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The Empire of Fear Brian Stableford (BOMC, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $17.95, 390pp, hc, cover by Donald David) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1988) horror novel. Similar to the 1991 Carroll & Graf edition except it lacks an ISBN and price and has a BOMC mark on the back.

The Empire of Fear Brian Stableford (BOMC/QPBC, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $9.95, 390pp, tp, cover by Donald David) Reprint (Simon & Schuster UK 1988) horror novel. Similar to the 1991 Carroll & Graf edition except it lacks an ISBN and price and has the jacket printed as the paperback cover.

The Innsmouth Heritage Brian Stableford (Necronomicon Press 0-940884-42-9, Mar ’92 [Apr ’92], $4.50, 25pp, ph, cover by Jason Eckhardt) Lovecraftian short story, illustrated by Jason Eckhardt. Available from Necronomicon Press, 101 Lockwood St., West Warwick RI 02893.

The Werewolves of London Brian Stableford (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-916-2, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $21.00, 467pp, hc) [David Lydyard] Metaphysical horror/dark fantasy novel set in 19th-century London where two fallen angels battle for control. Recommended (SW). First American edition (Simon & Schuster UK 1990).

Battletech #5: Natural Selection Michael A. Stackpole (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45172-4, Jul ’92 [Aug ’92], $4.50, 330pp, pb, cover by Bruce Jensen) [Battletech] Sf novelization based on the “Battletech” game, with interior illustrations by Elizabeth Danforth. Packaged and copyrighted by FASA.

Mysterious Cairo ed. Ed Stark (West End Games 0-87431-346-5, Jun ’92 [Aug ’92], $4.95, 341pp, tp, cover by Dell Harris) [Torg] Original anthology of eight short novelizations based on the “Torg” game, one broken into four parts, with an introduction by the editor.

Lady El Jim Starlin & Daina Graziunas (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45161-9, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $4.99, 324pp, pb) Sf novel. The brain of a woman killed in an accident is used in a government experiment to link human minds with computers, and she falls in love with her creator. With illustrations by the authors.

A Company of Stars Christopher Stasheff (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-36889-4, Sep ’92 [Aug ’92], $4.99, 313pp, pb, cover by David Mattingly) [Starship Troupers] Reprint (Del Rey 1991) sf novel of a 23rd-century repertory theatre company planning to take live theatre to Earth’s interstellar colonies despite conservative political opposition. First book of the “Starship Troupers” series.

The Gods of War ed. Christopher Stasheff (Baen 0-671-72146-1, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $4.99, 312pp, pb, cover by Stephen Hickman) Original anthology of 11 stories about a war deity, with interludes by Bill Fawcett. Packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

The Crafters Book 2: Blessings and Curses ed. Christopher Stasheff & Bill Fawcett (Ace 0-441-12131-4, Aug ’92 [Jul ’92], $4.50, 275pp, pb, cover by Daniel R. Horne) Original shared-world anthology of ten stories and one poem, with a prologue by Bill Fawcett; second book of a series packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

Armor John Steakley (DAW 0-88677-368-7, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $5.50, 426pp, pb, cover by James Gurney) Reissue (DAW 1984) sf novel; ninth printing.

Vampire$ John Steakley (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45153-8, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $4.99, 357pp, pb) Reprint (Roc 1990) horror thriller about professional vampire hunters hired by the Pope to clean up America’s vampire population.

TankWar V: Firefight Larry Steelbaugh (Berkley 0-425-13232-3, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $3.99, 185pp, pb) [Tankwar] Near-future military sf adventure novel in an ongoing series.

Labyrinth of Night Allen Steele (Ace 0-441-46741-5, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $4.99, 340pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) Sf novel about an alien structure on Mars. First American edition (Legend 1992).

Snow Crash Neal Stephenson (Bantam Spectra 0-553-35192-3, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $10.00, 440pp, tp, cover by Jean-Francois Podevin) Cyberpunk/black comedy sf novel set in a bizarre future where Americans excel at delivering pizzas and most people spend more time in cyberspace than in real life. Recommended (FCM). A hardcover edition (-08853-X, $22.00) is also available.

Globalhead Bruce Sterling (Mark V. Ziesing 0-929480-69-4, Sep ’92, $29.95, 301pp, hc, cover by William Latham) Collection of 13 stories, one original. A signed limited edition (-70-8, $65.00) was announced but not seen. Available from Mark V. Ziesing, PO Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.

The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier Bruce Sterling (Bantam 0-553-08058-X, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $22.50, 313pp, hc) Associational non-fiction, an account of the Federal crackdown on illegal hacking activity.

J.R.R. Tolkien Carol & David Stevens (Starmont House 1-55742-237-0, May ’92 [Jul ’92], $9.95, 178pp, tp) Non-fiction, criticism. A guide to Tolkien’s work, with selected primary and secondary bibliographies. A hardcover edition (-238-9, $19.95) was announced but not seen. Order from Starmont House, PO Box 851, Mercer Island WA 98040. [J. R. R. Tolkien]

The Island and the Ring Laura C. Stevenson (AvoNova 0-380-71915-0, Dec ’92 [Nov ’92], $4.50, 275pp, pb, cover by Philip Howe) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1991) young-adult fantasy novel of a fugitive princess who must confront an evil lord.

