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Fantasy Tales 5 ed. Stephen Jones & David Sutton (Robinson 1-85487-054-8, Oct ’90, £2.95, 201pp, tp, cover by J. K. Potter) Original fantasy/horror anthology. With this issue Fantasy Tales completes the transition from small press magazine to (mainly) original anthology, with a doubling of page count and price and the removal of all non-fiction material.

Conan the Invincible Robert Jordan (Tor 0-812-50997-8, Jul ’90 [Jun ’90], $3.95, 284pp, pb, cover by Ron Walotsky) [Conan] Reissue (Tor 1982) fantasy novelization; fifth printing.

The Eye of the World Robert Jordan (Tor 0-812-50048-2, Feb ’90 [Jan ’90], $12.95, 670pp, tp, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Epic high fantasy novel, first book of “The Wheel of Time”. Also available in hardcover (0-312-85009-3, $24.95).

The Eye of the World Robert Jordan (Orbit 0-356-19068-4, Jul ’90, £13.95, 670pp, hc, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Reprint (Tor 1990) fantasy novel. Book One of “The Wheel of Time”.

The Eye of the World Robert Jordan (Tor 0-812-51181-6, Nov ’90, $5.95, 814pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Reprint (Tor 1990) epic high fantasy novel, first book of the “Wheel of Time” series.

The Great Hunt Robert Jordan (Tor 0-812-50971-4, Dec ’90 [Nov ’90], $12.95, 598pp, tp, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Wheel of Time] Fantasy novel, second book of “The Wheel of Time”. A hardcover edition (0-312-85140-5, $19.95) is also available.

A Time of Darkness Sherryl Jordan (Scholastic 0-590-43363-6, Oct ’90 [Sep ’90], $13.95, 246pp, hc, cover by John Schwartz) Young-adult time-travel fantasy of a teenager who finds himself in the world of prehistoric man.

Mexico 21 Mark Joseph (Grafton 0-246-13344-9, Aug ’90 [1990], £12.95, 313pp, hc, cover by Bill Gregory) Novel set in 1993 and beyond.

H.P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West S. T. Joshi (Starmont House 1-55742-207-9, Sep ’90, $17.95, 155pp, tp, cover by Bruce Timm) Non-fiction; reference. A critical work on Lovecraft’s philosophy. A hardcover edition (-208-7, $27.95) was announced but not seen. [H. P. Lovecraft]

The Weird Tale S. T. Joshi (University of Texas Press 0-292-79050-3, May ’90 [Mar ’90], $27.50, 292pp, hc, cover by Ed Lindlof) Non-fiction; reference. A study of the works of six masters of the classic weird tale; Machen, Dunsany, Blackwood, James, Bierce, & Lovecraft. A trade paperback edition (-79057-0, $12.95) was also announced but not seen.

Lovecraft Studies 21 ed. S. T. Joshi (Necronomicon Press, Apr ’90, $4.50, 44pp, ph, cover by Jason C. Eckhardt) Non-fiction; reference. An anthology/biannual magazine of four essays on Lovecraft plus a book review. [H. P. Lovecraft]

Studies in Weird Fiction 7 ed. S. T. Joshi (Necronomicon Press, Apr ’90, $4.50, 40pp, ph, cover by Robert H. Knox) Non-fiction; reference. An anthology/magazine with four non-fiction pieces on Jonathan Swift, Arthur Machen, Joyce Carol Oates, and Rod Serling plus book reviews.

No Return Alexander Kabakov (Morrow 0-688-09978-5, Oct ’90 [Sep ’90], $15.95, 94pp, hc, cover by Cathie Bleck) Soviet time-travel dystopian sf novella predicting the consequences for the USSR if Gorbachev’s reforms fail. This originally appeared in the Soviet publication Iskusstvo Kino in 1989, and is translated from the Russian by Thomas Whitney.

Franz Kafka: Stories 1904 - 1924 Franz Kafka (Cardinal 0-7474-0725-8, Dec ’90 [Nov ’90], £4.99, 271pp, tp) Reprint (Macdonald 1981) collection of all of Kafka’s stories published in book form during his life time. This edition is translated by J.A. Underwood and contains an introduction by Jorge Luis Borges.

