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Always, My Love Carla Simpson (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-433-8, Oct ’90 [Dec ’91], $4.95, 512pp, pb) Fantasy/reincarnation romance. A modern woman buys an old Louisiana plantation and finds that she lived and loved within its walls during the Civil War.

Whisper of Midnight Patricia Simpson (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-100247-X, Aug ’91 [Dec ’91], $4.50, 297pp, pb, cover by Franco Accornero) Romantic suspense novel with a real ghost. A young girl and the ghost that terrified her in childhood must protect her brother’s invention from a gang of crooks.

Downriver Iain Sinclair (Paladin 0-586-09074-6, Mar ’91, £14.99, 407pp, hc, cover by Ludwig Meidner) Surrealist view of the hidden secrets of the Thames, mixing past, present, and future.

Worlds of Power: Blaster Master A. L. Singer (Hippo 0-590-76481-0, Apr ’91 [Feb ’91], £1.95, 119pp, pb) Reprint (Scholastic 1990) young-adult sf computer game novelization. Volume 1 in the series. [First U.K. edition]

Worlds of Power: Ninja Gaiden A. L. Singer (Hippo 0-590-76484-5, Apr ’91, £1.95, 120pp, pb) Reprint (Scholastic 1990) young-adult sf computer game novelization. Volume 3 in the series. [First U.K. edition]

Bicycling Through Space and Time Michael B. Sirota (Ace 0-441-05735-7, Dec ’91, $3.99, 202pp, pb, cover by Glen Orbik) Humorous sf novel about a bicycle whose 22nd gear takes the rider into a different reality.

The Well Michael B. Sirota (Bantam 0-553-28843-1, Jun ’91 [May ’91], $4.50, 242pp, pb, cover by Jim Thiesen) Horror novel of an ancient Indian curse on the descendants of the early settlers in a small California town.

Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of “Dracula” from Novel to Stage to Screen David J. Skal (Norton 0-393-30805-7, Oct ’91, $15.95, 242pp, tp) Reprint (Norton 1990) non-fiction, a history of Stoker’s Dracula as a literary property. Recommended (SW). [Bram Stoker]

The Bridge John Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam 0-553-29027-4, Oct ’91 [Sep ’91], $4.99, 419pp, pb) Horror novel of sentient toxic waste.

The Light at the End John Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam 0-553-25451-0, Nov ’91, $4.99, 385pp, pb) Reissue (Bantam 1986) horror novel of vampires in the New York subways; second printing.

The Scream John Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam 0-553-26798-1, Nov ’91, $4.99, 420pp, pb) Reissue (Bantam 1988) horror novel; third printing.

Book of the Dead ed. John Skipp & Craig Spector (Bantam 0-553-27998-X, Nov ’91, $4.99, 390pp, pb) [Living Dead] Reissue (Bantam 1989) original semi-shared-world anthology of stories set in the world of George Romero’s “Living Dead” films; fourth printing.

Bugs John Sladek (Paladin 0-586-09023-1, Feb ’91, £4.99, 224pp, tp, cover by Paul Sample) Reprint (Macmillan UK 1989) humorous sf novel.

Among the Dolls William Sleator (Knopf Bullseye 0-679-80347-5, Mar ’91, $2.95, 70pp, tp, cover by Doron Ben-Ami) Reprint (Dutton 1975) young-adult fantasy novella, with illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman.

The Duplicate William Sleator (Heinemann 0-434-96409-3, Feb ’91 [Mar ’91], £8.95, 180pp, hc) Reprint (Dutton 1988) young-adult sf novel about a machine that copies living things.

The Green Futures of Tycho William Sleator (Penguin US/Puffin 0-14-034581-7, May ’91, $3.95, 133pp, pb, cover by Linda Thomas) Reprint (Dutton 1981) young-adult sf novel.

House of Stairs William Sleator (Penguin US/Puffin 0-14-034580-9, Apr ’91 [Mar ’91], $3.95, 166pp, pb, cover by Brad Teare) Reprint (Dutton 1974) young-adult sf novel of kidnapped orphans trapped in a mysterious building.

Into the Dream William Sleator (Knopf Bullseye 0-679-80348-3, Jul ’91, $3.50, 137pp, tp, cover by Doron Ben-Ami) Reprint (Dutton 1979) young-adult fantasy novel of two psychic children who receive a telepathic cry for help.