River Rats Caroline Stevermer (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0-15-200895-0, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $16.95, 214pp, hc, cover by Dennis Nolan) Post-holocaust young-adult sf novel.

Return to Isis Jean Stewart (Rising Tide Press 0-9628938-6-2, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $8.95, 173pp, tp) Lesbian sf novel set in a post-catastrophe 21st-century America, where two women fall in love while on a quest to discover the secret of a destroyed city.

Belladonna Michael Stewart (HarperCollins 0-06-017982-1, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $20.00, 342pp, hc, cover by Max Ginsberg) Horror novel. A 300-year-old murderess appears to come to life in present day Virginia, where she stalks a newly-married historian researching a 17th-century alchemist.

Belladonna Michael Stewart (SFBC #19952, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $9.98, 342pp, hc, cover by Max Ginsberg) Reprint (HarperCollins 1992) horror novel. Similar to the HarperCollins edition except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back cover.

Far Cry Michael Stewart (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-100188-0, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $4.99, 263pp, pb, cover by Ken Rosenberg) Reprint (Freundlich 1984) psychic horror novel about a boy’s fits of evil rage, seemingly the result of possession.

Grace Michael Stewart (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-100520-7, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $5.50, 383pp, pb, cover by Ken Rosenberg) Reprint (Collins 1989) metaphysical medical sf/horror novel.

Monkey Shines Michael Stewart (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-100189-9, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Steve Rosenberg) Reprint (Freundlich 1983) sf/horror novel of a paraplegic and his dangerous relationship with a mentally-enhanced experimental monkey.

Passion Play Sean Stewart (Beach Holme/Tesseract 0-88878-314-0, Jul ’92, $6.95, 231pp, tp, cover by Jeff Kuipers) Sf thriller set in a near future where the US is ruled by an out-of-control religious right. A first novel. Available from Beach Holme Publishers, 4252 Commerce Circle, Victoria BC V8Z 4M2, Canada.

Tracker: Dynasty of Evil Ron Stillman (Diamond 1-55773-771-1, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $3.50, 182pp, pb) [Nat Tracker] Near-future military sf adventure novel, eighth book in a series.

Tracker: Shock Treatment Ron Stillman (Diamond 1-55773-687-1, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $3.50, 184pp, pb) [Nat Tracker] Near-future military sf adventure novel, seventh book in a series.

Warbots #11: Warrior Shield G. Harry Stine (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-589-X, Feb ’92, $4.50, 197pp, pb) [Warbots] Post-holocaust military sf adventure novel in an ongoing series.

Warbots #12: Judgment Day G. Harry Stine (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-642-X, Sep ’92 [Aug ’92], $4.50, 382pp, pb) [Warbots] Post-holocaust military sf adventure novel in an ongoing series.

Fear Street: Goodnight Kiss R. L. Stine (Pocket Archway 0-671-73823-2, Jun ’92 [May ’92], $3.75, 216pp, pb, cover by Bill Schmidt) Young-adult vampire horror novel. Packaged and copyrighted by The Parachute Press.

Goosebumps: Stay Out of the Basement R. L. Stine (Scholastic 0-590-45366-1, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $2.95, 122pp, pb) Young-adult horror novel about genetically-engineered plant-monsters lurking in the basement.

Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House R. L. Stine (Scholastic 0-590-45365-3, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $2.95, 123pp, pb, cover by Tim Jacobus) Young-adult horror novel about a haunted house whose ghosts want two kids to stay with them forever.

Snowbrother S. M. Stirling (Baen 0-671-72119-4, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $4.99, 290pp, pb, cover by Larry Elmore) [Fifth Millennium] Reprint (NAL 1985) fantasy novel set in the “Fifth Millenium” world of S.M. Stirling and Shirley Meier’s The Cage.

The Hammer S. M. Stirling & David Drake (Baen 0-671-72105-4, Feb ’92 [Jan ’92], $4.99, 307pp, pb, cover by Paul Alexander) [General] Military sf adventure novel, second book of “The General”.

Saber and Shadow S. M. Stirling & Shirley Meier (Baen 0-671-72143-7, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $4.99, 380pp, pb, cover by Larry Elmore) [Fifth Millennium] Fantasy novel set in the “Fifth Millennium” world of Stirling and Meier’s The Cage, the seventh “Fifth Millennium” novel overall. With a glossary and appendices.

The Spider #3: Master of Men! Grant Stockbridge (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-843-3, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $4.95, 319pp, pb) [Richard Wentworth (The Spider)] Collection of two quasi-fantasy pulp novellas, “Death’s Crimson Juggernaut” and “The Red Death Rain”, both originally published in The Spider Magazine in 1934.

The Spider #4 Grant Stockbridge (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-898-0, Sep ’92 [Aug ’92], $4.95, 319pp, pb) [Richard Wentworth (The Spider)] Collection of two pulp quasi-fantasy novellas, “Death Reign of the Vampire King” and “The Pain Emperor”, which first appeared in The Spider magazine in 1935.

