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The Revenge of the Rose: A Tale of the Albino in the Years of His Wandering Michael Moorcock (Grafton 0-586-21501-8, Nov ’91, £7.99, 233pp, tp, cover by Robert Gould) [Elric] Reprint (Grafton 1991) fantasy novel. Ninth in the “Elric” series.

Warriors of Mars Michael Moorcock (Ace 0-441-87339-1, Mar ’91 [Feb ’91], $3.95, 182pp, pb, cover by Dorian Vallejo) [Michael Kane] Reprint (Compact 1965 as by Edward P. Bradbury) fantasy novel, first book of the “Michael Kane” trilogy. Subsequent editions were published as City of the Beast as by Moorcock. This new reversion of title can be confusing because the British omnibus volume is called Warrior of Mars.

Desert Eden J. M. Morgan (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-542-3, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $4.95, 352pp, pb) Sf/ecological thriller. Ten scientists in an experimental ecosystem are the only survivors when a bioweapon destroys almost all life on Earth.

Heart’s Lair Kathleen Morgan (Leisure 0-8439-3122-1, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $4.50, 364pp, pb) A “futuristic romance” of a barbarian slave who kidnaps the beautiful telepathic girl assigned to interrogate him.

The Knowing Crystal Kathleen Morgan (Leisure 0-8439-3097-7, Mar ’91 [Aug ’91], $3.95, 364pp, pb) A “futuristic romance” of a woman and her slave on a quest for a powerful crystal.

The Amulet A. R. Morlan (Bantam 0-553-28908-X, Apr ’91 [Mar ’91], $4.95, 388pp, pb, cover by Stephanie Gerber) [Ewerton, WI] Horror novel of an ancient amulet and a murder that haunts a girl three generations removed from it. First book of a series set in the small town of Ewerton WI.

The Cat with the Tulip Face A. R. Morlan (Pulphouse 1-56146-529-1, Jul ’91, $1.95, 48pp, pb, cover by Donna Gordon) [Ewerton, WI] Original dark fantasy short story, a prequel to the horror novel The Amulet. Short story paperback #29.

Dark Journey A. R. Morlan (Bantam 0-553-29152-1, Dec ’91 [Nov ’91], $5.99, 596pp, pb, cover by Melvyn Grant) [Ewerton, WI] Horror novel, Morlan’s second book set in the small town of Ewerton WI. A carnival returns to the town for the first time since 1923, bringing terror and death with it.

The Totem David Morrell (Headline 0-7472-3687-9, Dec ’91 [Nov ’91], £4.50, 306pp, pb) Reprint (Evans 1979) horror novel. This edition has a new introduction by Morrell.

Threshold Janet & Chris Morris (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45084-1, Jun ’91 [May ’91], $4.50, 250pp, pb) [Threshold] Reprint (Penguin/Roc 1990) military time-travel sf novel.

The Horror Club Mark Morris (Bantam 0-553-28933-0, Mar ’91 [Feb ’91], $4.95, 519pp, pb, cover by Gary Smith) Horror novel about a group of children who make contact with an evil force. First American edition (Piatkus 1989 as Toady).

Stitch Mark Morris (Piatkus 0-7499-0045-8, Mar ’91, £13.95, 423pp, hc, cover by Ken Leeder) Horror novel.

The New Gothic ed. Bradford Morrow & Patrick McGrath (Random House 0-394-58767-7, Oct ’91, $22.00, 336pp, hc, cover by Albert Pinkham Ryder) Anthology of 16 contemporary literary gothic stories and five novel excerpts. 12 of the stories seem to be originals, and three of the excerpts are from works in progress. There is an introduction by the editors.

The Black Madonna H. M. Morrow (Dell 0-440-20476-3, Mar ’91 [Feb ’91], $3.95, 288pp, pb) Horror novel of a biker gang and an evil woman with mysterious powers.