The Spirit House William Sleator (Dutton 0-525-44814-4, Oct ’91 [Nov ’91], $13.95, 134pp, hc, cover by David Levinson) [Spirit House] Young-adult fantasy/mystery novel. Julie investigates the odd behavior of the Thai exchange student staying with her family and learns he was followed across the ocean by a wish-granting spirit.

Strange Attractors William Sleator (Penguin/Puffin 0-14-034582-5, Apr ’91 [Mar ’91], $3.95, 169pp, pb, cover by Linda Thomas) Reprint (Dutton 1990) young-adult sf novel.

Strange Attractors William Sleator (Heinemann 0-434-96411-5, May ’91 [Jun ’91], £8.95, 186pp, hc) Reprint (Dutton 1990) young-adult sf novel. [First U.K. edition]

Horn: Outland Strip Ben Sloane (Worldwide Library Gold Eagle 0-373-64003-X, Feb ’91, $4.50, 299pp, pb) Sf/crime novel of a cyborg cop in 21st-century New York, part of a series.

Horn: Ultimate Weapon Ben Sloane (Worldwide Library Gold Eagle 0-373-64004-8, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $4.50, 309pp, pb) Sf/crime novel set in 21st-century New York, about a cyborg cop taking on street crime. Part of an ongoing series.

The Wall Around Eden Joan Slonczewski (The Women’s Press 0-7043-4254-5, Mar ’91 [Feb ’91], £6.95, 288pp, tp, cover by Barbara Loftus) Reprint (Morrow 1989) post-holocaust sf novel.

I Shudder at Your Touch ed. Michele Slung (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45079-5, Jun ’91, $19.95, 379pp, hc, cover by Mel Odom) Anthology of 22 stories of sexual horror, four original, with a preface by the editor. Recommended (SW).

I Shudder at Your Touch ed. Michele Slung (SFBC #18218, Nov ’91 [Dec ’91], $9.98, 379pp, hc, cover by Mel Odom) Reprint (Roc 1991) anthology of 22 horror stories. Similar to the Roc edition except it lacks an ISBN and price. The SFBC number is on the back jacket.

I Shudder at Your Touch ed. Michele Slung (Roc UK 0-14-015967-3, Nov ’91, £4.99, 380pp, pb, cover by Graham Potts) Reprint (Roc 1991) anthology of 22 stories of sexual horror, six original, with a preface by the editor. The Patrick McGrath story “Cleave the Vampire, or A Gothic Pastorale” has been retitled “Not Cricket”. [First U.K. edition]

A Moment in Time Bertrice Small (Ballantine 0-345-36863-0, Sep ’91, $10.00, 496pp, tp, cover by Elaine Duillo) Celtic historical romance with fantasy elements. A young girl in ancient Britain falls in love with a man whose family was granted powers by Merlin himself.

The Falcon and the Serpent Cheryl Smith (Minstrel 1-85424-127-3, May ’91, £4.99, 318pp, pb, cover by Rodney Matthews) Reprint (Crossway 1990) fantasy novel. [First U.K. edition]

The Devil’s Notebook Clark Ashton Smith (Starmont House 1-557421-160-9, 1990, $9.95, 82pp, tp, cover by Bruce Timm) Collection of epigrams and pensées by Smith plus a short collection of epigrams by others selected by him, with an introduction by Don Herron. A hardcover edition (-161-7, $19.95) was announced but not seen.

The Eyes of Night David C. Smith (Avon 0-380-76011-8, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $3.95, 254pp, pb, cover by Tim O’Brien) [Fair Rules of Evil] Horror novel of an evil medieval cult operating in the modern world. Sequel to The Fair Rules of Evil.

The Genres of Gulliver’s Travels ed. Frederick N. Smith (University of Delaware Press 0-87413-359-9, Apr ’91, $38.50, 265pp, hc) Non-fiction, criticism. A collection of ten essays on Swift’s novel, plus an introduction and an afterword by the editor. [Jonathan Swift]

The Black Fedora Guy N. Smith (Sphere 0-7474-0730-4, Feb ’91 [Jan ’91], £3.99, 236pp, pb, cover by Luis Rey) [Sgt. John Mayo] Horror novel.

