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On Wings of Song Thomas M. Disch (Easton Press, Jul ’93, no price, 359pp, hc) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1979) literary sf novel, with an introduction by James Morrow and artwork by Pat Morrissey. This special leatherbound gilt-edge edition is part of the “Masterpieces of Science Fiction” series and is available by subscription only.

Afrikorps #5: Lion Mountain Bill Dolan (Harper Paperbacks 0-06-100464-2, Jan ’93, $3.99, 197pp, pb) [Afrikorps] Post-holocaust sf adventure novel, fifth book of a series.

Afrikorps #6: Cobra Curse Bill Dolan (HarperPaperbacks 0-06-100465-0, May ’93 [Apr ’93], $3.99, 196pp, pb) [Afrikorps] Post-holocaust sf men’s adventure novel, sixth book of a series.

The Gap Into Power: A Dark and Hungry God Arises Stephen R. Donaldson (Bantam 0-553-56260-6, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], $5.99, 518pp, pb, cover by Stephen Youll) [Gap] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1991) space opera novel, third book of “The Gap” series.

Strange Dreams ed. Stephen R. Donaldson (Bantam Spectra 0-553-37103-7, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $14.95, 529pp, tp, cover by Gervase Gallardo) Anthology of 28 stories, all favorites of Donaldson’s, including one original.

Catnap: A Midnight Louie Mystery Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-812-51682-6, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $4.99, 241pp, pb, cover by Joe De Vito) [Midnight Louie] Reprint (Tor 1992) associational mystery novel, partly told from Midnight Louie’s cats’-eye-view, set at the Las Vegas ABA where Baker & Taylor’s feline mascots are catnapped. Midnight Louie appeared previously in Crystal Days and Crystal Nights.

Fair Wind, Fiery Star Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-812-52266-4, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], $4.99, 464pp, pb, cover by Deborah Chabrian) Female pirate romance fantasy novel partially set in the 17th-century Bermuda Triangle and Saregasso Sea. This is the restored text, 300 pages longer than the original (Jove 1981).

Irene at Large Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-812-51702-4, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $4.99, 395pp, pb, cover by Steve Brennen) [Irene Adler; Sherlock Holmes] Reprint (Tor 1992) associational mystery, the third Holmes pastiche featuring Irene Adler, “The Woman” from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels.

Pussyfoot Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-812-51683-4, Jan ’94 [Dec ’93], $4.99, 304pp, pb, cover by Joe DeVito) [Midnight Louie] Reprint (Tor 1993) associational mystery novel, part of a series told partially from the cat’s-eye-view of Midnight Louie.

Pussyfoot: A Midnight Louie Mystery Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-312-85218-5, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $19.95, 304pp, hc, cover by Joe DeVito) [Midnight Louie] Associational mystery novel, part of a series told partially from the cat’s-eye-view of Midnight Louie.

Seed Upon the Wind Carole Nelson Douglas (Tor 0-812-51249-9, Jan ’94 [Dec ’93], $4.99, 319pp, pb, cover by Darrell K. Sweet) [Taliswoman] Reprint (Tor 1992) fantasy novel, second book of the “Taliswoman” series.

Bright Islands in a Dark Sea L. Warren Douglas (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-38238-2, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $4.50, 313pp, pb, cover by John Berkey) Sf novel set in a future theocracy that worships aliens, where an archaeologist discovers the truth about aliens’ presence on Earth.

Shadowrun: Night’s Pawn Tom Dowd (Penguin/Roc 0-451-45238-0, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], $4.99, 286pp, pb, cover by Richard Hescox) [Shadowrun] Fantasy novelization based on the “Shadowrun” game, with illustrations by Larry MacDougall. Packaged and copyrighted by FASA.

Rynosseros Terry Dowling (SFBC #00608, May ’93 [Apr ’93], $8.98, 184pp, hc, cover by Ron Walotsky) [Tom Tyson] Collection of connected sf stories set in a future Australia. First American edition (Aphelion 1990).

Twilight Beach Terry Dowling (Aphelion Publications 1-875346-08-2, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], A$12.95, 270pp, tp, cover by Nick Stathopoulos) [Tom Tyson] Collection of 11 connected sf stories, in the “Rynosseros” series. Available for $10.00 US from Aphelion Publications, PO Box 619, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006 or from Mark V. Ziesing, Box 76, Shingletown CA 96088.

Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF ed. Terry Dowling & Van Ikin (Coronet 0-340-60854-4, Nov ’93, A$12.95, 334pp, pb, cover by Nick Stathopoulos) Anthology of 17 Australian sf stories, with an introduction by the editors. This is an Australian first edition.

The Books of the Keepers Ann Downer (Macmillan Atheneum 0-689-31519-8, Apr ’93, $15.95, 245pp, hc, cover by Stephen Marchesi) [Spellkey] Young-adult fantasy novel, third book of the “Spellkey” trilogy.

The Lost World Arthur Conan Doyle (Tor 0-812-53468-9, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], $4.99, 248pp, pb) [Prof. Challenger] Reprint (Doran 1912) Professor Challenger sf novel.

Bad Blood Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald (Berkley 0-425-13953-0, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], $3.99, 201pp, pb) [Bad Blood] Young-adult horror novel of kids on a camping trip in danger when they learn that one of the group is a werewolf.

