novel. This edition follows the text of the 1967 Four Square edition.

Next of Kin Eric Frank Russell (Mandarin 0-7493-0072-8, Jul ’89, £2.99, 181pp, pb) Reprint (Dobson 1959) sf novel. This includes the Jack Chalker introduction from the Del Rey edition.

With a Strange Device Eric Frank Russell (Mandarin 0-7493-0102-3, Oct ’89 [Sep ’89], £2.99, 154pp, pb, cover by Patrick Mortemore) Reprint (Dobson 1964) sf novel.

Subterranean Gallery Richard Paul Russo (Tor 0-812-55259-8, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 344pp, pb) Near-future urban dystopian sf novel set in San Francisco.

Spear of Destiny Leo Rutman (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-232-7, Aug ’89 [Jul ’89], $3.95, 285pp, pb) Thriller with fantasy elements set in the 1930’s. Refugees from the Spanish Civil War are searching for the spear that pierced Christ’s side, which has occult powers.

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories ed. Alan Ryan (Penguin 0-14-012445-4, Oct ’89 [Sep ’89], $8.95, 621pp, tp) Reissue (Doubleday 1987 as Vampires: Two Centuries of Great Vampire Stories) anthology of 32 vampire stories; third printing.

The Child Garden Geoff Ryman (Unwin Hyman 0-04-440393-3, Oct ’89, £12.95, 388pp, hc) Sf novel. Parts of this novel are based on ‘Love Sickness’, serialized in Interzone.

Berserker’s Planet Fred Saberhagen (Gollancz 0-575-04450-0, Jun ’89, £3.50, 233pp, pb, cover by Terry Pastor) [Berserker] Reprint (DAW 1975) sf novel. Volume Three in the “Berserker” series.

Brother Berserker Fred Saberhagen (Gollancz 0-575-04449-7, Feb ’89, £2.99, 233pp, pb, cover by Terry Pastor) [Berserker] Reprint (Ballantine 1969 as Brother Assassin) sf novel. Volume Two in the “Berserker” series.

A Century of Progress Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-55341-1, Apr ’89 [Mar ’89], $3.95, 315pp, pb) Reissue (Tor 1983) sf alternate world/time-travel novel about a man from our world forced to fight in a future war against the Third Reich that won WWII; second printing.

The Dracula Tape Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-52581-7, May ’89 [Apr ’89], $3.95, 280pp, pb) [Dracula] Reprint (Warner 1975) horror novel; a retelling of Stoker’s Dracula from the Count’s point of view.

The Fifth Book of Lost Swords: Coinspinner’s Story Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-312-93142-5, Dec ’89 [Nov ’89], $16.95, 244pp, hc, cover by Carol Russo) [Lost Swords] Fantasy novel, eighth “Swords” book overall.

The Fourth Book of Lost Swords: Farslayer’s Story Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-312-93170-0, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $16.95, 252pp, hc) [Lost Swords] Fantasy novel, seventh in the “Swords” series.

The Holmes-Dracula File Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-50255-8, Sep ’89 [Aug ’89], $3.95, 249pp, pb) [Sherlock Holmes; Dracula] Reprint (Ace 1978) mystery novel with horrific elements. Sherlock Holmes meets Dracula in Victorian London.

Sightblinder’s Story Fred Saberhagen (Orbit 0-7088-4225-9, Mar ’89 [Feb ’89], £2.99, 248pp, pb) [Lost Swords] Reprint (Tor 1987) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Book of the Lost Swords” series. [First U.K. edition]

The Third Book of Lost Swords: Stonecutter’s Story Fred Saberhagen (Tor 0-812-55307-1, Mar ’89, $4.50, 247pp, pb) [Lost Swords] Reprint (Tor 1988) fantasy novel. Sixth in the “Swords” series.

The Third Book of Lost Swords: Stonecutter’s Story Fred Saberhagen (Orbit 0-7088-4308-5, Oct ’89, £2.99, 247pp, pb) [Lost Swords] Reprint (Tor 1988) fantasy novel. Volume six in the “Swords” series. [First U.K. edition]

Blood of the Impaler Jeffrey Sackett (Bantam 0-553-28183-6, Oct ’89, $3.95, 340pp, pb) Vampire horror novel about a descendant of Vlad the Impaler.

Casca #21: The Trench Soldier Barry Sadler (Jove 0-515-09931-7, Feb ’89 [Jan ’89], $2.95, 168pp, pb) [Casca] Novel in a military fantasy series about an eternal mercenary. Casca fights in WWI.