The Resurrected Guy N. Smith (Grafton 0-586-20501-2, Nov ’91, £3.99, 223pp, pb, cover by Luis Rey) Horror novel.

The Lurker James V. Smith, Jr. (Grafton 0-586-20903-4, Apr ’91, £3.99, 363pp, pb, cover by Bruno Elletori) Reprint (Dell 1989) horror novel. [First U.K. edition]

Mission of Magic Julie Dean Smith (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-36627-1, Jun ’91, $4.95, 324pp, pb, cover by Michael Herring) [Caithan Crusade] Fantasy novel of a Princess trying to help wizards struck by uncontrollable magic, second book of the “Caithan Crusade” series.

Henry Martyn L. Neil Smith (Tor 0-812-50550-6, Aug ’91 [Jul ’91], $4.99, 437pp, pb, cover by Ron Walotsky) [Nathaniel Blackburn] Reprint (Tor 1989) sf adventure novel of an interstellar pirate.

The Vampire Diaries Volume I: The Awakening L. J. Smith (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-106097-6, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $3.99, 311pp, pb) [Vampire Diaries] Young-adult vampire novel of a young girl torn between two vampire brothers, first book of a new series.

The Vampire Diaries Volume II: The Struggle L. J. Smith (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-106098-4, Oct ’91 [Sep ’91], $3.99, 313pp, pb) [Vampire Diaries] Young-adult vampire novel of a young girl torn between two vampire brothers, second book of a series.

The Vampire Diaries Volume III: The Fury L. J. Smith (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-106099-2, Nov ’91 [Oct ’91], $3.99, 309pp, pb) [Vampire Diaries] Young-adult vampire novel of a young girl torn between two vampire brothers, third book of a series.

Silent Witness Robert Arthur Smith (Fawcett Crest 0-449-14668-5, Jun ’91 [May ’91], $3.95, 246pp, pb) Mad doctor horror novel.

Report On a Writing Man & Other Reminiscences of Robert E. Howard Tevis Clyde Smith (Necronomicon Press, Oct ’91, $6.95, 48pp, ph) Non-fiction, history, a collection of material on Robert E. Howard by one of his friends plus an introduction by Novalyne Price Ellis and an essay on Smith by Rusty Burke.

Journey to Amanah: The Beginning Colleen K. Snyder (Broadman Press 0-8054-6038-1, Jul ’91, $8.95, 206pp, tp, cover by Neal McPheeters) Christian fantasy novel of a faithful man’s children sent on a long quest to avoid persecution.

Sadar’s Keep Midori Snyder (Tor 0-812-50912-9, Mar ’91 [Feb ’91], $3.95, 341pp, pb, cover by Dennis Nolan) [Queen’s Quarter] Reprint (Unwin 1990) fantasy novel of elemental magic stirring in a land where it has been suppressed. Sequel to New Moon.

Song of the Gargoyle Zilpha Keatley Snyder (Delacorte 0-385-30301-7, Apr ’91 [Mar ’91], $14.95, 232pp, hc, cover by Jody Lee) Medieval historical fantasy novel of a boy’s search for his father, accompanied by a living gargoyle.

Moon Dance S. P. Somtow (Gollancz 0-575-05017-9, Feb ’91 [Nov ’90], £14.99, 564pp, hc, cover by Tom Stimpson) Reprint (Tor 1990) epic horror novel about vampires. This is a pseudonym for Somtow Sucharitkul.

Moon Dance S. P. Somtow (Tor 0-812-51127-1, Apr ’91, $4.95, 535pp, pb, cover by Joe DeVito) Reprint (Tor 1990) epic American historical/werewolf novel.

Moon Dance S. P. Somtow (Gollancz 0-575-05072-1, Oct ’91, £4.99, 564pp, pb, cover by Tom Stimpson) Reprint (Tor 1990) epic horror novel about werewolves. This is a pseudonym for Somtow Sucharitkul.

Riverrun S. P. Somtow (Avon 0-380-75925-X, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $3.99, 259pp, pb, cover by Tim White) [Riverrun] Fantasy novel of two teenagers and their parents drawn into the conflicts of another dimension. First book of a new series. Highly recommended (SW).

