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Time Warriors: Fuse Point David North (Worldwide Library Gold Eagle, Apr ’92 [Aug ’92], $3.50, 218pp, pb) [Time Warriors] Time-travel sf adventure novel, first book of a series.

The Defiant Agents Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-14249-4, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $3.99, 218pp, pb, cover by Walter Velez) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1962) sf novel, third book of the “Time Travel” series; tenth printing.

Forerunner Foray Andre Norton (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45176-7, Aug ’92 [Jul ’92], $4.50, 255pp, pb, cover by Tom Canty) [Forerunner] Reprint (Viking 1973) sf novel, third book of the “Forerunner” series.

Iron Cage Andre Norton (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45193-7, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $4.50, 288pp, pb, cover by Tom Canty) Reprint (Viking 1974) sf novel of a human boy trying to protect the non-human aliens who raised him.

Key Out of Time Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-43676-5, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $3.99, 188pp, pb) [Time Traders] Reissue (World 1963) sf novel, fourth book of the “Time Agents” series; ninth printing.

The Mark of the Cat Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-52020-0, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $17.95, 248pp, hc, cover by Joe Burleson) Fantasy novel based on Karen Kuykendall’s paintings in The Cat People.

The Stars Are Ours Andre Norton (Ace 0-441-78435-6, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $3.99, 191pp, pb, cover by J Harston) Reissue (World 1954) sf novel; eighth printing.

Wraiths of Time Andre Norton (Tor 0-812-54752-7, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $3.99, 248pp, pb, cover by Pat Morrissey) Reprint (Atheneum 1976) time-travel fantasy novel.

The Zero Stone Andre Norton (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45162-7, Jun ’92, $4.99, 252pp, pb) [Murdoc Jern] Reprint (Viking 1968) sf novel, first book featuring Murdoc Jern.

Songsmith Andre Norton & A. C. Crispin (Tor 0-312-85123-5, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $19.95, 295pp, hc, cover by Dennis Nolan) [Witch World] Fantasy novel in Norton’s “Witch World” series.

Storms of Victory: Witch World: The Turning Andre Norton & P. M. Griffin (Tor 0-812-51109-3, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.99, 432pp, pb, cover by Dennis A. Nolan) [Witch World] Reprint (Tor 1991) fantasy novel, first book of a new series set in Norton’s “Witch World” universe. This book was outlined and edited by Norton and written by Griffin. Copyright by Andre Norton Ltd.

Flight of Vengeance Andre Norton, P. M. Griffin & Mary H. Schaub (Tor 0-312-85014-X, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $21.95, 383pp, hc, cover by Dennis A. Nolan) [Witch World] Original anthology of two fantasy novels set in Norton’s “Witch World” universe bound in one book, second book of the “Witch World: The Turning” series. The books were edited by Norton and copyrighted by Andre Norton, Ltd. Contains Exile by Mary Schaub and Falcon Hope by P.M. Griffin.

Sneeze on Sunday Andre Norton & Grace Allen Hogarth (Tor 0-812-51697-4, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $4.99, 249pp, pb, cover by Ron Walotsky) Reprint (Hammond 1954 as Murders for Sale by Allen Weston) associational mystery novel.

The Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt Jack E. Norton (SFBC #19626, May ’92 [Sep ’92], $19.98, 159pp, hc, cover by Tim Hildebrandt) Art book, a collection of Hildebrandt’s work with commentary on his techniques. First American edition (Paper Tiger 1991). This is identical to the British trade paperback edition except it is a hardcover and does not have a price on the jacket. It’s a run-on printing and the Paper Tiger ISBN, 1-85028-162-9, is on the book jacket and the title page.

Higher Mythology Jody Lynn Nye (Warner Questar 0-446-36335-9, Jan ’93 [Dec ’92], $4.99, 266pp, pb, cover by Don Puckey) [Mythology] Humorous fantasy novel, third book of the “Mythology” series.