Starpilot’s Grave Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald (Tor 0-312-51705-9, Jun ’93 [May ’93], $4.50, 442pp, pb, cover by Romas) [Mageworlds] Sf adventure novel, second book of the “Mageworlds” series.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy: Twenty Dynamic Essays by Today’s Top Professionals Gardner R. Dozois, et al. (St. Martin’s 0-312-08926-0, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $8.95, 264pp, tp) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1991) non-fiction, a collection of essays on various aspects of sf writing by various writers and editors including Heinlein, Asimov, and Yolen.

Isaac Asimov’s SF-Lite ed. Gardner Dozois (Ace 0-441-37389-5, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $4.99, 240pp, pb, cover by Gary Freeman) Anthology of 18 humorous sf stories that originally appeared in Asimov’s.

Isaac Asimov’s War ed. Gardner Dozois (Ace 0-441-37393-3, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $4.99, 256pp, pb, cover by Gary Freeman) Anthology of nine stories about future war from Asimov’s magazine.

Modern Classics of Science Fiction ed. Gardner Dozois (St. Martin’s 0-312-08847-7, Feb ’93 [Jan ’93], $15.95, 672pp, tp) Reprint (Legend 1991 as The Legend Book of Science Fiction) anthology of 26 stories appearing since 1955, plus an introduction and afterword by the editor.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Tenth Annual Collection ed. Gardner Dozois (St. Martin’s 0-312-09424-8, Jul ’93, $16.95, 588pp, tp, cover by Bob Eggleton) Best-of-the-year anthology of 24 stories, with a summation of the year in the field by Dozois. This is, as usual, the reprint anthology of the year and is a must for those who read short fiction. Highly recommended (CNB). A hardcover edition (-09423-X, $27.95) is also available.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Tenth Annual Collection ed. Gardner Dozois (SFBC #01576, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], $14.98, 588pp, hc, cover by Bob Eggleton) Reprint (St. Martin’s 1993) best-of-the-year anthology of 24 stories, with a summation of the year in the field by Dozois. Similar to the St. Martin’s edition except it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Car Warriors™: The Square Deal David Drake (Tor 0-812-53030-6, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], $4.99, 213pp, pb, cover by John Zeleznik) [Car Warriors] Reprint (Tor 1992) sf novelization, first book of a series based on the “Car Wars” role-playing game.

The Sharp End David Drake (Baen 0-671-72192-5, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], $20.00, 377pp, hc, cover by Larry Elmore) [Hammer’s Slammers] Sf novel in the “Hammer’s Slammers” series.

Starliner David Drake (Baen 0-671-72121-6, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], $5.99, 314pp, pb, cover by Paul Alexander) Reissue (Baen 1992) sf novel of a stargoing passenger liner caught up in an interstellar war; second printing.

Tyrannosaur David Drake (Tor 0-812-53530-8, Jan ’94 [Dec ’93], $4.99, 220pp, pb, cover by Joe DeVito) Time-travel sf novel about an expedition to the prehistoric past that pits man against Tyrannosaurus rex.

The Voyage David Drake (Tor 0-312-85158-8, Jan ’94 [Dec ’93], $23.95, 415pp, hc, cover by Donato) [Hammer’s Slammers] Sf novel set in the same universe as the “Hammer’s Slammers” series.

Battlestation Book Two: Vanguard ed. David Drake & Bill Fawcett (Ace 0-441-86032-X, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $4.99, 264pp, pb, cover by Bob Eggleton) [Fleet] Original shared-world anthology of 12 stories, with a prologue and interludes by Fawcett. Second book of a series. Packaged and copyrighted by Bill Fawcett & Associates.

OtherWorld Sarah Dreher (New Victoria Publishers 0-934678-44-8, Jul ’93 [Oct ’93], $10.95, 251pp, tp, cover by Ginger Brown) [Stoner McTavish] Lesbian fantasy/mystery novel in the ongoing “Stoner McTavish” series, the second with fantasy content.

The Door Into Shadow Diane Duane (Tor 0-812-52369-5, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $4.99, 298pp, pb, cover by Susan S. Collins) [Tale of Five] Reprint (Bluejay 1984) fantasy novel, second book of the “Tale of Five”.

The Door Into Sunset Diane Duane (Tor 0-312-85184-7, Mar ’93 [Feb ’93], $21.95, 384pp, hc, cover by Romas Kukalis) [Tale of Five] Fantasy novel, third book of the “Tale of Five”. First American edition (Corgi 1992).

Star Trek, the Next Generation: Dark Mirror Diane Duane (Pocket 0-671-79377-2, Dec ’93 [Nov ’93], $22.00, 337pp, hc, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Star Trek, the Next Generation] Star Trek novelization. Copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.

seaQuest DSV: The Novel Diane Duane & Peter Morwood (Ace 0-441-00037-1, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], $4.99, 230pp, pb) [seaQuest DSV] Sf novelization based on the pilot episode of the TV series.

Pangaea Denise Dumars (Wordcraft of Oregon 1-87765-08-2, May ’93, $7.95, 91pp, tp, cover by Helen Shoenfeld) Collection of nine literary short stories, most sf or fantasy, four original. Illustrations by Helen Shoenfeld. Order from Wordcraft of Oregon, PO Box 3235, La Grande OR 97850.

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