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Meridian Days Eric Brown (Pan 0-330-32716-X, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £3.99, 165pp, pb, cover by Mark Salwowski) Reprint (Pan 1992) sf novel about a community of artists on a small colony planet.

Witch Wood John Buchan (World’s Classics 0-19-282941-6, Oct ’93 [Dec ’93], £3.99, 331pp, pb, cover by Sir George Harvey) Reprint (Hodder & Stoughton 1927) witchcraft novel. Introduction, by J.C.G. Grieg.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. V ed. Algis Budrys (New Era 1-870451-28-7, Mar ’93, £4.99, 427pp, pb, cover by Frank Frazetta) Reprint (Bridge 1989) original anthology with 16 stories by new writers, plus essays by Budrys and others. [First U.K. edition]

The Spirit Ring Lois McMaster Bujold (Pan 0-330-32984-7, Dec ’93, £8.99, 369pp, tp, cover by Duncan Storr) Reprint (Baen 1992) alternate world fantasy novel. [First U.K. edition]

The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold (Pan 0-330-32198-6, Oct ’93, £4.99, 345pp, pb, cover by Fred Gambino) [Miles Vorkosigan] Reprint (Baen 1990) sf novel. In the “Miles Vorkosigan” series. [First U.K. edition]

Shadowmind Christopher Bulis (Doctor Who Books 0-426-20394-1, Jul ’93, £4.50, 244pp, pb, cover by Christopher Bulis) [Doctor Who] Original novel based on the Doctor Who TV series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

Angels & Insects A. S. Byatt (Vintage UK 0-09-922431-3, Oct ’93, £5.99, 290pp, tp, cover by Liz Cooke) Reprint (Chatto & Windus 1993) collection of two original literary short novels, one a fantasy.

Angels and Insects A. S. Byatt (Chatto & Windus 0-7011-3717-7, Oct ’92 [Feb ’93], £14.99, 290pp, hc) Collection of two original literary fantasy short novels.

The Winged Man Moyra Caldecott (Headline 0-7472-3930-4, Jun ’93 [May ’93], £5.99, 371pp, pb, cover by Mel Grant) Celtic fantasy novel about King Bladud.

Dead Girls Richard Calder (HarperCollins UK 0-586-21455-0, Sep ’93, £4.99, 206pp, pb) [Dead Girls] Reprint (HarperCollins UK 1993) sf novel about a virus that turns girls into plastic dolls.

Cold Print Ramsey Campbell (Headline 0-7472-4059-0, May ’93 [Apr ’93], £5.99, 500pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Collection of 21 horror stories related to the Cthulhu Mythos, first published in an abridged form by Scream/Press in 1985. This edition adds a further six stories, and now contains the entirety of Campbell’s first book, The Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants (Arkham House 1964).

The Doll Who Ate His Mother Ramsey Campbell (Headline 0-7472-4060-4, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £4.50, 290pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Reprint (Bobbs-Merrill 1976) horror novel with a new afterword by the author.

The Long Lost Ramsey Campbell (Headline 0-7472-0665-1, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £16.99, 375pp, hc, cover by Simon Dewey) Horror novel about a young couple who find an old lady stranded on a remote Welsh island.

The Parasite Ramsey Campbell (Headline 0-7472-4061-2, Feb ’93, £4.99, 369pp, pb, cover by Simon Dewey) Reprint (Millington 1980 as To Wake the Dead) horror novel. This edition contains both the original ending, and the revised version written for the American edition (Macmillan 1980 as The Parasite), and has a new afterword discussing the history of the book and the two endings.

Waking Nightmares Ramsey Campbell (Warner UK 0-7515-0165-4, Jul ’93, £4.99, 273pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1991) collection of 19 horror stories.

Uncanny Banquet ed. Ramsey Campbell (Warner UK 0-7515-0704-0, Nov ’93, £4.99, 338pp, pb, cover by David Kearney) Reprint (Little, Brown UK 1992) anthology of ten supernatural horror stories, including an original novelette by Ramsey Campbell and Adrian Ross’s rare 1914 short novel The Hole of the Pit.