Vampire Junction S. P. Somtow (Tor 0-812-52596-5, Jul ’91 [Jun ’91], $3.99, 362pp, pb) [Timmy Valentine] Reprint (Donning/Starblaze 1984) horror/fantasy novel about a teen idol rock star who is actually a 2000 year-old vampire. Highly recommended (SW).

Moonfall Heather Spears (Beach Holme Publishers 0-88878-306-X, Sep ’91 [Oct ’91], $6.95, 239pp, tp, cover by Gerald Luxton) [Moonfall] Post-holocaust sf novel. The destruction of the ozone layer has caused humans to mutate into a two-headed form, and when the moon is disintegrating, only the one surviving one-headed human can save the planet. A first novel.

The Stephen King Quiz Book Stephen Spignesi (NEL 0-450-54573-3, Sep ’91, £3.99, 203pp, pb) Reprint (Signet 1990) collection of quizzes based on Stephen King’s stories and novels. This also contains a bibliography of all of King’s books and stories, but only quotes current U.S. editions thereof! [First U.K. edition]

The Children of Hamelin Norman Spinrad (Tafford Publishing 0-9623712-3-8, Oct ’91, $19.95, 310pp, hc, cover by Kent Bash) Associational mainstream novel about 1960s New York City and a couple drawn into a dangerous cult.

Russian Spring Norman Spinrad (Bantam 0-553-07586-1, Oct ’91 [Sep ’91], $22.50, 567pp, hc, cover by Mick McGinty) Near-future sf novel set in a world where America is declining and the success of perestroika has made Russia the world’s strongest power.

The Godwins and the Shelleys William St. Clair (Johns Hopkins University Press 0-8018-4233-6, Jul ’91 [Aug ’91], $16.95, 572pp, tp) Reprint (Norton 1989) non-fiction, history. A “family biography” of the two generations of free thinkers, including Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein. [Mary W. Shelley]

A Handful of Stars Dana Stabenow (Ace 0-441-31615-8, Dec ’91 [Nov ’91], $3.99, 215pp, pb, cover by David Cherry) [Star Svensdotter] Sf novel of pioneers trying to make their fortunes in the asteroid belt, sequel to Second Star.

Second Star Dana Stabenow (Ace 0-441-75722-7, Jun ’91 [May ’91], $3.95, 202pp, pb, cover by Martin Andrews) [Star Svensdotter] Sf novel of a frontier space colony in danger from “flatlanders”, first book of a series. A first novel.

The Angel of Pain Brian M. Stableford (Simon & Schuster UK 0-671-71727-8, Aug ’91, £14.99, 396pp, hc, cover by Francisco Goya) [David Lydyard] Metaphysical fantasy/horror novel set in 19th century London. Sequel to The Werewolves of London.

The Empire of Fear Brian M. Stableford (Pan 0-330-31575-7, Jun ’91, £4.99, 520pp, pb, cover by Sanjulian) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1988) horror novel.

The Empire of Fear Brian M. Stableford (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-742-9, Sep ’91 [Aug ’91], $20.95, 386pp, hc, cover by Kersti O’Leary) Alternate-world vampire novel set in a 17th century where Earth is ruled by a race of vampires that includes Richard the Lionheart. Recommended (SW). First American edition (Simon & Schuster UK 1988).

Sexual Chemistry: Sardonic Tales of the Genetic Revolution Brian M. Stableford (Simon & Schuster UK 0-671-71734-0, Feb ’91 [Mar ’91], £13.99, 229pp, hc) Collection of ten sf stories, and one article, about the possible effects of genetic engineering. Although this is Stableford’s first collection, all but one of the pieces come from the last five years. Strongly recommended. (PSP)

Slumming in Voodooland Brian M. Stableford (Pulphouse 1-56146-526-7, Jul ’91, $1.95, 40pp, pb, cover by Brian Cooper) Original sf short story of a deadly drive-in of the future. Short Story paperback #26.

The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy: The 19th Century ed. Brian M. Stableford (Dedalus 0-946626-78-2, Sep ’91, £8.99, 416pp, tp, cover by Tim Grey) Anthology of 21 fantasy pieces published in the 19th Century, with a long introductory essay by Brian Stableford. Recommended. (PSP) Also announced in hardcover (-84-7, £18.99).

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