City of Truth James Morrow (Legend 0-7126-3693-5, Jan ’91 [Dec ’90], £9.99, 104pp, hc, cover by Steve Crisp) Sf novella about a city where everyone has to tell the truth, illustrated throughout by Steve Crisp. Recommended. (PSP)

City of Truth James Morrow (Legend 0-7126-4575-6, Jun ’91, £4.99, 104pp, tp, cover by Steve Crisp) Reprint (Legend 1991) sf novella.

Only Begotten Daughter James Morrow (Ace 0-441-63041-3, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $4.50, 312pp, pb, cover by Michael Racz) Reprint (Morrow 1990) literary fantasy novel about the coming of the Daughter of God. A Nebula nominee. Recommended (SW).

Only Begotten Daughter James Morrow (Legend 0-7126-4541-1, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], £13.99, 312pp, hc, cover by Steve Crisp) Reprint (Morrow 1990) fantasy satire about God’s daughter living in a near-future Atlantic City. Recommended. (PSP) [First U.K. edition]

The Wine of Violence James Morrow (Legend 0-09-983070-1, Jun ’91, £3.99, 301pp, pb) Reprint (Holt 1981) sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Prince Ivan Peter Morwood (Legend 0-09-967820-9, May ’91, £3.99, 280pp, pb, cover by Paul Damon) [Prince Ivan] Reprint (Legend 1990) fantasy novel set in ancient Russia.

The Miskatonic [2 vols.] ed. Dirk Walter Mosig (Moshassuck Press, May ’91, $50.00, v + 637pp, tp) Two-volume cello-bound 100-copy facsimile of the complete run of the Lovecraftian fanzine (1973-1979), indexed by Ken Faig. Some of the original fanzines were spirit duplicated, and the quality in this offset edition varies. There don’t seem to be any unreadable phrases. Order postpaid from Kenneth W. Faig, Jr., 2311 Swainwood Drive, Glenview IL 60025.

A Very British Coup Chris Mullin (Arrow 0-09-986230-1, Jan ’91, £3.99, 220pp, pb) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1982) near-future politicial thriller.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Haruki Murakami (Kodansha International 4-770-01544-5, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $21.95, 400pp, hc, cover by Shigeo Okamoto) Near-future thriller about a computer war set in a Japan completely dominated by information storage and retrieval. Simultaneous with the British edition from Hamish Hamilton.

The Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World Haruki Murakami (Hamish Hamilton 0-241-13144-8, Sep ’91, £14.99, 400pp, hc, cover by David Cutter) Literary sf novel. A mix of sf, satire and a warning of the dangerous powers of multinational corporations. Translated from the Japanese by Alfred Birnbaum (Sekai No Owari to Hard-Boiled Wonderland, Shinchosha Ltd.). Simultaneous with the American edition from Kodansha International.

The City, Not Long After Pat Murphy (Pan 0-330-31277-4, Aug ’91, £4.99, 320pp, pb, cover by David Bergen) Reprint (Doubleday Foundation 1989) sf/fantasy novel.

Destiny’s Carnival Warren Murphy & Todd Elsinore (Fawcett Gold Medal 0-449-14754-1, Jan ’92 [Dec ’91], $4.99, 197pp, pb) Horror novel of a boy with psychic powers endangered by a deadly carnival.

The Destroyer #85: Blood Lust Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir (Penguin/Signet 0-451-16990-5, Jul ’91, $4.50, 256pp, pb) [Destroyer] Fantasy adventure thriller in the seemingly endless series (most with no fantastic content). This is the first of a two-part adventure about Remo Williams’ battle with the goddess Kali.

The Destroyer #87: Mob Psychology Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir (Penguin/Signet 0-451-17114-4, Jan ’92 [Dec ’91], $4.50, 250pp, pb) [Destroyer] Fantasy adventure thriller in the seemingly endless series, most without fantasy elements. Remo Williams learns that the Mafia has developed a computer system that can erase a person’s existence.

Dream House E. Patrick Murray (Diamond 1-55773-538-7, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $4.50, 228pp, pb) Horror novel of a little girl who is brought to live in the evil house that haunts her dreams.