The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern Jody Lynn Nye & Anne McCaffrey (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-37946-2, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $12.95, 178pp, tp, cover by Holly Johnson) [Pern] Reprint (Del Rey 1989) non-fiction, a guide to the world of McCaffrey’s “Pern” books. Packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

The Bingo Man Joyce Carol Oates (Pulphouse 1-56146-541-0, Feb ’92, $1.95, 46pp, pb, cover by Pat Morrissey) Macabre psychological horror story. This originally appeared in The Ontario Review in 1980. Short story paperback #41. Order from Pulphouse Publishing, PO Box 1227, Eugene OR 97440.

Sheltered Lives Charles Oberndorf (Bantam Spectra 0-553-29248-X, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.99, 450pp, pb, cover by Oscar Chichoni) Sf novel of an urban future, where a conservative government controls a sexually transmitted disease by quarantining victims in concentration camps. A first novel.

Dark Time Maxine O’Callaghan (Diamond 1-55773-755-X, Aug ’92 [Jul ’92], $4.99, 266pp, pb) Horror novel of a monstrous creature menacing a small town.

Lethal Interference Mel Odom (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45154-6, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $5.50, 379pp, pb) [Lethal Interference] Sf police procedural set in near-future Dallas.

The Famished Road Ben Okri (Doubleday 0-385-42476-0, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $22.50, 500pp, hc, cover by Dirk Van Dooren) Literary fantasy novel of an African boy who remains in touch with the spirit world all souls come from. Winner of the Booker Prize. First American edition (Jonathan Cape 1991).

Deservedly Dead B. J. Oliphant (Fawcett Gold Medal 0-449-14717-7, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $3.99, 215pp, pb) [Shirley McClintock] Associational mystery novel, third book featuring Colorado rancher/detective Shirley McClintock. Oliphant is a pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper.

Reader’s Guide to William Gibson Lance Olsen (Starmont House 1-55742-198-6, May ’92 [Jul ’92], $11.00, 131pp, tp) Non-fiction, criticism. A guide to Gibson’s work, with primary and secondary bibliographies. A hardcover edition (-199-4, $20.00) was announced but not seen. Order from Starmont House, PO Box 851, Mercer Island WA 98040. [William Gibson]

The Classic Fairy Tales ed. Iona & Peter Opie (Oxford University Press 0-19-211559-6, Sep ’92 [Aug ’92], 255pp, hc, cover by Edmund Evans) Reissue (Oxford 1974) critical collection of 24 fairy tales with long commentary and analysis of each. Includes many of the original illustrations.

The Classic Fairy Tales ed. Iona & Peter Opie (BOMC, Oct ’92, $21.95, 255pp, hc, cover by Edmund Evans) Reprint (Oxford 1974) critical collection of 24 fairy tales with long commentary and analysis of each. Includes many of the original illustrations. Similar to the 1992 Oxford reprint except it lacks an ISBN and price and has a BOMC mark on the back.

Death for Old Time’s Sake A. J. Orde (Doubleday Perfect Crime 0-385-41941-4, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $16.50, 249pp, hc, cover by Lee MacLeod) [Jason Lynx] Associational mystery novel, third book featuring Denver antiques dealer Jason Lynx. Orde is a pseudonym for Sheri S. Tepper.

A Little Neighborhood Murder A. J. Orde (Fawcett Crest 0-449-22026-5, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $3.99, 219pp, pb) [Jason Lynx] Reprint (Doubleday 1989) associational mystery novel, first book of the Jason Lynx series. The paperback tells us Orde also writes as B.J. Oliphant but neglects to say both are sf writer Sheri S. Tepper.

Blueprint for Space: Science Fiction to Science Fact ed. Frederick I. Ordway, III & Randy Liebermann (Smithsonian Institution Press 1-56098-073-7, Jan ’92 [Apr ’92], $24.95, 224pp, hc) Associational non-fiction history, companion volume to a museum exhibit. Traces the history of space exploration, in part through art and literature, and speculates on future developments. Includes contributions by Ben Bova, Arthur C. Clarke, and Sam Moskowitz; copiously illustrated. A hardcover edition (-072-9, $60.00) is also available. Order from Smithsonian Institution Press, Dept. 900, Blue Ridge Summit PA 17294, 717/794-2148.

Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell (Easton Press, Oct ’92, no price, 314pp, hc) [1984] Reprint (Secker & Warburg 1949) classic political sf novel, with an introduction by James Gunn and artwork by Frank Kelly Freas. This special leatherbound gilt-edge edition is part of the “Masterpieces of Science Fiction” series and is available by subscription only.

Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell (Knopf Everyman’s Library 0-679-41739-7, Oct ’92, $17.00, 326pp, hc) [1984] Reprint (Secker & Warburg 1949) classic political sf novel, with an introduction by Julian Symons, plus a bibliography and chronology by David Campbell. The text has been corrected and there are notes on the corrections.

Flying in Place Susan Palwick (Tor 0-312-85183-9, May ’92, $17.95, 179pp, hc, cover by Paul Stinson) Ghost story. A young girl is sexually abused by her father and only finds escape with the ghost of her dead sister, who had also been a victim. A beautifully written and disturbing book. Highly recommended (SW). A first novel.

Flying in Place Susan Palwick (SFBC #03397, Oct ’92, $8.98, 179pp, hc, cover by Paul Stinson) Reprint (Tor 1992) ghost story. Similar to the Tor edition except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back cover.

Pulpmaster: The Theodore Roscoe Story Audrey Parente (Starmont House 1-55742-169-2, May ’92 [Jul ’92], $11.95, 173pp, tp, cover by Patael) Non-fiction, biography. The story of the life and work of the classic pulp writer, with a preface by William B. Hart, an introduction by Richard A. Lupoff, and an afterword by Rocco Musemeche — plus a foreword and postscript by the subject. A hardcover edition (-170-6, $21.95) was announced but not seen. Order from Starmont House, PO Box 851, Mercer Island WA 98040. [Theodore Roscoe]

The Cult of Loving Kindness Paul Park (AvoNova 0-380-71819-7, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $4.50, 312pp, pb) [Starbridge Chronicles] Reprint (Morrow 1991) sf novel, third book of “The Starbridge Chronicles”.

Speaking Dreams Severna Park (Firebrand Books 1-56341-014-1, Apr ’92, $9.95, 254pp, tp, cover by Betsy Bayley) [Speaking Dreams] Feminist sf novel of a young woman with precognition sold into slavery where she becomes an important pawn in a galactic power game. A hardcover edition (-015-X, $20.95) was announced but not seen. Available from Firebrand Books, 141 The Commons, Ithaca NY 14850. Please add $2.00 for shipping and handling.

H.G. Wells Under Revision: Proceedings of the International H.G. Wells Symposium ed. Patrick Parrinder & Christopher Rolfe (Susquehanna University Press 0-945636-05-9, 1990 [Mar ’92], $35.00, 263pp, hc) Anthology of literary criticism on Wells. This is a 1990 book not seen until now. This is a world-wide edition with US, British, and Canadian publishers listed. Order from Susquehanna University Press, Selingsgrove PA 17870,(717) 372-4196. [H. G. Wells]

Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales Norman Partridge (Roadkill Press, Jul ’92, $8.00, 110pp, tp, cover by Alan M. Clark) Collection of seven horror stories, with an introduction by Edward Bryant. Illustrations by Alan M. Clark. Order from Roadkill Press, Little Bookshop of Horrors, 10380 Ralston Rd., Arvada CO 80004.

The Best of the Rest 1990: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy from the Small Press ed. Steve Pasechnick & Brian Youmans (Edgewood Press 0-9629066-1-1, May ’91 [Jan ’92], $8.00, 128pp, tp) Anthology of science fiction and fantasy short stories from small press sources. Order from Edgewood Press, PO Box 264, Cambridge MA 02238. Include $2.00 for postage.