The Call of Earth Orson Scott Card (Legend 0-09-926011-5, Feb ’93, £8.99, 304pp, tp, cover by Dennis Barker) [Homecoming] Reprint (Tor 1992) sf novel. Volume two in the “Homecoming” series. A hardcover edition (-926191-X, £14.99) was announced but not seen. [First U.K. edition]

Hart’s Hope Orson Scott Card (Severn House 0-7278-4456-3, Nov ’93, £13.99, 261pp, hc, cover by Ian D. Daniels) Reprint (Ace 1983) fantasy novel. This is the first world hardcover edition. [First U.K. edition]

The Memory of Earth Orson Scott Card (Legend 0-09-919961-0, Feb ’93, £4.99, 294pp, pb, cover by Dennis Barker) [Homecoming] Reprint (Tor 1992) sf novel. Volume one in the “Homecoming” series.

Star Trek: Best Destiny Diane Carey (Pocket UK 0-671-85089-X, Nov ’93, £4.50, 398pp, pb) [Star Trek] Reprint (Pocket 1992) sf novelization.

Star Trek: The Great Starship Race Diane Carey (Titan 1-85286-489-3, Oct ’93 [Sep ’93], £3.99, 305pp, pb, cover by Birdsong) [Star Trek] Sf novelization. Simultaneous with the US (Pocket) edition.

After Silence Jonathan Carroll (Abacus 0-349-10347-X, Apr ’93, £5.99, 240pp, tp, cover by Dave McKean) Reprint (Macdonald 1992) associational literary novel.

Shadowrun 6: Never Trust an Elf Robert N. Charrette (Roc UK 0-14-017543-1, Jan ’93 [Dec ’92], £4.99, 278pp, pb, cover by Keith Birdsong) [Shadowrun] Reprint (Roc 1992) fantasy novelization. [First U.K. edition]

Faery in Shadow C. J. Cherryh (Legend 0-09-926721-7, Aug ’93, £8.99, 249pp, tp, cover by Bruce Pennington) Fantasy novel about the Sidhe.

The Goblin Mirror C. J. Cherryh (Legend 0-09-925071-3, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £4.99, 331pp, pb, cover by Bruce Pennington) Reprint (Del Rey 1992) fantasy novel set in the land of Maggiar. [First U.K. edition]

Hellburner C. J. Cherryh (NEL 0-450-57291-9, Jun ’93, £4.99, 359pp, pb) [Alliance-Union] Reprint (NEL 1992) sf novel; a direct sequel to Heavy Time. In the “Alliance/Union” series.

The Psychic Detective R. Chetwynd-Hayes (Robert Hale 0-7090-5135-2, Sep ’93 [Oct ’93], £14.99, 208pp, hc, cover by Barbara Walton) Occult thriller about a medium trying to rid a house of its evil spirits.

A Dusk of Demons John Christopher (Hamish Hamilton 0-241-13378-5, May ’93, £8.99, 147pp, hc, cover by Stephen Player) Young-adult sf novel set in a post-technological future Scotland, haunted by demons.

The Phallus of Osiris Valentina Cilescu (Headline 0-7472-4009-4, May ’93, £4.99, 312pp, pb) [Kiss of Death] Erotic vampire novel. Sequel to Kiss of Death.

By Space Possessed: Essays on the Exploration of Space Arthur C. Clarke (Gollancz 0-575-05596-0, Jul ’93, £16.99, 221pp, hc, cover by Peter Mennim) Collection of 25 essays and extracts from previous Clarke books, most of which are now out of print, selected and edited by John Burke.

The City and the Stars Arthur C. Clarke (Gollancz 0-575-05675-4, Dec ’93, £4.99, 255pp, pb, cover by John Harris) Reprint (Harcourt Brace 1956) classic sf novel.

The Hammer of God Arthur C. Clarke (Gollancz 0-575-05616-9, Jun ’93 [May ’93], £14.99, 205pp, hc, cover by Peter Mennim) Sf novel about an asteroid on collision course with the Earth, expanded from the short story of the same name. Simultaneous with the US (Bantam Spectra) edition.

How the World Was One: The Turbulent History of Global Communications Arthur C. Clarke (Gollancz 0-575-05546-4, Jul ’93, £6.99, 289pp, tp) Reprint (Gollancz 1992 as How the World Was One: Beyond the Global Village) historical look at the development of transatlantic cables and satellite communications, based in part on Voices Across the Sea (Harper 1958).