The Fifth Book of After Midnight Stories ed. Amy Myers (Robert Hale 0-7090-4531-X, May ’91, £13.95, 208pp, hc, cover by Helen Hale) Original ghost/horror anthology.

Better Than Life Grant Naylor (Penguin 0-14-012438-1, Apr ’91 [Mar ’91], £3.99, 229pp, pb, cover by Paul Grant) [Red Dwarf] Reprint (Viking UK 1990) novelization of the humorous sf TV series Red Dwarf. This is a pseudonym for Rob Grant & Doug Naylor.

Witch Weed Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Delacorte 0-385-30426-9, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $14.00, 181pp, hc, cover by Joe Burleson) [Witch’s Sister] Young-adult fantasy novel, fifth book in the “Witch’s Sister” series.

The Witch’s Eye Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (Dell Yearling 0-440-40514-9, Oct ’91 [Sep ’91], $3.25, 179pp, tp, cover by Joe Burleson) [Witch’s Sister] Reprint (Delacorte 1990) young-adult fantasy novel, fourth book of the “Witch’s Sister” series.

The Devil’s Advocate Andrew Neiderman (Legend 0-09-976660-4, Jun ’91, £3.99, 313pp, pb) Reprint (Pocket 1990) horror novel.

The Immortals Andrew Neiderman (Pocket Star 0-671-70454-0, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $4.95, 281pp, pb, cover by Lisa Falkenstern) Horror novel of a anti-aging cream corporation run by undying evil.

Sister, Sister Andrew Neiderman (Berkley 0-425-12846-6, Jan ’92 [Dec ’91], $4.99, 292pp, pb) Horror novel. The teacher assigned to a pair of Siamese twins realizes they have inhuman powers.

Great Tales of Jewish Occult and Fantasy: The Dybbuk and 30 Other Classic Stories ed. Joachim Neugroschel (Wings 0-517-06005-1, Jul ’91 [Aug ’91], $14.95, 709pp, hc) Reprint (Cassell 1976 as The Great Works of Jewish Fantasy and Occult) anthology, with an introduction and translations by the editor.

Bad Dreams Kim Newman (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-781-X, Nov ’91 [Oct ’91], $18.95, 280pp, hc, cover by Andrea Pinnington) Horror novel of a young journalist whose family is sucked into the web of a vampiric immortal killer. Recommended (SW). First American edition (Simon & Schuster UK 1990).

Jago Kim Newman (Simon & Schuster UK 0-671-71725-1, Oct ’91 [Aug ’91], £14.99, 534pp, hc, cover by William Blake) Horror novel about a strange cult in the depths of Somerset.

Out of the Past: The Indiana Ghost Stories of Anna Nicholas Anna Nicholas (Ghost Story Society, Dec ’91, no price, 30pp, ph) Collection of three ghost stories, edited and introduced by Jessica Amanda Salmonson.

The Clouds of Magellan David F. Nighbert (St. Martin’s 0-312-05834-9, Jun ’91 [May ’91], $18.95, 308pp, hc, cover by Ron Walotsky) [Timelapse] Sf adventure novel, sequel to Timelapse.

DragonLance: The Kinslayer Wars Douglas Niles (TSR 1-56076-113-X, Aug ’91, $4.95/£3.99, 314pp, tp, cover by Gerald Brom) [DragonLance: Elven Nations] Fantasy novelization based on the “DragonLance” game, second book of the “Elven Nations” trilogy. This is a worldwide edition with both U.S. and U.K. prices.

Forgotten Realms: Feathered Dragon Douglas Niles (TSR 1-56076-045-1, Apr ’91, $4.95/£4.50, 316pp, tp, cover by Fred Fields) [Forgotten Realms: Maztica] Novelization based on the “Forgotten Realms” game, third book of the “Maztica” trilogy. This is a worldwide edition with both U.S. and U.K. prices.