The Jewel of Fire Diana L. Paxson (Tor 0-812-51110-7, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $3.99, 309pp, pb, cover by Thomas Canty) [Westria] Fantasy novel, seventh (and final) book of the “Westria” series. The back is new, the 1986 copyright inside is apparently a mistake.

The Serpent’s Tooth Diana L. Paxson (AvoNova 0-380-75680-3, Jan ’93 [Dec ’92], $4.99, 376pp, pb, cover by Thomas Canty) Reprint (Morrow 1991) historical fantasy novel about the Celtic prototype for Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Cat House Michael Peak (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45144-9, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.50, 255pp, pb, cover by D. Craig) [Cat House] Reissue (Signet 1989) talking cat fantasy; third printing.

Catamount Michael Peak (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45141-4, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.99, 282pp, pb) [Cat House] Talking animal fantasy of a puma’s relationship with an eagle, set in the same world as Cat House.

Gormenghast Mervyn Peake (Overlook Press 0-87951-426-4, Apr ’92 [Feb ’92], $13.95, 409pp, tp, cover by Mervyn Peake) [Gormenghast] Reprint (Eyre & Spottiswoode 1950) fantasy novel, second book of the “Gormenghast” trilogy. With the original illustrations by the author and a 1946 magazine article by Quentin Crisp, used as an introduction.

Titus Alone Mervyn Peake (Overlook Press 0-87951-427-2, Apr ’92 [Feb ’92], $13.95, 362pp, tp, cover by Mervyn Peake) [Gormenghast] Reprint (Eyre & Spottiswoode 1959) fantasy novel, third book of the “Gormenghast” trilogy. With the original illustrations by the author and the revised text of the 1970 Eyre & Spottiswoode edition. There are also 12 critical essays, selected and with an introduction by G. Peter Winnington plus the brief fragment “Titus Awakes” with an introduction by John Watney.

Titus Groan Mervyn Peake (Overlook Press 0-87951-425-6, Apr ’92 [Feb ’92], $13.95, 396pp, tp, cover by Mervyn Peake) [Gormenghast] Reprint (Eyre & Spottiswoode 1946) fantasy novel, first book in the “Gormenghast” trilogy, with an introduction by Anthony Burgess from a 1988 Overlook edition. Includes the 14 black and white illustrations by Peake first used as part of the Ballantine edition.

Tom’s Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce (Harper Trophy 0-06-440445-5, Oct ’92 [Dec ’92], $4.95, 229pp, tp, cover by Daniel R. Horne) Reprint (Oxford 1958) juvenile fantasy novel, a Carnegie Medal winner.

Uptime, Downtime John Peel (Simon & Schuster 0-671-73274-9, Jun ’92 [Nov ’92], $14.00, 242pp, hc, cover by Ellen Thompson) Young-adult fantasy novel. Two teenagers are stalked through time by a Druid girl from Stonehenge.

Prophet Frank E. Peretti (Crossway Books 0-89107-618-2, Mar ’92 [Apr ’92], $11.95, 416pp, tp) Christian horror novel. A local TV anchorman’s life is falling apart when he begins to hear mysterious voices.

Aliens™ Book 1: Earth Hive Steve Perry (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56120-0, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $4.99, 278pp, pb, cover by Denis Beauvais) [Aliens] Sf novelization, first book of a new series based on the Dark Horse Comics graphic novels based on the sf films Alien and Aliens.

Black Steel Steve Perry (Ace 0-441-06698-4, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $4.50, 245pp, pb, cover by Royo) [Khadaji] Sf adventure novel, sixth book of the “Matador” series.

Brother Death Steve Perry (Ace 0-441-54476-2, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $4.99, 243pp, pb, cover by Royo) [Khadaji] Sf adventure novel, seventh book of the “Matador” series.

Psi-Man: Haven David Peters (Diamond 1-55773-709-6, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $3.99, 171pp, pb) [Psi-Man] Men’s adventure fantasy novel with a renegade psychic Quaker hero, sixth, and apparently last, book of the series.

