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Specula: Selected Uncollected Poems: 1968-1993 Bruce Boston (Talisman 0-9626708-5-5, Sep ’93, $6.95, 63pp, ph) Collection of sf/fantasy poetry, some collaborations, all previously uncollected. Available from Talisman, PO Box 321, Beech Grove IN 46107.

Naked Came the Sasquatch John Boston (TSR 1-56076-602-6, May ’93 [Apr ’93], $4.50, 345pp, tp, cover by Robh Ruppel) Comic fantasy/mystery about murders in a small town in the Sierra Nevadas that the local newspaper editor is convinced are being committed by a monster. Clever and funny, with lots of references to Twin Peaks and Northern Exposure. Recommended (SW).

Challenges Ben Bova (Tor 0-312-85550-8, May ’93 [Apr ’93], $21.95, 348pp, hc, cover by John Berkey) Collection of 12 stories, two original, and six essays on sf and writing.

Empire Builders Ben Bova (Tor 0-312-85104-9, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $21.95, 383pp, hc, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Privateers] Sf novel, sequel to Privateers.

Mars Ben Bova (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56241-X, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $5.99, 549pp, pb, cover by Pamela Lee) [Mars] Reprint (Bantam 1992) sf novel of an international Mars mission imperiled by both the unknown dangers of a new world and Earthbound politics.

Privateers Ben Bova (Tor 0-812-53489-1, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $4.99, 383pp, pb, cover by Boris Vallejo) [Privateers] Reissue (Tor 1985) sf novel; second printing.

Sam Gunn, Unlimited Ben Bova (Bantam Spectra 0-553-56289-4, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], $5.99, 342pp, pb, cover by Stephen Youll) [Sam Gunn] Sf adventure collection/quasi-novel about the career of interplanetary profiteer Sam Gunn. The stories have apparently been rewritten slightly from their magazine appearances. First American edition (Methuen 1992).

To Save the Sun Ben Bova & A. J. Austin (Tor 0-812-51448-3, Dec ’93 [Nov ’93], $4.99, 410pp, pb, cover by John Berkey) [To Save the Sun] Reprint (Tor 1992) sf political novel of an attempt by the Empire to keep Earth’s sun from destroying the remnants of life on the original home planet.

The Black Lynx Elizabeth H. Boyer (Ballantine Del Rey 0-34537593-9, Dec ’93 [Nov ’93], $4.99, 315pp, pb, cover by Tim Hildebrandt) [Clan of the Warlord] Fantasy novel, a sequel to The Clan of the Warlord.

Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury (Simon & Schuster 0-671-87036-X, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $21.00, 190pp, hc, cover by Mark Tauss) Reprint (Ballantine 1953) classic sf short novel, with the 1966 introduction plus a new foreword by the author. A special 40th anniversary edition.

Green Shadows, White Whale Ray Bradbury (Bantam 0-553-56105-7, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], $5.99, 266pp, pb, cover by Jack Unruh) Reprint (Knopf 1992) associational autobiographical mainstream novel, telling the fictionalized story of Bradbury’s time in Ireland with John Huston, writing the screenplay for Moby Dick.

Switch on the Night Ray Bradbury (Knopf 0-394-80486-4, Oct ’93, $8.99, unpaginated, hc, cover by Leo & Diane Dillon) Reprint (Pantheon 1955) children’s picture book, the original text by Bradbury with new full-color illustrations by the Dillons in the style of M.C. Escher.

Yestermorrow: Obvious Answers to Impossible Futures Ray Bradbury (Capra Press 1-877741-08-6, Apr ’93 [Jun ’93], $12.95, 240pp, tp, cover by Barbara de Wilde) Reprint (Capra Press 1992) collection of 24 essays on various subjects mostly connected with sf in some way. Available from Capra Press, 1209 De La Vina Street, Santa Barbara CA 93120.

The Ray Bradbury Chronicles Volume 4 Ray Bradbury, et al. (NBM 1-56163-077-2, Apr ’93 [Jun ’93], $19.95, unpaginated, hc, cover by Daniel Brereton) A collection of three graphic adaptations of Bradbury stories, two original and one EC Comics classic originally published in Haunt of Fear, with an introduction and notes by Bradbury. Packaged and copyrighted by Byron Preiss Visual Publications. A signed and numbered limited edition (-078-0, $45.00) was annnounced but not seen.

City of Sorcery Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-332-6, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $4.99, 423pp, pb, cover by James Gurney) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1984) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; seventh printing.

Darkover Landfall Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-234-6, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $3.99, 160pp, pb, cover by George Barr) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1972) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; 15th printing.

Jamie and Other Stories: The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Zimmer Bradley (Academy Chicago 0-89733-358-6, Apr ’93, $25.00, 393pp, hc, cover by Armen Kojoyian) Reprint (Academy Chicago 1985 as The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley) collection of 17 stories, adding one original 24-page mainstream story, “Jamie”, plus an introduction, to the 1985 text, which has been shot up from the original paperback size. Edited by Martin H. Greenberg.