Casca #22: The Mongol Barry Sadler (Jove 0-515-10240-7, Jan ’90 [Dec ’89], $2.95, 170pp, pb) [Casca] Fantasy novel, 22nd book of “The Eternal Mercenary” series.

John Collier and Fredric Brown Went Quarrelling Through My Head Jessica Amanda Salmonson (W. Paul Ganley 0-932445-35-7, May ’89 [Aug ’89], $7.95, 188pp, tp) Collection of 27 short stories, mostly original or from obscure non-commercial sources with notes by the author, illustrated by Tony Patrick. A hardcover edition (-36-5, $22.50) and a deluxe signed edition (-37-3, $37.50) were announced but not seen.

Tales by Moonlight II ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Tor 0-812-55371-3, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $3.95, 306pp, pb) Anthology of 37 horror stories from small press publications, plus an introduction by Salmonson, a piece on starting small press horror magazines by Peggy Nadramia, and a listing of those currently available.

What Did Miss Darrington See?: An Anthology of Feminist Supernatural Fiction ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson (Feminist Press 1-55861-006-5, Jul ’89 [Jun ’89], $10.95, 263pp, tp) Anthology of 24 stories of the supernatural by women writers, poems plus a long introduction by Rosemary Jackson and a recommended reading list by Salmonson. Many of the stories are relatively obscure and of high quality. Recommended (SW). Also announced in cloth (-005-7 $29.95)

The Outlander: Captivity B. J. Salterberg (Harbinger House 0-943173-52-3, Oct ’89, $9.95, 293pp, tp) Fantasy novel set in a gender-segregated society. A first novel. Ambitious, but flawed (SW).

Forgotten Realms: Streams of Silver R. A. Salvatore (TSR 0-88038-672-X, Feb ’89 [Mar ’89], $3.95, 342pp, tp) [Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale] Fantasy series based on the “Forgotten Realms” game setting, second book of the “Icewind Dale” trilogy.

Forgotten Realms: Streams of Silver R. A. Salvatore (Penguin 0-14-012363-6, Apr ’89, £3.99, 342pp, pb, cover by Clyde Caldwell) [Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale] Reprint (TSR 1989) fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Icewind Dale” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

The Serpent of Senargad Fay Sampson (Lion 0-7459-1520-5, Mar ’89, £1.99, 187pp, pb, cover by Kathy Wyatt) [Finnglas] Young-adult fantasy novel. Volume 5 in the “Pangur Ban” series.

White Nun’s Telling Fay Sampson (Headline 0-7472-3297-0, Nov ’89 [Oct ’89], £3.50, 245pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) [Daughter of Tintagel] Fantasy novel. Volume 2 in the “Daughter of Tintagel” pentalogy.

Wise Woman’s Telling Fay Sampson (Headline 0-7472-3263-6, Jun ’89, £2.99, 229pp, pb) [Daughter of Tintagel] Fantasy novel about Morgan Le Fay. Volume 1 in the “Daughter of Tintagel” pentalogy.

The Dreaming Robert D. San Souci (Berkley 0-425-11433-3, Feb ’89 [Jan ’89], $3.50, 251pp, pb) Vampire horror novel. Packaged by Armadillo Press, but copyright in the the author’s name.

Short & Shivery: Thirty Chilling Tales Robert D. San Souci (Doubleday 0-385-26426-7, Sep ’89 [Aug ’89], $5.95, 175pp, tp) Reprint (Doubleday 1987) children’s collection of ghost and horror stories drawn from folklore or “retold” from works by Hawthorne and others.

The Invisible Company Scott Russell Sanders (Tor 0-812-55382-9, Mar ’89 [Feb ’89], $3.95, 313pp, pb) Sf novel.

Red Devil David Saperstein (Berkley 0-425-11408-2, Feb ’89 [Jan ’89], $3.95, 312pp, pb) Horror novel about a demon in the Kremlin plotting to release Satan.

The First Americans: Book III: Forbidden Land William Sarabande (Bantam 0-553-28206-9, Aug ’89 [Jul ’89], $4.50, 434pp, pb) [First Americans] Prehistoric novel, part of a series created by the creators of “Wagons West”. Another ongoing series from Book Creations Inc.

Alien Child Pamela Sargent (Harper Starwanderer 0-06-447002-4, Apr ’89 [May ’89], $3.95, 246pp, pb) Reprint (Harper & Row 1988) young-adult sf novel about a little girl, the last human on earth, being raised by an alien.

Venus of Dreams Pamela Sargent (Bantam UK 0-553-17617-X, Aug ’89 [Jul ’89], £3.99, 536pp, pb, cover by Steve & Paul Youll) [Venus of Dreams] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1986) sf novel. Volume one in the “Venus” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

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