Forgotten Realms: Feathered Dragon Douglas Niles (Penguin 0-14-014524-9, Jul ’91, £4.50, 316pp, pb, cover by Fred Fields) [Forgotten Realms: Maztica] Reprint (TSR 1991) fantasy novelization. Book Three in the “Maztica” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

Forgotten Realms: Viperhand Douglas Niles (Penguin 0-14-014373-4, Mar ’91, £4.50, 313pp, pb, cover by Fred Fields) [Forgotten Realms: Maztica] Reprint (TSR 1990) fantasy novelization. Book Two in the “Maztica” trilogy.

I Am Legend: Book One Steve Niles & Richard Matheson (Eclipse Books 1-56060-085-3, Apr ’91, $5.95, 60pp, tp, cover by Elman Brown) First book of a four-part graphic adaptation of Matheson’s classic vampire novel, adapted by Steve Niles, with art by Elman Brown.

The Chestnut Soldier Jenny Nimmo (Penguin/Dutton 0-525-44656-7, Mar ’91 [Jun ’91], $14.95, 201pp, hc, cover by Bruce Hogarth) [Snow Spider] Young-adult fantasy novel, third book of the “Snow Spider” trilogy. First American edition (Methuen 1989).

The Chestnut Soldier Jenny Nimmo (Mammoth 0-7497-0991-X, Oct ’91 [Jan ’92], £2.99, 168pp, pb) [Snow Spider] Reissue (Methuen 1989) young-adult fantasy novel. Volume 3 in the “Snow Spider” series.

Orchard of the Crescent Moon Jenny Nimmo (Troll 0-8167-2265-X, Oct ’90 [Mar ’91], $2.95, 170pp, tp) [Snow Spider] Reprint (Methuen 1987 as Emlyn’s Moon) young-adult fantasy novel, second book of the “Snow Spider” trilogy.

The Snow Spider Jenny Nimmo (Troll 0-8167-2264-1, Oct ’90 [Mar ’91], $2.95, 136pp, tp) [Snow Spider] Reprint (Methuen 1986) young-adult fantasy novel, first book of the “Snow Spider” trilogy.

Worlds of Power: Bionic Commando [by J. B. Stamper] F. X. Nine (Scholastic 0-590-44315-1, Jan ’91 [Mar ’91], $2.95, 117pp, pb) [Worlds of Power] Young-adult sf novelization based on Nintendo games. Sixth in the series.

Worlds of Power: Infiltrator [by A. L. Singer] F. X. Nine (Scholastic 0-590-44314-3, Mar ’91, $2.95, 122pp, pb) [Worlds of Power] Young-adult sf novelization based on Nintendo games. Seventh in the series.

Inconstant Moon Larry Niven (Orbit 0-7088-8375-3, Aug ’91, £3.99, 200pp, pb) Reprint (Gollancz 1973) sf collection. Note that this edition contains only seven of the 12 stories in the original hardback edition.

N-Space Larry Niven (SFBC #17755, Feb ’91, $9.98, 529pp, hc, cover by David Archer) Reprint (Tor 1990) collection of fiction, non-fiction, and novel excerpts. Introduction by Tom Clancy.

N-Space Larry Niven (Tor 0-812-51001-1, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $5.99, 693pp, pb, cover by David Archer) Reprint (Tor 1990) collection of fiction, non-fiction, and novel excerpts, with an introduction by Tom Clancy.

Playgrounds of the Mind Larry Niven (Tor 0-312-85219-3, Oct ’91 [Sep ’91], $22.95, 487pp, hc, cover by David Archer) Collection of Niven material, both fiction and non-fiction, with stories, essays, and novel excerpts.

Ringworld Larry Niven (Orbit 0-7088-8374-5, Aug ’91, £4.50, 287pp, pb) [Ringworld] Reprint (Ballantine 1970) sf novel.

World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star Larry Niven (BOMC/QPBC, Jun ’91, $11.95, 160/254/285pp, tp) [Known Space] Omnibus of the first three books in the “Known Space” series, World of Ptavvs (Ballantine 1966), A Gift from Earth (Ballantine 1968), and Neutron Star (Ballantine 1968).

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