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-593-0, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], $4.99, 335pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Darkover] Collection of 14 “Darkover” stories by Bradley, including two new ones.

The Shattered Chain Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-308-3, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $4.50, 287pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1976) sf novel in the “Darkover” series; 15th printing.

Rediscovery: A Darkover Novel Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey (DAW 0-88677-561-2, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $18.00, 307pp, hc, cover by Romas) [Darkover] Sf novel in the “Darkover” series, about the rediscovery of the planet Darkover by a ship from Earth.

Rediscovery: A Darkover Novel Marion Zimmer Bradley & Mercedes Lackey (SFBC #00997, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $8.98, 307pp, hc, cover by Romas) [Darkover] Reprint (DAW 1993) sf novel in the “Darkover” series, about the rediscovery of the planet Darkover by a ship from Earth. Similar to the DAW edition except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Keeper’s Price ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-236-2, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $3.99, 206pp, pb, cover by Don Maitz) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1980) original shared-world “Darkover” anthology of 16 stories; seventh printing.

The Other Side of the Mirror ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-185-4, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $4.50, 303pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Darkover] Reissue (DAW 1987) original shared-world “Darkover” anthology of five stories; fourth printing.

Sword & Sorceress X ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-552-3, Jun ’93 [May ’93], $4.99, 285pp, pb, cover by David A. Cherry) Original anthology of 29 fantasy stories, with an introduction by the editor.

Towers of Darkover ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley (DAW 0-88677-553-1, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $4.99, 336pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Darkover] Original shared-world “Darkover” anthology of 20 stories, with an introduction by the editor.

Beyond the North Wind Gillian Bradshaw (Morrow Greenwillow 0-688-11357-5, May ’93, $14.00, 184pp, hc, cover by Jos. A. Smith) Young-adult fantasy novel of a young magician sent by Apollo to stop the slaughter of a tribe of griffins.

Circles Perry Brass (Belhue Press 0-9627123-3-7, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $11.95, 215pp, tp) Gay dystopian sf novel of outlawed gays being hunted in the streets until help comes from aliens.

The Vampire Journals Traci Briery (Zebra 0-8217-4133-0, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $4.50, 349pp, pb) [Vampire Memoirs] Vampire horror novel, sequel to The Vampire Memoirs.

Masques Patricia Briggs (Ace 0-441-52099-5, Dec ’93 [Nov ’93], $4.50, 199pp, pb, cover by Jean Pierre Targete) Fantasy novel of the few able to withstand the powers of a conquering Archmage and his army of the undead. Apparently a first novel.

Glory Season David Brin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-07645-0, Jun ’93 [May ’93], $21.95, 564pp, hc, cover by Gary Ruddell) Sf novel of a young girl born into a world ruled by cloned women, on a quest to find her place in the world. Recommended (CNB).

Glory Season David Brin (Easton Press, Aug ’93, no price, 564pp, hc) Sf novel. This special leatherbound gilt-edge edition is being published “simultaneously” with the Bantam Spectra edition listed three months ago. Part of the “Signed First Editions of Science Fiction” series and available by subscription only.

Glory Season David Brin (SFBC #01750, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], $10.98, 564pp, hc, cover by Gary Ruddell) Reprint (Orbit 1993) sf novel. Similar to the Bantam Spectra first US edition except this lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

The Postman David Brin (Easton Press, Aug ’93, no price, 294pp, hc) Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1985) sf novel, with an introduction by James Gunn and artwork by Kent Bash. This special leatherbound gilt-edge edition is part of the “Masterpieces of Science Fiction” series and is available by subscription only.

Startide Rising David Brin (Bantam Spectra 0-553-27418-X, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $5.99, 459pp, pb, cover by Jim Burns) [Uplift] Reissue (Bantam 1983) sf novel in Brin’s future history; 15th printing. This edition has been revised by the author, with minor changes throughout and the addition of several scenes cut from the original edition. There is a 1993 copyright date.

Drawing Blood Poppy Z. Brite (Delacorte Abyss 0-385-30895-7, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], $19.95, 373pp, hc, cover by Miran Kim) Horror novel of a young cartoonist and his new lover, who must confront together the evil force residing in the house where his father murdered the rest of his family. Recommended (SW).

Lost Souls Poppy Z. Brite (Dell Abyss 0-440-21281-2, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], $4.99, 355pp, pb) Reprint (Delacorte Abyss 1992) southern gothic vampire novel of young people discovering their vampirism in the contemporary South.

Swamp Foetus Poppy Z. Brite (Borderlands Press, Apr ’93, $50.00, 190pp, hc, cover by Rick Lieder) Collection of 12 horror stories with an introduction by the author. This is a signed numbered slipcased 350-copy limited edition, with the trade edition due in six months or so.

Mage Quest C. Dale Brittain (Baen 0-671-72169-0, May ’93 [Apr ’93], $4.99, 353pp, pb, cover by Larry Schwinger) [Wizard of Yurt] Humorous fantasy novel, third book of the “Bad Spell in Yurt” series.

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