Of Time and Stars Arthur C. Clarke (Roc UK 0-14-015245-8, Jun ’93, £4.99, 205pp, pb, cover by Peter Elson) Reprint (Gollancz 1972) sf collection.

The Garden of Rama Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee (Orbit 1-85723-021-3, Dec ’93, £5.99, 593pp, pb, cover by Chris Moore) [Rama] Reprint (Bantam Spectra; Gollancz 1991) sf novel. Volume three in the “Rama” series. This is titled Garden of Rama on the cover.

Rama Revealed Arthur C. Clarke & Gentry Lee (Gollancz 0-575-05577-4, Nov ’93 [Oct ’93], £15.99, 477pp, hc, cover by Bob Corley) [Rama] Sf novel, fourth and last in the “Rama” series, in which the purpose behind the Rama spaceships is revealed.

Voices Prophesying War I. F. Clarke (Oxford University Press 0-19-212302-5, Nov ’92 [Jan ’93], £19.95, 268pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference book, subtitled “Future Wars 1763-3749,” revised second edition (Oxford 1966). Essentially the same as the earlier edition, with one expanded chapter. This seems to be a simultaneous release in Britain and the US.

Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis Kevin Clarke (Target 0-426-20340-2, Sep ’93, £3.50, 138pp, pb) [Doctor Who] Reissue (Target 1989) young-adult sf novelization. Volume 143 in the series. This is a world-wide edition and is available in the US for $5.95.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ed. John Clute & Peter Nicholls (Orbit 1-85723-124-4, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], £45.00, 1370pp, hc, cover by Chris Moore) Massive updating and revision of Peter Nicholls’ 1979 Encyclopedia. This edition omits the illustrations, but has almost twice as much material as the original. The most important sf reference book to date.

The Forever King Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy (Millennium 1-85798-094-8, Dec ’93, £4.99, 401pp, pb, cover by Trevor Scobie) [Forever King] Reprint (Tor 1992) Arthurian fantasy novel.

An Innocent Death Elizabeth Coldwell (Club 199 SN9202, 1992 [Aug ’93], £1.99, 128pp, tp) Supernatural horror novel, available from Gordon McGregor Ltd., P.O. Box 44, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5YD. This is a 1992 book, but has only just been seen.

Wild Blood Nancy A. Collins (NEL 0-450-57401-6, Dec ’93, £4.99, 232pp, pb, cover by Melvyn) Horror novel.

Computer One Warwick Collins (No Exit Press 1-874061-12-2, Jul ’93 [Jun ’93], £7.99, 272pp, tp) Sf novel about an international civil computer network in the 21st century.

Death of an Angel Warwick Collins (Pan 0-330-32135-8, Feb ’93, £4.99, 418pp, pb, cover by Tom Stimpson) [Challenge] Reprint (Pan 1992) near-future thriller, set in 2003. Volume three in the “Challenge” series.

Nomansland D. G. Compton (Gollancz 0-575-05422-0, Feb ’93 [Jan ’93], £14.99, 286pp, hc, cover by Tom Stimpson) Sf novel set in a future where all the children born are female.

Sign for the Sacred Storm Constantine (Headline 0-7472-7908-X, Feb ’93 [Jan ’93], £8.99, 373pp, tp, cover by Amanda Billington) Fantasy novel about the battle between the Church of Ixmarity and maverick propher Resenence Jeopardy. A hardcover edition (-0693-7, £15.99) was announced but not seen.

Sign for the Sacred Storm Constantine (Headline 0-7472-4094-9, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £5.99, 567pp, pb, cover by Amanda Billington) Reprint (Headline 1993) fantasy novel about the battle between the Church of Ixmarity and maverick prophet Resenence Jeopardy.

Aisling Louise Cooper (Grafton 0-586-21444-5, Apr ’93 [Mar ’93], £4.99, 340pp, pb, cover by Mike Posen) [Indigo] Fantasy novel. Book 8 of “Indigo”.

The Avenger Louise Cooper (HarperCollins UK 0-586-21446-1, Oct ’93, £4.99, 390pp, pb) [Chaos Gate] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1992) fantasy novel. Book Three of “Chaos Gate”. [First U.K. edition]

The Deceiver Louise Cooper (Grafton 0-586-21475-5, Jun ’93, £4.99, 280pp, pb) [Chaos Gate] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1991) fantasy novel. Book one of the “Chaos Gate” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

The Initiate Louise Cooper (Grafton 0-586-21682-0, Jun ’93, £4.99, 278pp, pb) [Time Master] Reprint (Tor 1985) fantasy novel. Book one of the “Time Master” trilogy.