In Between Dragons Michael Kandel (Bantam Spectra 0-553-28814-8, Sep ’90 [Aug ’90], $3.95, 181pp, pb, cover by Gary Ruddell) Fantasy novel about an adolescent boy’s fantasy worlds getting out of control and intruding on reality. Recommended (SW).

A Haunting in Williamsburg Lou Kassem (Avon Camelot 0-380-75892-X, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $2.95, 104pp, tp) Children’s fantasy of a girl’s meeting with a Colonial ghost.

Yamato: A Rage in Heaven Ken Kato (Warner Questar 0-446-51570-1, Oct ’90 [Sep ’90], $19.95, 540pp, hc, cover by Royo) [Yamato] Epic space opera novel, first book of a new series. A first novel.

Witchery Hill Welwyn Wilton Katz (Dell Laurel-Leaf 0-440-20637-5, Jun ’90 [Sep ’90], $3.50, 244pp, pb) Reprint (Macmillan 1984) young-adult horror novel of a boy who discovers that his stepmother is a witch.

Torg: The Possibility Wars Book Two: The Dark Realm Douglas Kaufman (West End 0-87431-302-3, Aug ’90, $4.95, 302pp, pb, cover by Daniel R. Horne) [Torg] Sf novelization based on the “Possibility Wars” game.

My Madness: The Selected Writings of Anna Kavan Anna Kavan (Picador 0-330-30532-8, Mar ’90, £6.99, 318pp, tp, cover by Louise Brierley) Literary sf collection, edited and with an introduction by Brian W. Aldiss.

More Tales from the Forbidden Planet ed. Roz Kaveney (Titan 1-85286-332-3, Aug ’90, £7.95, 268pp, tp, cover by Moebius) Anthology of 15 original sf/fantasy stories, each illustrated by a separate artist. Also available in hardcover (-331-5, £12.95), and in a limited edition of 250 numbered copies, in an embossed slip-case and signed by all the contributors (-330-7, £45).

Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay (Penguin 0-14-013111-6, Jul ’90, £7.99, 688pp, tp, cover by Steve Crisp) Epic fantasy novel, loosely based on the warring princedoms of Renaissance Italy. Recommended. (PSP)

Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay (Viking UK 0-670-83367-3, Aug ’90 [Jul ’90], £14.99, 688pp, hc) Hardcover edition of the above. According to the publisher, this was intended as a ‘library only’ printing and so only a few hundred copies were printed, a run-on to the book club edition.

Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45028-0, Sep ’90 [Aug ’90], $21.95, 673pp, hc, cover by Mel Odom) Renaissance-flavored fantasy novel. First US edition (Penguin UK 1990).

Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay (SFBC #17564, Oct ’90, $9.98, hc, cover by Mel Odom) Reprint (Penguin UK 1990) Renaissance-flavored fantasy novel.

Phantom Susan Kay (Doubleday UK 0-385-40087-X, Sep ’90, £13.99, 464pp, hc, cover by Fletcher Sibthorp) Fictive biography of the Phantom of the Opera.

Max All Over Marilyn Kaye (Puffin 0-14-032844-0, Feb ’90 [Apr ’90], £2.50, 144pp, pb, cover by Richard Dunn) [Out of This World] Reprint (Penguin 1989) young-adult sf novel. Volume Six in the “Max” series.

13 Plays of Ghosts and the Supernatural ed. Marvin Kaye (SFBC #14355, Mar ’90, $7.98, 617pp, hc, cover by Edward Gorey) Anthology of 13 plays about the supernatural.

Witches and Warlocks: Tales of Black Magic, Old & New ed. Marvin Kaye (SFBC #14354, Apr ’90 [Feb ’90], $6.98, 529pp, hc, cover by Edward Gorey) Anthology of 41 stories from writers ranging from Hawthorne to Tanith Lee.

The Baby Stephanie Kegan (Charter Diamond 1-55773-397-X, Oct ’90 [Sep ’90], $3.95, 262pp, pb) Horror novel of a ghostly baby.

Sisters Long Ago Peg Kehret (Penguin/Cobblehill 0-525-65021-0, Mar ’90 [Sep ’90], $14.95, 149pp, hc, cover by Kathleen M. Kelly) Young-adult fantasy novel. A girl remembers a past life after a near-death experience.