Emily’s Ghost Antoinette Stockenberg (Dell 0-440-21002-X, May ’92 [Apr ’92], $4.50, 390pp, pb) Ghost romance. Psychic Boston reporter Emily Bowditch is adopted by the ghost of a handsome scoundrel hanged a hundred years ago.

The Lady and the Tiger and Other Stories Frank Stockton (Tor 0-812-51956-6, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $2.50, 210pp, pb, cover by David Heffernan) Collection of 11 stories with a biographical note, foreword, and afterword by Jane Yolen.

Dracula Bram Stoker (Penguin/Signet 0-451-17581-6, Oct ’92, $3.99, 382pp, pb) [Dracula] Reprint (Constable 1897) classic vampire novel, with a new introduction by Leonard Wolf. This is a movie tie-in edition for the Francis Ford Coppola film and has eight pages of stills from the movie.

Dracula Bram Stoker (Tor 0-812-52301-6, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $4.50, 368pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Dracula] Reissue (Constable 1897) classic vampire novel, fourth printing.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Todd Strasser (Disney Press 1-56282-204-7, Jul ’92 [Aug ’92], $3.50, 221pp, pb) Novelization of the comic fantasy film.

Dragon’s Plunder Brad Strickland (Macmillan Atheneum 0-689-31573-2, Nov ’92, $14.95, 153pp, hc, cover by Wayne D. Barlowe) Young-adult fantasy novel of a boy kidnaped by pirates and taken on a quest for a dragon’s hoard of gold. With illustrations by Wayne D. Barlowe. A “Dragonflight” book packaged by Byron Preiss Visual Publications.

Unholy Fire Whitley Strieber (Dutton 0-525-93415-4, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $21.00, 327pp, hc) Horror novel of a priest suspected of the murder of a young woman in his church who is forced to confront the demon responsible.

More Than Human Theodore Sturgeon (Carroll & Graf 0-88184-918-9, Oct ’92 [Sep ’92], $3.95, 233pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine/Farrar, Straus & Young 1953) classic sf novel. Winner of the International Fantasy Award. One of the cornerstones of sf. Highly recommended (CNB).

Lords of Creation Tim Sullivan (AvoNova 0-380-76284-6, Apr ’92 [Mar ’92], $3.99, 242pp, pb, cover by Joe DeVito) Sf novel about a paleontologist who discovers living dinosaur eggs while aliens prepare to invade the Earth.

The Seed of Troxus Thom Suttle (Top Lion Books 0-9634114-0-3, Sep ’92 [Nov ’92], $5.99, 364pp, pb) Self-published near-future sf novel.

The Day the Televisions Stopped S. B. Sutton (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 0-15-123994-0, Sep ’92, $19.95, 212pp, hc, cover by Jennifer Hewitson) Sf novel. Television ceased working in 2002, and years later the event has gained mythic proportions. A first novel.

Stations of the Tide Michael Swanwick (AvoNova 0-380-71524-4, Mar ’92 [Feb ’92], $4.50, 252pp, pb, cover by Daniel R. Horne) Reprint (Morrow 1991) far future sf/detective novel.

Photographing Fairies Steve Szilagyi (Ballantine 0-345-37751-6, Jul ’92 [Jun ’92], $18.00, 321pp, hc) Historical fantasy novel set in Victorian England. An American photographer is hired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to help ensure his sole claim to proof of the existence of fairies, which involves him in intrigue and sexual peculiarities. A first novel. Recommended (SW).

Fantastic Tales I. U. Tarchetti (Mercury House 1-56279-020-X, Aug ’92 [Oct ’92], $25.00, 193pp, hc) Collection of nine gothic horror/dark fantasy stories by a 19th-century Italian writer, selected, translated, and with an introduction by Lawrence Venuti and illustrations by Jim Pearson. Also included are new translations of the stories “The Burgomaster in the Bottle” by Erckmann-Chatrian and “The Mummy’s Foot” by Théophile Gautier.

The Hard Facts of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales Maria Tatar (Princeton University Press 0-691-01487-6, 1987 [Jul ’92], $9.95, 277pp, tp) Non-fiction, criticism. A study of the Brothers Grimm and their tales. This is actually a fourth printing of a 1987 book not seen until now. A hardcover edition (-06722-8) was announced but not seen. Available from Princeton University Press, 41 William St., Princeton NJ 08540. [Jakob Grimm; Wilhelm Grimm]

The Reaping Bernard Taylor (Leisure 0-8439-3283-X, Apr ’92, $3.99, 237pp, pb) Reissue (Souvenir Press 1980) horror novel of a painter trapped in a house haunted by an evil force. There was apparently a previous Leisure edition, but this is identified as a first printing.

Moondust and Madness Janelle Taylor (Zebra/Pinnacle 1-55817-659-4, Nov ’92 [Oct ’92], $5.99, 416pp, pb) [Moondust and Madness] Reprint (Bantam 1986) sf romance about a beautiful woman abducted by a handsome alien starship commander.

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