The Master Louise Cooper (HarperCollins UK 0-586-21684-7, Sep ’93 [Aug ’93], £4.99, 249pp, pb) [Time Master] Reprint (Tor 1987) fantasy novel. Volume three in the “Time Master” trilogy.

Nemesis Louise Cooper (Severn House 0-7278-4463-6, Jun ’93, £13.99, 294pp, hc, cover by Ian D. Daniels) [Indigo] Reprint (Unwin 1988) fantasy novel. Book one of “Indigo”. This is the first world hardcover edition.

The Outcast Louise Cooper (HarperCollins UK 0-586-21683-9, Aug ’93 [Sep ’93], £4.99, 301pp, pb) [Time Master] Reprint (Allen & Unwin 1986) fantasy novel. Volume two in the “Time Master” trilogy.

The Pretender Louise Cooper (HarperCollins UK 0-586-21491-7, Aug ’93 [Jul ’93], £4.99, 377pp, pb) [Chaos Gate] Reprint (Bantam Spectra 1991) fantasy novel. Volume two in the “Chaos Gate” trilogy. [First U.K. edition]

The Boggart Susan Cooper (The Bodley Head 0-370-31829-3, Apr ’93, £8.99, 182pp, hc, cover by Trina Schart Hyam) [Boggart] Reprint (McElderry 1993) humorous children’s fantasy about a mischievous spirit transported from Scotland to Canada. [First U.K. edition]

The Bridge in the Clouds William Corlett (Red Fox 0-09-918391-9, Jun ’93, £2.99, 287pp, pb, cover by Patrick Downing) [Magician’s House] Reprint (The Bodley Head 1992) young-adult fantasy novel. The fourth book of “The Magician’s House”.

The Summer of the Haunting William Corlett (The Bodley Head 0-370-31819-6, Oct ’93, £8.99, 233pp, hc, cover by Derek Colligan) Young-adult horror novel about a teenage girl haunted by ghosts during her summer holidays in Yorkshire.

Tanith Lee: Mistress of Delirium ed. David Cowperthwaite (The British Fantasy Society, Oct ’93, £3.00, 58pp, ph, cover by Dallas Clive Goffin) Collection of four original articles on Tanith Lee, a bibliography by Mike Ashley and the short story “Il Bacio (Il Chiave)”, previously uncollected.

Star Trek: Shell Game Melissa Crandall (Titan 1-85286-459-1, Feb ’93, £3.99, 277pp, pb, cover by Birdsong) [Star Trek] Sf novelization. Simultaneous with US (Pocket) edition.

Congo Michael Crichton (Arrow 0-09-932081-9, Apr ’93 [Aug ’93], £4.99, 370pp, pb) Reissue (Knopf 1980) fantasy novel about a lost city in the Congo.

Jurassic Park Michael Crichton (Arrow 0-09-928291-7, Jun ’93, £4.99, 400pp, pb) [Jurassic Park] Reissue (Knopf 1990) sf novel about a theme park with live dinosaurs. Reissued to tie in with the film.

Jurassic Park/Congo Michael Crichton (Cresset 0-09-182134-7, Jul ’93, £6.99, 640pp, hc) Omnibus of Crichton’s recent best-selling novel about genetically-engineered dinosaurs and an earlier thriller.

A Map of Nowhere Gillian Cross (Mammoth 0-7497-1510-3, Aug ’93, £2.99, 150pp, pb, cover by Robert Goldsmith) Reprint (Oxford University Press 1988) young-adult horror novel.

Narrow Houses ed. Peter Crowther (Warner UK 0-7515-0107-7, Dec ’93, £5.99, 460pp, pb, cover by Jeff Potter) [Narrow Houses] Reprint (Little, Brown UK 1992) original horror anthology.

Touch Wood ed. Peter Crowther (Little, Brown UK 0-316-90732-4, Dec ’93, £15.99, 372pp, hc, cover by Jeff Potter) [Narrow Houses] Original horror anthology. Volume two in the “Narrow Houses” series.

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