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Hocus Pocus or, What’s the Hurry, Son? Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Jonathan Cape 0-224-02917-7, Oct ’90, £13.99, 302pp, hc, cover by Huntley & Muir) Reprint (Putnam 1990) literary sf novel.

Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Paladin 0-586-09002-9, Aug ’90, £4.99, 317pp, tp, cover by Katherine Dickinson) Reprint (Scribners 1952) literary sf novel.

Conan: The Road of Kings Karl Edward Wagner (Ace 0-441-11618-3, Jan ’91 [Dec ’90], $3.95, 211pp, pb, cover by Royo) [Conan] Reissue (Bantam 1979) fantasy novelization, sixteenth book of Ace’s “Conan” series; third printing.

Horrorstory: Volume 4 ed. Karl Edward Wagner (Underwood-Miller 0-88733-094-0, Oct ’90, $39.95, 641pp, hc, cover by Michael Whelan) Omnibus collection of 51 horror stories, comprising the contents of The Year’s Best Horror Stories X (DAW 1982), The Year’s Best Horror Stories XI (DAW 1983), and The Year’s Best Horror Stories XII (DAW 1984). A signed edition (-095-9) was announced but not seen.

The Year’s Best Horror Stories XVIII ed. Karl Edward Wagner (DAW 0-88677-446-2, Oct ’90 [Sep ’90], $4.95, 367pp, pb, cover by Les Edwards) Best-of-the-year anthology of 26 horror stories, plus an introduction by Wagner. As always, a fascinating and eclectic selection, many from obscure sources. Recommended (SW).

The Scathach and Maeve’s Daughters Mary Alexander Walker (Macmillan Atheneum 0-689-31638-0, Nov ’90, $12.95, 119pp, hc, cover by Patricia Mulvihill) Young-adult fantasy novel of the supernatural Scathach, sworn to aid all female descendants of an eighth century Celtic princess. The book covers four eras as quasi-independent stories.

Lullabye Patricia Wallace (Zebra 0-8217-2917-9, Mar ’90 [Feb ’90], $3.95, 287pp, pb) Horror novel. A comatose young mother becomes a murderous zombie.

Thrill Patricia Wallace (Zebra 0-8217-3142-4, Oct ’90, $4.50, 383pp, pb) Horror thriller about a deadly near-future state-of-the-art amusement park built on ancient Indian sacred land.

Forgotten Realms: Pool of Radiance James M. Ward & Jane Cooper Hong (Penguin 0-14-014584-2, Jul ’90, £3.99, 316pp, pb, cover by Clyde Caldwell) [Forgotten Realms] Reprint (TSR 1989) fantasy novelization.

The Rainbow Gate Freda Warrington (NEL 0-450-49149-8, Jan ’90, £13.95, 381pp, hc) Fantasy novel.

The Rainbow Gate Freda Warrington (NEL 0-450-53626-2, Nov ’90 [Oct ’90], £3.99, 381pp, pb) Reprint (NEL 1990) fantasy novel.

Journal Wired #2, Spring 1990 ed. Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-24-4, May ’90, $10.00, 175pp, tp, cover by Bob Haas) Original anthology/quarterly magazine of three stories by Shiner, Di Filippo, and Jonathan Lethem plus five non-fiction pieces and an interview with Pat Cadigan plus a cross-interview with Lisa Tuttle and Colin Greenland.

Journal Wired, Summer/Fall ’90 ed. Andy Watson & Mark V. Ziesing (Watson/Ziesing 0-929480-56-2, Oct ’90, $15.00, 353pp, tp) Original anthology of eight stories, nine nonfiction pieces, six interviews (including William Gibson, Patrick McGrath, and William S. Burroughs) and an excerpt from Patrick McGrath’s novel Spider.

The Embedding Ian Watson (Gollancz 0-575-04784-4, Jul ’90, £3.99, 254pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1973) sf novel. Volume 44 in the “VGSF Classics” series.

The Fire Worm Ian Watson (Grafton 0-586-20763-5, May ’90, £3.50, 240pp, pb, cover by Peter Elson) Reprint (Gollancz 1988) fantasy/horror novel.