The Last Camel Died at Noon Elizabeth Peters (Warner 0-446-36338-3, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $4.99, 430pp, pb, cover by William Teason) [Amelia Peabody Emerson] Reprint (Warner 1991) romantic adventure lost race fantasy novel à la Haggard, sixth book of the ongoing “Amelia Peabody” series of comic Victorian archaeological mysteries.

Gifts of Blood Susan C. Petrey (Baen 0-671-72107-0, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $4.50, 192pp, pb, cover by Tim Hildebrandt) Reprint (OSFCI 1990) collection of nine stories, including the Hugo-nominated “Spidersong”, plus an introduction by the editors, Paul M. Wrigley and Debbie Cross.

The Fate Weaver Jill M. Phillips (Birch Lane 1-55972-102-2, Apr ’92 [May ’92], $17.95, 251pp, hc) Horror novel. An American novelist receives a mysterious invitation to the tiny village her ancestors came from, only to discover that something evil is waiting, a holdover from an ancient pagan religion.

The Door To Ambermere J. Calvin Pierce (Ace 0-441-15944-3, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $4.50, 229pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Ambermere] Fantasy novel, first book in a new series. A gambler discovers a door in a bar that leads to a magical world, but a demon finds his way into our world at the same time. A first novel.

The Sorceress of Ambermere J. Calvin Pierce (Ace 0-441-33741-4, Jan ’93 [Dec ’92], $4.99, 250pp, pb, cover by Peter Clarke) [Ambermere] Fantasy novel, second book in the “Ambermere” series. A career girl in the big city discovers a magic ring that transports her to another world.

Dark Moon Meredith Ann Pierce (Little, Brown/Joy Street 0-316-70744-9, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $16.95, 238pp, hc, cover by Douglas Andelin) [Birth of the Firebringer] Young-adult fantasy novel of a unicorn prince captured by humans, sequel to Birth of the Firebringer.

Wild Magic: The Immortals Tamora Pierce (Macmillan/Atheneum 0-689-31761-1, Oct ’92, $16.95, 260pp, hc, cover by Michael McDermott) [Immortals] Young-adult fantasy novel, first book of a new follow-up series to the “Song of the Lioness” series, where the heroine joins a mage, a queen, and a 13 year-old girl to battle evil and immortal creatures.

Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil Christopher Pike (Pocket Archway 0-671-74506-9, Apr ’92, $3.99, 196pp, pb, cover by Brian Kotzky) [Chain Letter] Young-adult horror novel, the sequel to the non-fantasy Chain Letter, it reveals that the killer in the previous book was actually possessed.

Monster Christopher Pike (Pocket Archway 0-671-74507-7, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $3.99, 229pp, pb, cover by Brian Kotzky) Young-adult horror novel. A girl murders two of her classmates before she’s stopped, and the reason she gives is that they’re no longer human. The terror begins when her best friend realizes that she was right and they’re not the only ones.

The Season of Passage Christopher Pike (Tor 0-312-85115-4, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $18.95, 344pp, hc) Sf/horror novel of an evil force threatening an American expedition to Mars.

The Blood of Ten Chiefs Vol. 4: Against the Wind ed. Richard Pini (Tor 0-812-52274-5, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $4.99, 277pp, pb, cover by Wendy Pini) [Elfquest] Reprint (Tor 1990) original shared-world anthology of eight stories set in the “Elfquest” universe.

Elfquest: Journey to Sorrows End Wendy & Richard Pini (Ace 0-441-18371-9, Jan ’93 [Dec ’92], $4.99, 320pp, pb, cover by Wendy Pini) [Elfquest] Reprint (Underwood-Miller 1982) fantasy novel with illustrations by the authors, based on the characters they created in the comic book series.

Borgel Daniel Pinkwater (Macmillan Aladdin 0-689-71620-6, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $3.95, 170pp, tp, cover by Daniel Pinkwater) Reprint (Macmillan 1990) young-adult humorous fantasy novel about a boy’s adventures through space and time with an elderly relative.

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