The Spell Ed Kelleher & Harriette Vidal (Leisure 0-8439-2935-9, Jul ’90, $3.95, 312pp, pb) Horror novel of a man who uses black magic to possess the woman he desires.

The Red King Victor Kelleher (Dial 0-8037-0758-4, Jun ’90 [May ’90], $14.95, 185pp, hc) Young-adult fantasy novel of a land tyrannized by an evil magician/king. First American edition (Viking Kestrel Australia 1989).

Author’s Choice Monthly Issue 9: Heroines James Patrick Kelly (Pulphouse, Jun ’90 [May ’90], $4.95, 119pp, tp, cover by George Barr) Collection of four stories and four poems, one poem original, with an introduction by the author. A signed hardcover edition ($25.00) is also available, and a deluxe leatherbound edition ($50.00) was announced but not seen.

Look Into the Sun James Patrick Kelly (Tor 0-812-54293-2, Feb ’90 [Jan ’90], $3.95, 280pp, pb, cover by Royo) [Messengers Chronicles] Reprint (Tor 1989) sf novel of human/alien interaction.

Look Into the Sun James Patrick Kelly (Mandarin 0-7493-0354-9, Jul ’90 [Jun ’90], £3.99, 280pp, pb, cover by Richard Dunn) [Messengers Chronicles] Reprint (Tor 1989) sf novel. Sequel to Planet of Whispers.

The Art of Ken Kelly Ken Kelly (Friedlander Publishing Group 0-9627154-0-9, Nov ’90, $19.95, 95pp, tp, cover by Ken Kelly) Art book, with 41 full-color plates plus black-and-white illustrations and a full-color foldout. Introduction by Frank Frazetta.

Hindsight Ronald Kelly (Zebra 0-8217-2869-5, Jan ’90 [Jul ’90], $3.95, 350pp, pb) Horror novel. A psychic little girl encounters child-murdering evil in an old barn.

Pitfall Ronald Kelly (Zebra 0-8217-3069-X, Jul ’90 [Jun ’90], $3.95, 320pp, pb) Horror novel of Satanic killer dogs.

While Angels Sleep Judith Kelman (Grafton 0-586-20782-1, Jun ’90, £3.50, 280pp, pb, cover by Terry Oakes) Reprint (Berkley 1988) horror novel.

The Gammage Cup Carol Kendall (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0-15-230575-0, Mar ’90, $3.95, 283pp, tp) [Minnipins] Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1959) children’s fantasy novel, a Newbery Honor book.

To Share a Sunset Sharice Kendyl (Leisure 0-8439-3006-3, Oct ’90, $3.95, 368pp, pb) Fantasy romance of a trek across a perilous desert in another world. Part of the new Leisure futuristic romance line.

The Hawk’s Gray Feather Patricia Kennealy (NAL/Roc 0-451-45005-1, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $18.95, 400pp, hc, cover by Tom Canty) [Keltiad] Fantasy novel, fourth in “The Keltiad” series, and first of the “Tales of Arthur” series.

The Hawk’s Gray Feather Patricia Kennealy (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45053-1, Jan ’91 [Dec ’90], $4.95, 400pp, pb, cover by Thomas Canty) [Keltiad] Reprint (Roc 1990) fantasy novel, fourth book of the “Keltiad” series, and first of the “Tales of Arthur” series.

Saint Hiroshima Leigh Kennedy (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0-15-179160-0, Apr ’90 [May ’90], $19.95, 296pp, hc, cover by Paul Bacon) Associational mainstream novel. First American edition (Methuen 1989).

The Bristling Wood Katharine Kerr (Bantam Spectra 0-553-28581-5, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $4.50, 357pp, pb, cover by Keith Parkinson) [Deverry] Reprint (Doubleday Foundation 1989) fantasy novel, third book of the “Daggerspell” series.

Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood Katharine Kerr (Grafton 0-586-20741-4, May ’90, £4.50, 461pp, pb, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Deverry] Reprint (Doubleday 1989 as The Bristling Wood) fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Deverry” series.

The Dragon Revenant Katharine Kerr (Doubleday Foundation 0-385-41098-0, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $8.95, 403pp, tp) [Deverry] Celtic fantasy novel; fourth book of the “Daggerspell” series. A hardcover edition (-26140-3, $18.95) also appeared.

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