The Flies of Memory Ian Watson (Gollancz 0-575-04873-5, Nov ’90 [Oct ’90], £13.95, 220pp, hc, cover by Mike Litherland) Sf novel of alien contact, created from the novella of the same name by adding four further episodes investigating the effect of the Flies on Earth.

God’s World Ian Watson (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-574-4, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $17.95, 254pp, hc) Sf novel of alien angels and a Heaven light years from Earth. First American edition (Gollancz 1979).

Miracle Visitors Ian Watson (Gollancz 0-575-04645-7, Jan ’90, £3.50, 239pp, pb, cover by Jean-François Podevin) Reprint (Gollancz 1978) sf novel. Volume 39 in the “VGSF Classics” series.

Miracle Visitors Ian Watson (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-608-2, May ’90 [Apr ’90], $3.95, 256pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1978) sf novel of UFOs and alien contact.

Salvage Rites Ian Watson (Grafton 0-586-20853-4, Aug ’90, £3.50, 252pp, pb, cover by Mike Van Houten) Reprint (Gollancz 1989) sf collection.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Ian Watson (GW Books 1-872372-29-5, Nov ’90, $8.99, 246pp, tp, cover by Fangorn) [Warhammer 40,000: Inquisition War] Fantasy novelization based on the “Warhammer” game. This is a worldwide edition with both UK and US prices.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Ian Watson (GW Books 1-872372-29-5, Nov ’90, £4.99, 246pp, tp, cover by Fangorn) [Warhammer 40,000: Inquisition War] Sf novel set in the “Warhammer 40,000” universe. Book 1 in the “Inquisition War” trilogy.

Whilom Robert Watson (Atlantic Monthly Press 0-87113-386-5, Sep ’90, $18.95, 216pp, hc, cover by Jeff Fisher) Literary comic fantasy novel retelling Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. First American edition (Bloomsbury 1990).

The Cyborg and the Sorcerers Lawrence Watt-Evans (Grafton 0-586-20748-1, Apr ’90, £3.99, 304pp, pb, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Cyborg and the Sorcerers] Reprint (Del Rey 1982) fantasy novel.

Nightmare People Lawrence Watt-Evans (Penguin/Onyx 0-451-40203-0, Jul ’90, $3.95, 254pp, pb) Horror novel of a race of nightmarish creatures that take over the bodies of humans.

The Wizard and the War Machine Lawrence Watt-Evans (Grafton 0-586-20750-3, Jun ’90, £3.99, 285pp, pb, cover by Geoff Taylor) [Cyborg and the Sorcerers] Reprint (Del Rey 1987) fantasy novel. Sequel to The Cyborg and the Sorcerers.

Salman Rushdie: Sentenced to Death W. J. Weatherby (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-572-8, Jul ’90, $19.95, 258pp, hc) Associational non-fiction, a biography of Salman Rushdie emphasizing the Satanic Verses controversy.

My Father Immortal Michael Weaver (NEL 0-450-51609-1, Mar ’90 [Feb ’90], £2.99, 228pp, pb) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1989) sf novel.

The Halflife Sharon Webb (Tor 0-812-50911-0, Jun ’90, $4.95, 406pp, pb, cover by Mark & Stephanie Gerber) Reprint (Tor 1989) medical/spy thriller with horror and sf elements.

Short Sharp Shocks ed. Julian Lloyd Webber (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 0-297-81147-9, Oct ’90, £13.00, 241pp, hc, cover by Jefferson Godwin) Anthology of 17 horror stories, one original.

Insurrection David Weber & Steve White (Baen 0-671-72024-4, Nov ’90 [Oct ’90], $4.50, 408pp, pb, cover by Paul Alexander) Sf novel about rebellion in a far-future Terran Federation.

The Devil’s Auction Robert E. Weinberg (Leisure 0-8439-2997-9, Aug ’90 [Jul ’90], $3.95, 310pp, pb) [Devil’s Auction] Reprint (Owlswick 1988) horror novel of an auction for witches and warlocks.

The Eighth Green Man & Other Strange Folk ed. Robert E. Weinberg (Starmont House 1-55742-066-1, 1989 [Aug ’90], $9.95, 171pp, tp) Anthology of ten stories and one poem that originally appeared in Weird Tales in the ’20s and ’30s. A hardcover edition (-067-X, $19.95) was announced but not seen. This is a 1989 book that was not seen until 1990.

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